Friday, June 14, 2019

Grifter, info, foreign source, smallest of points overlooked

The grifter that says it is all right to get info on an opponent from a foreign agent who has done this many times before may know that info is out there about himself and is playing the reverse manipulation where he can stop that info being used by his opponent. He does not speak truth, he speaks constant manipulation, the tables would turn if those being manipulated would expose that the truth of the right is not from SPIRIT but from interpretations that will lead to desolation.

To say to the right that your truth is not from SPIRIT and understand these predictions over the years would change everything if you allow SPIRIT and quit manipulating yourselves.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

All has been predicted


So we had a treaty with Iran which Trump ended and then put Iran in a pickle, they of course begin their manipulation so that Trump blames them and a war starts that Trump will not accept responsibility for creating due to division and manipulation. Oh, yea things are going to get better with a a grifter with balls that overlooks the smallest of points that will lead the world astray.

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Synch with suffering

This suffering synch from exactly one year ago hits very close to home for me as I have had to fight for my life for the past couple weeks. I had a blood infection that caused exactly the same symptoms as my Pam had where my blood pressure was as low as 89 over 60 and pain caused me to use too much Tylenol so I have an appointment  Monday to see it it hurt my liver and to see how the healing is progressing. I experienced everything she did from fainting to dizzy to great pain, but the SPIRIT seeems to have spared my life.

I will let the words from a year ago 9 June convey this


Saturday, June 09, 2018

Suffering synch, and Attention to SPIRIT

Suffering at the end of anything as death or the laying aside of one reality to be born into another. The synch yesterday was the word suffering but attention/worship to SPIRIT allows us to NOT SEE DEATH or suffering, or joy during suffering. Pam and I listened to New Dimensions Radio and after reading on propheciesonline where I felt this was present  we also heard it on this program. The Immense Intelligence Of Cosmic Consciousness with Ricardo Horacio Stocker, Ph.D. on Tunein Radio and also Joseph Cambell on Netflix and had the synch with all three about the word suffering. I have always found that following the SPIRIT keeps you one step ahead of suffering or living joy in paradise but that those that demand another path or demand you worship their interpretation lead themselves to suffering.

One thing I have sought from SPIRIT is to know that my partner whom I love for all we have shared and her true intention of love toward and I see her as all those in the world that are mine and I want for her that the path does not end as she had MS and has had problems since coming to Tennessee as the jolt of joy was harder to find her but it brought us much closer and our love is greater.

See (Go to sleep my darling)

That leads me to the next part of all this, that the true intent though Pam did not understand what the SPIRIT was saying comepletely through our experience she respects and LOVES me and this life we share and believes from what she has seen and experienced that the SPIRIT has her best interests as I want this for her and I LOVE her very much as my life is very much connected to her. 

You see as I asked to understand the true intentions of the SPIRIT through Jesus I experienced these things that I also am hated for by those wanting to use me and those that love their interpretations more than they love each other. But I KNOW that what appears to be said by Jesus was the SPIRIT speaking what was demanded because nothing else would have gotten the message within the message to reach past what those hard hearts would allow such as the snake and the woman that wanted to believe in good and evil when everything that proceeds in synch with SPIRIT is actually GOOD.(See Rod) Humans wanted a law such as the rules needed for children and because of their disbelief in the power of SPIRIT it is still needed but the SPIRIT is the fulfillment of the law in that you are in synch with SPIRIT you fulfill the law of the SPIRIT, but those that use the law in a manner it was not intended to benefit them against those they fear use shame and the law to intentionally misunderstand and manipulate. When those following the SPIRIT fulfill the law but those using the law against them want to misunderstand in order that they shed their fear of their own sins.

Synch from a year ago

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Mars, War,

So yes we are going to Mars, but not the planet. It is very easy to tell the true intention of the heart of this President.

I wanted to say that it is true that no one will be able to meet the bravery and obedience to SPIRIT revealed through what Jesus was really saying.......

I am the least of them of which my chosen end is on the horizon.....

Monday, May 27, 2019

Just a post from this date 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

Earthquakes, Get OFF MY PLANET & the Wild Ride Synchs


Thursday, May 23, 2019

synch with "Shallow Mind Goes off the deep end"

I chose this post called Burning Down the House because of a synch with the words
"Shallow Mind Goes off the deep end" and the actions of Trump that I heard on a talk show about him going off the deep end and then found this youtube video about Trump's actions. And this one, And many more this month.


