Sunday, February 14, 2021

Trump wanted to "Rub their noses in it" as they could not convict him,, because...

 The Synch with Impeachment and Trump using the senators which he has control over to make sure he could not be convicted even with overwhelming evidence and "rubbing the democrats noses in it".

Pam and I were watching Monk Season 1 Ep 4 Mr. Monk meets Dale the Whale and dale thought he was so smart that he could get free from impeachment the second time and rub their noses in it because he has control over the senators. Oh wait, I have Dale the Whale and Trump ... oh well.

Synch with the Human Wrecking Ball and my post of late. As we watched Monk they said one of my synchs I posted on Twitter of late and then several more and it began to paint a picture

Wrecking ball


"sold my soul to the human wrecking ball."

just posted that


he just wanted to rub their nose in it


they could not convict him he just wanted to rub his nose in it "he (they)"


Where this is headed and it only gets worse


But the SPIRIT is so many steps ahead of Trump as it is already known what everyone USING THEIR BRAINS is going to do.


Do Not take Vengeance, but leave it open to the SPIRIT'S WRATH! twitter.com/dnatree/status


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