Monday, May 29, 2017

The law is useless because of how it is being used against those with true intent

Every intention of this president's heart is only power and self continuously using bare faced lies as the synch with "Dutch" also shows. Even down to the handshake (intimidation and self power) and the "nut job" synch which I will save for the FBI. But as long as I cannot reach anyone this country this will probably grow ever closer to desolation without the SPIRIT's intervention. The problems we have with the manipulating white house is also the problem we have with so many of those that voted for him. They don't care about the country only about sides and their ideology which will now become a stumbling block because they did not seek the SPIRIT. Prediction:The self right such as this president and those that follow after him love their interpretation more than they love each other and these same will be thrown into a fire so hot it will reveal the lies they love because they hate truth. This will also reveal the problem with ideology over the SPIRIT.

Spewing separation because of their hate, they cannot create anything but a fake peace, their presumption is based on an idol that is not of SPIRIT and is presumption. Every intent is fake news and they know it as what they say is designed to say the same about others because that is one of the mechanisms of a manipulator to blame the other side for it's own malicious intent. And those following him only want to hear a lie sealing their fate as well. Get ready for the wild ride!
Today was the synch with the excitement of the rapids in the movie African Queen and in the news to day with the couple's excitement and the balloon falling right after their marriage. They called it Awesome.

The true intentions of this president's heart blasphemes the seat of our fathers and those taking their time in removing him will find pressure increasing toward their own humiliation.

Requesting the SPIRIT reach these leaders to the heart that they be humbled (Trump, Sessions, Generals, Putin, Kim Jong Un, Assad and others) Because their intent and purpose as leaders is rendered useless by their egos. Break hearts!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Everybody Knows lyrics and the Get of this Planet if you don't have true intent

My writing last night started with Tracy Morgan in the background saying "Boom!" at the moment thunder struck very loud outside our window.

The next synch was that I felt the words "bounced out of tune in" and wrote them down ten minutes before we went to a website called "tune in" to listen to some music but tune in was not working and we got bounced out back to the roku screen on our tv. Guess the site was down. Just checked it and it is back up.

Dance with SPIRIT

We watched David and Goliath last night which I felt was full of American propaganda about fighting but I did enjoy the synch with my moments as then we listened to Leonard Cohen which turned out to be a synch with David and his true intention of heart in the song Hallelujah.

Then a story about Comey came on the screen and I heard the words

Comey has True intention of Heart and the WH really wants to discredit him as he was getting close to the truth.

So having to do with leaving the struggle on Propheciesonline.com I am finished for now and I am to stand back and let the SPIRIT "MAKE ME RIGHT". Also because YOU love me.

Next I was working at my desk and Pam went out to the laundry room but the circuit breaker had been turned off because of the storm to protect the dryer. She needed it turned back on and I have intention and love for mutual intent with her. I felt I needed to go to the sink where the window to the laundry room is and use the gargle and when I got there I noticed her looking up at the window and mouthing something. I realized she needed the circuit breaker turned on and her intent drew the mutual moment. I just realized that this also has to do with my post above "because YOU love me".

Imagine= John Lennon The presumption of those that interpret without SPIRIT is allowed for them to believe in a heaven and a hell and in religion because "They demanded it" and therefore it is for their judgement not those they judge.

Song everybody knows by Leonard Cohen and this present administration. Very cool synch
Everybody knows that the captain lied
SNL and Hallelujah

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The get of this planet synch!!!!!

Get of this planet synch!!

Like the bubblenet synch those hiding without true intent toward the SPIRIT do not know that they are caught in a net set by the SPIRIT through Jesus.

Consider how most Americans believe that Jesus who spoke of love and light would return and judge the nations. But what they would reject is if it was them that were being judged by the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus. Such as in this message of intent.


Those believing in the INTERPRETATION OF JESUS do not know that it is actually them that this was intended. For they who drank the wine without intention to give their lives to SPIRIT but rather just to join a group of self right believing their job is to judge others via their interpretation.

So what if you found out that it was you that got judged though your religious zeal for some interpretation led you to believe it would be everyone else?

What if the SPIRIT revealed it was you that misunderstood? What if for many years the message has been given to reach you but those just like you JUDGED that even though many predictions came true by the SPIRIT through a messenger they deemed that this should not get out?

Get ready for the wild ride!!


Those like Donald Trump and Sessions who use the law in a manner it is not intended and also those who stand up for them and have judged others according to their interpretations do not know the bubblenet that the SPIRIT is putting them in at this moment. In the early use of law, leaders who themselves break the law or use the law in a manner not intended were punished harshest, but leaders actually use the law to lighten their punishment such as laws created by the GOP congress lately.
Such as women who judge men and where the men have greater intention of heart than them.


Demonstrating all my weaknesses I have done what the SPIRIT had mutually intended for me to do, have You?
If not, then where is your rightness coming from??? From an interpretation of your own???
Do you want to be judged in this time by the SPIRIT according to your own self rightness, and how you yourself judge others?
Do you have the willingness to allow the SPIRIT to reach you to the heart?