In this post the synchs from 1993 I had written a synch about this time.

Cool Running,,, the whole race is in the pushoff baby,,, Handle,, cb,, pushstart Momentum,,, in the moment 8 seconds stand by your dream Increase,,, spring me off ________________________________________ This is what it feels like for a shallow mind to go off the deep end It does not matter where you have been as long as it was deep. Is it you, Is it me, Is it magic It's ten minutes after ten 1010 go boy,,, lets make it to the show tonight. Cinderella, your (s....) about to learn the power of your love. ___________________________________________________ hold your head up high Moses kept his hands up keep the door open feel the fullness bust through baby got to have you ,,, feel the magic when I hold you let the good times Rollllllll! ___________________________________________ Hearts unfold like flowers before him March 14, 1994 The feeling the magic is just starting happily lost What to do rise up sleeping beauty give me a book (to write) The new "Return of the Native" the apathy of Venn The Wizards love story (sanctify a book box) (program joyful) A promise she won't take back,, I want to be loved like that All things (and ideas) are first sanctified and then laid before him. To my three children.. (thinking of you) All for one, and one for all. My lord,,, she said,, and he said,, "and you mine" let me feel the power of your wave. Oh,, have ( )she and I are lost in ourselves 

Other Synchs 
Animism (YOU, MY LIFE come to me in many forms it is like poetry, like synchronicity)

Also the image of a GOP Elephant in a sexual frenzy or anger

Pam thought and voiced exactly what I had just thought in my mind and it was such an odd thought about giving this idea to a Chinese Company to build. 

Synchs with this date

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Meetings and SPIRIT,

One of my most loved experiences which did not just happen once but many times is where I feel a desire to reach someone to the heart and I am made to come across someone and the situation is always different but it is YOU/MY LIFE that is working through me in that moment. When I saw what the SPIRIT could do to draw to us a situation that is "PERFECT" it brought clarity to knowing that it was the SPIRIT speaking through such as Jesus. And everyone that knows him according to the flesh does not seem to agree with this. But alas, when you experience it you "KNOW IT IS RIGHT!" To dream, to draw to yourself such as grew through knowing YOU/MY LIFE.

When Pam and I are in the moment and such a meeting happens it is great to hear them say they knew we would show up and what the moment was about or what the SPIRIT said through us how it effected them. But it is not something that can be planned but the feeling of it can be dreamed about.

Like the time that I was at Seville Quarter and I had so much I wanted to share with someone. I took off walking in the evening air and came upon a park where a girl was sitting facing a magnolia tree and immediately I felt her emptiness. She had given up on what people had said was God and had decided to confide in this tree, so I took out my card with the name StephenTree with the Poem Dnatree on the back and said. "You have given up on the interpretation of God and are praying to this tree reaching for what is real." I told her the poem The Veil of Interpretation and her countenance completely changed and she said. "That is exactly what I was feeling" I feel like how the SPIRIT worked through me also about a white rose that a woman was holding and my synchs that day about my own mother years ago in 1998, I knew how much she missed her mother. And this experience with knowing and how I knew about this woman's husband.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

The end of presumption and even what they believe they possess will be taken from them

Tonight was about all that humans will loose because they cannot be reached and reject
SPIRIT. I have said that in my experience with SPIRIT through synchronicity that it is my experience that anything can be done through SPIRIT even related to technology and what is possible. But it seems that humans have rejected this and I can see where even what they believe they posses in the way of knowledge will be taken from them because they cannot go on without SPIRIT and they will never accept what they do not understand and their presumption is causing desolation. It is hard to believe that all this is true that has been revealed through SPIRIT but it is. And because humans will not accept it their hearts will be broken when they see that they cannot keep what they believe they possess. What is going to happen will reveal the presumption. It is heart breaking to think about what is developing. The separation from SPIRIT is the reason. You have chosen a liar and a thief over the SPIRIT and when you realize this it will be too late as you were shown that you were drawing all this to yourself. Like the thief that comes at an hour you are not prepared so it is.


We had a wonderful experience with a nest of baby birds in my storeroom and coincidentally I was there for each stage including the moment the babies were fledglings that flew for the first time. This feels related to the doves we had come to us as pets.