Monday, December 27, 2021

The Nightmare that stole Democracy

  When the builders started to build the interpretation they bypassed the spirit and the parables and followed the bait toward an interpretation devoid of the SPIRIT. The power of influence that the interpretation would carry for two thousand years was stealing the power from the SPIRIT of what was given. It was spoken by the SPIRIT THROUGH JESUS that these that enter into the fold another way other than the DOOR THE SPIRIT THROUGH JESUS SPOKE OF WERE LIARS AND THIEVES FOR THIS REASON.  It was said The Parables were put there so that seeing THEY will not see and HEARING they will not hear and "destroy the message" such as the field where is the treasure it was not in dedeaux field it was in somewhere within the field and it was sent for Joy over the treasure was hidden and for joy he bought the field for a price also it was said Jesus Paid the price yet without the SPIRIT you cannot complete the interpretation in fact there is not an interpretation to be completed the interpretation is not the truth being in contact with spirit is the truth and knowing the actual SPIRIT is what is important but was removed by a doctrine related to 'knowing about Jesus" when it was the SPIRIT speaking through him you were to believe was the way, the truth and the life.   What is written is but a shadow of the truth and to keep it you must not try but surrender to the SPIRIT as it is impossible without being led by the SPIRIT.

Like the field where the treasure was hidden the price was paid to buy the entire field but the treasure was hidden somewhere within it yet could not be found without GROWING IN THE SPIRIT.  Liars and manipulators follow the interpretation of scripture w/o the SPIRIT but have labored in vain. Only the SPIRIT knows where the treasure is hid the secret would have been destroyed if they knew where it was leading because they hate the SPIRIT and that is why all the predictions have come true but no one cares to share it, too bad as they don't know what is to come.  I began to have synchronicities with this recently and I wrote all this and then Pam decided to watch Nightmare Before Christmas where is Spirit of Christmas was interpreted so that it could be stolen and like the nightmare recently with democracy it turned out to be an abomination of interpretation of Christmas and the true Spirit had to come and set things right this is where the naughty and nice part of The Nightmare Before Christmas record I have not went to my sister's house for Christmas she had naughty and nice pillow on our bed and this had been a synchronicity of late several times and finding home was the theme getting back to the spirit of Christmas in the movie as well. Pam then chose to watch Sunday morning which she had missed earlier in the day it of course had the story of the song Country Roads Lead Me Home West Virginia this has some meaning to me especially because my father was raised in West Virginia and my young years had much nostalgia about his home so much so that when I was 15 I took off to West Virginia and worked in a PicPac store for $1.60 per hr but I no longer feel West Virginia to be as I did as a child in my experience.

What is called Christianity which actually denies the SPIRIT is people trying to keep the law/interpretation of the law in the Bible and the law of love. I could not do it I needed to SPIRIT's help to do it society expected you to keep the law but then SPIRIT would take care of that by leading you through experience that others might use against you like the saying "lead us not into temptation, except to deliver us from evil" hence being setup and jailed by the actual perpetrator and then instead of retaliating we find if we allow the SPIRIT to lead those who believe they are smart get caught in a net. This is the reason the experience of the SPIRIT is related to being despitefully used and the three examples of using the law in a manner it is not intended was the synch. I found if you have true intention of heart toward the law and toward the SPIRIT that is needed in order to live happily in this Society. Without the SPIRIT I kept getting treated like Trump manipulates people. Like Trump and lying manipulators who love to  use the law in a manner to manipulate but the SPIRIT can catch them and knows how to handle these situations. But first uses the manipulators of those who think themselves wise to get you to stop fighting and allow the SPIRIT to help you know how to handle it.  I was having trouble keeping the law in truth so I  gave it over to the SPIRIT to do this through me. 

Passion charges the battery keeping any relationship strong including with SPIRIT, like it does any relationship the story of Samson and Delilah the story of Jacob's Ladder are very much connected and I will expand on the synchronicities related to this but living unveiled and uninhibited with true intention of heart toward the law and the SPIRIT is where I am at in my 40yr journey.


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