Wednesday, January 20, 2021

because they believe it is Jesus, "Violent Outburst" If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

First let me say, to know the SPIRIT that is life that spoke through such as Jesus let go of the interpretation and even the book and let the SPIRIT lead

Been having synchs with the energy of the violent outburst related to Jan 30th 2020

Violent Outburst, Cold Snap, Volcano synchs, Sinkhole

those telling themselves because they believe it is Jesus they are fighting for but really just an interpretation/idol of Jesus where they never knew the SPIRIT, this is how they are caught in a net and those that remain will be reached to the heart

If they really knew him, they would have known the SPIRIT speaking through him and gone on to grow in that

 feel these or rather both sides will be reached to the heart as so many still want to believe a lie and the whole world follows after lies on both sides as none seek to know the SPIRIT

Project Vulcan is well underway, VIOLENT OUTBURST in Senate Trial

other energies that were turned against America (China, Iran etc) by the lie are also set in motion and we need a miracle to bring this country/world back together

Thankfully this is the time for miracles but your following interpretations like the Christian Right following Trump is leading to great separation/division and what that creates

Boots on the ground

Sister asks Why, Brain/presumption VS knowing the SPIRIT


Which is greater?

A man that may not have the answer but recieves the right answer for the right moment


A man that portrays he is smart and seems to have a lot of answers/lies that may or may not work but when the smallest of points overlooked shows up it is revealed he fails.

(Pam got the last plum from the fridge and I told her it may have more bruises as it is the last piece)

I then got the image of fruit being saved such as in verses in the bible of real things that happened but that this fruit has lost its savor and become different than when it was freshly picked from the vine and that is the point the word of God is said to be eternal but that meant the fruit as it is taken from the tree/vine,,,, not so much those that religion has interpretted away the True SPIRIT to.

The best interpretations are to only become stumbling blocks now as you must let go of that and seek the word fresh from the SPIRIT.

Trump and  his base is also meant to reveal how these presumptions based on interpretations overlook the SPIRIT and thus the smallest of points that changes the whole equation and renders all the interpretations meaningless.

More on the "Violent Outburst"

 "Violent Outburst" If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

So today is the synch with Cold Snap and with "YOU and I" colliding in the senate over the manipulating liar (TRUMP) that makes so many share in the lie and will ruin so many lives by using his office in a manner it was not intended. Now after seeing what is seen, what do you imagine is hidden. I know the SPIRIT is able to reveal all those things in a Volcano spewing that the manipulator cannot use his tricks/tools to steer. It is very telling the synch from last year uses the Volcano Explosion in the wording as the synch with Vulcan and Volcano has erupted lately as well. And religion and science are working hard to not see the connection between reality and what they put out.

Cold Snap with the Emphasis on Snap


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