Thursday, July 18, 2019

Synchs around this date

Synchs on this date over the years
I gave my love for you to SPIRIT that he keep you and reach you as I died to the world and live for the SPIRIT and therefore I am constantly misunderstood especially by those who interpret without SPIRIT and those that judge but their judgments will be their own.


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Trump, Mitch and Calm down ,,, when the intention is fire! Broken Hearts, Sorrow and I will reach you

The prediction is now happening 
and leave those hiding their manipulation and lies
with nowhere left to hide
and leave those hiding with nowhere left to hide

So the dems in the news say that making Trump mad is his weakness cause then he does something stupid like trying to make four progressive ladies mad and then there is Mitch Mcconnel say everybody needs to calm down and that has been my synch tod. So when I noticed that the other day Pam had chosen a Taylor Swift song named Calm Down I went to YouTube to find the lyrics and so here is Taylor Swift with

Now Mitch McConnel I understand the playbook Trump backed by the haters and it would be impossible for you to say what is obvious truth because it is not politically expedient and yes Trump using the seat of our fathers and the law in a manner none of them were intended and so obviously hudreds of prophecies the synch have been spelling out since

See this word below from the SPIRIT about the right people on the right and the right people on the left started way before 2005
And the prediction of 

The True Intentions of the heart of those hiding behind a veil of Interpretation
Yea Trump,, it was all predicted and the Truth that WILL TAKE YOU DOWN
how it was intended mutually by the SPIRIT and the other new creatures of this earth
to break all hearts and open them to sorrow that they that remain might be reached to the heart!

Trump, gotta be number one
sad in his prostitute garden
I am going to break your heart
Hey just saying what the SPIRIT said would come

Yea, I actually had the grim reaper synch start yesterday l but none will like what the SPIRIT MEANT!

You will find your intentions work best when you give the passion and anger to the SPIRIT
as perfect love is better than a bullet!

Synchs the last few days

We went to Waffle House yesterday to sit there and drink tea while waiting for a Chiropractor appointment and there was a young girl there that I had once been friends that reminded me of another person that had been close to me at one time. I waited to see how this person would react to  seeing me again as we had been friends at one time. But they seemed not to remember me and ignored me and that told me that I should let go of that person that they reminded me of because that was what they had last wanted and that without them being reached it would only result in the same pain and lack of love that was always the results of that experience because they really could never understand the true intention of the heart without being reached by SPIRIT. Therefore their heart would be broken and the only way they could ever relate to me in the future was through the SPIRIT as if they could be reached they would experience such a great message from me through the SPIRIT and understand what has been kept from them.

Also had a synch with meeting the daughter of a friend that was really messed up in that when I walked in the store and met the cashier I said that she looked like a person named Sandra to which my mother is Sandra but she has many problems that she caused herself so they are not close now. I realized I knew this already and wondered how I knew this was her daughter. I was told that Sandra had chosen a different life because she blamed a person who she blamed for her own problems she had created herself recently and had put herself in a real difficult situation because of her decision to move from the pot to the frying pan.

Next synch I do not think was related to the above synchs but seemed to be related to each other and perhaps the synch with Trump and tripping up in recent posts. So yesterday I took Pam to her Tai Chi and then took the dog for a walk in a part of the park no other peaple were at. What made me decide to go to this recently opened area was this man carrying his bike. I said would it not be easier to ride it. And he said that it had fell in a hole and damaged it but that he would recover easy as he has another rim already. As he walked by I noticed this section of the park that had been opened and mowed by the lake the other side of the street and also there were orange flowers over there. As I got to the other side of the street I stepped in a hole and had to recover from almost falling, then a few steps further another hole that had been hidden tried to get me to all again to which I again recovered without falling. I then went into the park on that side and let the dog off his leash to run and chase sticks. We went exploring to the back of the area where I found another of my recent intentions which was to find bamboo growing near our home to see what kind would grow here.

I had a synch about the movie House of Cards about a father that had died and the young daughter went into a trance to reach him in the Moon. Which is also in my writings from 1993

Sunday, July 14, 2019

unfinished synchs I am writing

Synchs today

Water Synch I got up and looked at my phone and Jonathan said good Morning Paul and Pam. I had put a weird word for him to look up
Will download messenger conversation

Future synch self organization, coming crime of following a leader, leaders lead astray

Rain   wash away my sorrow


bad boys

Galileo, gravity thoughts placing bowl in sink only to hear several moments later a loud crash. I had placed the bowl in the sink and walked back into the living room and stood still talking to Pam when the crash was heard. Seemed impossible because of where the

Bat Cave Jack Black Video, Back to the moon pbs bat cave

Friday, July 12, 2019

SPIRIT blockers, deaths, stonehenge

The only law, the one that fulfills all scribbling by scribes is the law of Love, supposedly under the Christ which is the SPIRIT such as who spoke through Jesus or anyone who sought the SPIRIT and grew to  KNOW YOU. The SPIRIT that speaks through creation. Those that demanded a VEIL be over everyone's eyes. The anti-christ is the SPIRIT in those that used the letter to justify their right to make laws other than the law the human race as a child had been given such as the ten commandments but this was to be done away with as the being spoke through Jesus said that love is all of the law, in that YOU LOVE THE LORD AND YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. But those that love an interpretation and wish to use it against those they hate like the alt-right, draw unto themselves interpretations that bypass the law which is given to those who have become a man and put away the law of shame and blame for the greater love which is first loving god enough to be reached to the heart by the SPIRIT therefore resulting in the law of love. They do not convict others but reveal how they are DRAWING TO THEMSELVES THEIR OWN PUNISHMENT. Such as the alt-right that out-rightly coopt-ed

past tense: coopted; past participle: coopted
  1. appoint to membership of a committee or other body by invitation of the existing members.
    • divert to or use in a role different from the usual or original one.

