Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Denied by family and religion

Each time I attempted to communicate what the Spirit had given to me over the years it was misinterpreted by my family and by veiled religion. Misunderstood both over the years and in the poetry of the fires, whirlwinds, and the huge reordering waves. The Spirit indicates that that was the same situation in history as indicated in this passage. , 'I will send them prophets and apostles, some of whom they will kill and others they will persecute.' Now I had no place among them because of their misinterpretation and judgments against all. Religion mistakenly judges everything with a judgment they got from interpreting without Spirit. Now I tell you what the Spirit has indicated that you have denied me and the Spirit that sent me. I told you experiences that indicate true faith in that same Spirit that was in Jesus I just used a different story to express it as the Spirit indicated I should, and they did not recognize the Spirit because they are looking at the interpretation and not the Spirit. And so now I go away again from those called family after years of being misunderstood because the Spirit is coming in a whirlwind and you will not misunderstand and live after the one that sent me arrives. Three times the Spirit has indicated what was coming and although you had never seen such faith each of you denied the Spirit that sent it. Because they consulted their interpretation and never laid their lives down as I have for the Spirit. For you know scripture and the accepted interpretation but you are kidding yourselves that you know the Spirit. And for this reason the scripture which was misunderstood generation after generation has become a net to capture all those that hide behind religion as was spoken by the Spirit, I will send them a deluding influence. For you did not ask the Spirit to give you the truth but followed after the interpretations of men as the Pharisees made an instruction manual and an idol out of scripture but never knew the Spirit, so this generation has placed itself in the seat of God and as the sick are those that need a physician these that believe in the accepted interpretation are those that need to be saved from their own beliefs that were not of Spirit. For as in the days the Jews said the messiah has come to save us and they were scattered so in the misinterpretation of the great falling away. For the Spirit is come to destroy all that is not from Spirit which makes every stone upon which religion is built to be leveled save one that the Spirit reveal it to you. The Spirit says my children are angry that I never knew them, but I tell you I never knew you because YOU NEVER KNEW ME. Get ready for the wild ride!