Thursday, April 30, 2020

444 again, Lust for money, The True Wealth of Having a Future at all, Landslide

444 Off the Charts
The 444 synchs are off the charts for a certain spectrum of society, in their own circles. Greed and money will tell you any lie even if it causes death. The technology of Adam/Earth will reach up through the dna tree and EAT THE GREEDY MANIPULATORS and IT IS FINISHED. This is so exciting watching how the SPIRIT will do this!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden if you feel you are being manipulated about sex by those who lust money

The Wealth of even Having a Future

So I have left the struggle on Twitter for a while, as those that OWN AMERICANS have to have their clocks cleaned first by the SPIRIT. So they will not allow this message to reach others, but after what is coming and after their "right hand" betrays them they are taken out by Adam/Earth SPIRIT will be the ONLY WEALTH that counts. GoldRush
There is no greater gift than to have a future - Hogfather

They stole your retirement because they think they OWN You. But Adam/Earth is going to take it now from them. Because the only real wealth IS TO HAVE A FUTURE. HOGFATHER

Predicted exactly on the day two year prior and related to this time
Oh, Gofundme who told you my little bitty gofundme should go away? That is alright means the SPIRIT will help me another way
The True Stockman is Adam/Earth


Adam and the Landslide
Landslide May 3rd, 2006 and PBS Water Molecule ep2
They will put you out of their synagogues and the landslide 
May 1st synchs

Start here to understand the tree of synchs.

Tell the Christians the truth
You used them to manipulate and lie and steal,
Actually don't need to tell them because the Earth Will soon


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