Kaching synchs

The amusement ride vs wonder at all that is.
My early morning walk at the VA hospital in Murfeesboro led me to discover the maintenance shop which I love old buildings and tools anyway. As I passed by the men were gathering for their morning coffee and beginning their day.  As I passed one of them said, "may I help you?" to which I replied of the top of my head "Oh, I just would rather tour an old maintenance facility or power station rather than an amusement park." After we finished up at the VA facility we went to the Nashville Zoo. I enjoyed petting a kangaroo and watching the Flamingos but thought the amusement ride was kind of silly. Then I remembered what I had said earlier. Later when we went home a program on New Dimensions about wandering and wondering in a native landscape reminded me of my best moments with SPIRIT.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hannity prediction coming true from two months prior

Hannity prediction on March 27th
Here is the Hannity story and let me add the intention of so many to love a lie over the truth for reasons of hate etc.

From now on Trump, Bannon and those like Hannity since they believe ideology is much greater than facts which may be true if you allow SPIRIT to give you your life but since they don't it is time that their ideology will now become a stumbling block since they love their interpretations more than they love those they serve. So no thanks to those blocking but a message of great hope is forming that we have diverted from what could have been total desolation and there is a growing hope.

Let it also be that those people and websites standing in the way or hearing these predictions of SPIRIT and not lifting up the SPIRIT for what they see will also follow suit in their reasons for doing so becoming a similar stumbling block revealing ever more their ignorance for loving their interpretation more than they love those needing this message of SPIRIT. And I forgot to post the name of Ann Coulter and Limbaugh also be added to the above list of those listed in the March 27th prediction.

Let me add that the synch coming true about the Coming Fire So hot it melts the veil separating You and I on this planet will leave those such as Hannity and all those loving these interpretations with NOWHERE LEFT TO HIDE.

Here is the prediction on propheciesonline about this on March 28th 2017

Several things to post related to this thread
More on the GOP Humiliation
How effective this could have been to help America come together if we could have reached past this forum,, Oh well

I also want to bring attention to propheciesonline.com because they do carry the predictions and did not hide them like previous sites did when predictions came true.

Turn toward the SPIRIT

If you are one of those from propheciesonline I dare you to post this on that site!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Last Song Synch May 21st 2011

The Last Song May 21st 2011

Well the 21st of May has come the date of another synch
MAY 21ST SYNCH and the Last Song

As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man
For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark
and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.

Because you would not tell them

Time is Short, therefore.....

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stone will not be removed until I reach you, Humiliation for GOP will ever more increase

Today I want to say that the tears of joy that I have because of the life I have been given and I share which came from SPIRIT could not exist without having experienced the depths of despair that was in a relationship where I felt spitefully used. Like the experience with our family and the guy that used marriage to steal from us. Or like what is going on right now with this country and even this relationship with YOU and I, where the SPIRIT and many are colliding with their old beliefs. All these things when used by the SPIRIT lead to abundant life. 

We can dance! We can leave this world behind.

That said, I want to tell you that the person acting as president is being given power by the SPIRIT but thinks it is his own cleverness. He will continue to astound and even this present mortal wound will heal because this huge stone placed in the path will not leave until I reach you! (Says the SPIRIT) http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2016/10/trump-and-mortal-wound.html The messenger wants to go away and leave the struggle and leave you and the SPIRIT to go on because it is not about him in your world.

Some thoughts about what is happening
Trump did not drain the swamp, he made the swamp!
Dear White House aides: Save yourselves. Save us.

Added: Let this humiliation turn also into Putin's as Leaders Lead Astray
Oh, and let us throw in Kim Jong Un
All leaders out for themselves are gathered under the hat.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bubducere,,, to lead astray , Trump, get ready for the wild ride

We need SPIRIT based systems
This guy Roy Cohn (The Con Man) that taught Donald Trump to instill fear and exploit power been having a lot of thoughts about him. My friend Mark mentioned tanks in the streets and that brought back the images of tanks on the trains on the way to California and my synch about why I moved here. So I feel that he is not going to give up that easy, and that the coming fire so hot that will melt the veil separating YOU and I on this planet is to be lifted by something backfiring on Trump and he who hides behind Trump's Ideology will have nowhere left to hide. (Total Eclipse of the Heart) But look at it as that stone in the road that blocks the way until you allow your heart to be reached past your interpretations about the messenger, which will lead to all your interpretations as meaningless without SPIRIT.


The interpretation of
Orange is Coming, Leaders lead astray, and the GOP humiliation was unthinkable when it was predicted, but then so WILL opinion of me CHANGE.

The word seduce comes from the Latin word subducere. It means “to lead astray.”

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/433554/donald-trump-art-seduction

I had a vision of love where even those who could not understand me were loving someone who loved me. (The SPIRIT speaking) So lets love everyone we can and reveal how love makes that hand and glove fit together. I love so much about how the world works in my life and it takes a lot of different people. But we have to experience what we came here to experience.... so get ready for the wild ride! Once your heart is reached, you will experience love as you never thought possible. Not human love but everything love, where even how your moments treat you is YOU/ MY LOVE.

It is vexing that there is those that want to keep you in fear, to control you but once you are reached to the heart all fear will disappear.