      "social scientists were co-opted to work with the development agencies"
    • adopt (an idea or policy) for one's own use.

      "the green parties have had most of their ideas co-opted by bigger parties"

the interpretation of the law in order to use it against whom they want. But these that USE THE LAW WHICH IS NOT THE LAW AT ALL but the rules of disobedient children that will not be reached, therefore they MUST FULFILL THE LAW TO THE LETTER WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE RESULTING IN DIVISION (separation/sin/death)

While those who have been reached by seeking the SPIRIT with all their heart do not look at the law but adhere to the SPIRIT of God  and in doing so even if they were wrong the SPIRIT makes them right!

Now the misuse of the law by those under the law by using it in a manner it was not given to them for and even blocking the door to SPIRIT through their self rightness are like those that use the law against others when it was for them to keep because they do not know SPIRIT which fulfills the purpose of the law these really disbelieve in SPIRIT and it is in this time that they believing an interpretation of the end create ONLY FOR THEMSELVES an end....a death eternally as they believe. 

The synchs have grown to reveal how the SPIRIT through the hidden passion of those who know SPIRIT will accomplish this while these who hide behind a law of their own interpretation draw to themselves their own punishment such as those who intend to bloce the SPIRIT because the misuse of the law makes them believe they have power over others when really the cross was to reveal it was them all along doing what they hate to themselves.

In other words if Trump's power was only given to him to catch all who are like him, who manipulate and use the law in a manner it was not intended and then surprisingly he finds out what he overlooked then also this will be the result of all who both followed him and those that hated him yet it is in themselves what they hate which is being mirrored. Thus revealing the true intentions of the heart of all who deny/block SPIRIT.

Therefore, death synchs have grown to begin manifesting because of the MUTUAL intent to reach you to the heart and those who will not be reached their deaths will be a manifestation of the SPIRIT capable of reaching those with true intention of heart.

So it is soon to be the halfway point where the tables turn and those who worship the brain and manipulation and money will run out of luck which was designed to get them to follow this lie as it was given to intend in 1993 by the SPIRIT as the mutual way with creation to CLEAN HOUSE OF ALL THAT cannot be reached. The interpretation overlooked the SPIRIT and will reveal itself to become the great stumbling block revealing all those liars and thieves that used the power of a lie to MANIPULATE FOR POWER AND OR MONEY. The strap is being wound to rid the temple/earth of the money changers and all those that would gain from an interpretation without SPIRIT, this will reach those who were blocked from SPIRIT by the interpretation of men as that veil will be lifted.

Other synchs 
Rocket Scientist
Cannot buy or sell unless you have the upc code / or like Iran and North Korea unless you agree with the master manipulator.

The path is not figuring out anything by the brain which cannot see the whole equation but like such as Jesus whom could not say truth but show obedience and passion to be reached to the heart so that the brain died but SPIRIT is alive in the vessel and the fruit manifestations of SPIRIT. 

SPIRIT destroys the law in your by love such as bringing to face to face with the love and passion to know truth of those who are hated by those that love an interpretation such as LGBT which is of the law of SPIRIT, for as those who have ofended those who love a law of mis-interpretation, so they like those fed to the lions have been misunderstood and fed to the lions because of their passion to know truth. This love is so much greater respected by SPIRIT as only sinners of the law can be redeamed but those who consider themselves greater by keeping a llaw they use in a manner it was not intended believe themselves not needing to be redeemed by SPIRIT as their interpretation os their self rightness.

The links to synch will be added later today 

Stonehenge and where the shadow falls and what I placed there to remember that pointer so as to see what I was considering within the heart/temple at that moment and what SPIRIT through synchronicity at that time. The intention to cooperate with SPIRIT must be believed for it to grow.
Need to see the correlation between Storms and the intentions occurring at given times,,, also the Stonehenge idea of where things are placed at different times of the years before manifestations and at what moment

The Stonehenge of Synchs from this date previous years


So what seems to be evolving relating to this next synch is that a person uses the law in a manner it was not intended and tries to thwart the rule of law such as the supreme court ruling about the census question and those giving this person power if it is against the constitution are actually enemies of the constitution and country therefore this is one of the fulfillments of this prediction below.


Synchs are like the synergy of the nose, they can mean many things according to the SPIRIT in the moment

This synch from July 13, 2011 called

The growing divide, desolation is inevitable

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Today was about nature's response to separation, hurricanes, Hannity loves a lie, Sorrow is coming to America


Everyone loves their interpretation more than they love their countrymen. Everyone believes that it is all about winning like the so called leader everything is about winning, even if you have to lie your ass off and use the law in manner it was not intended, like the so called leader. The predictions knew that ORANGE WAS COMING AND LEADERS WOULD LEAD ASTRAY. The division was created to reach everyone to the heart so they don't have to be destroyed. You see the way nature and SPIRIT corrects division such as a war or what is happening politically is to create a jolt of SORROW. I don't want anyone hurt but everyone loves an interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT more than they love each other and the joy that proceeds from being reached to the heart is how the SPIRIT works.

Just days after the synchs with how nature will be stepping up the natural disasters because time is short and synchs that reveal that our leaders are not caring about respect for America but rather to make themselves great.

Sorrow  https://dnatree.blogspot.com/2019/06/the-division-was-created-to-create.html
As often the SPIRIT does after years of  predictions that came true today I was led to first
Killer Hurricanes, then Killer Volcanoes which are needed because of it was first our enemies raining down missiles in America that might not cause the needed sorrow to bring us back together but rather create more blame and hate. But if nature was to first cause devastation and sorrow and loss where two people are walking down the street and one is taken and the other left then the shortness of life and the reality of what questions a broken heart ask of God would lead to one finding out that they themselves created this by their beliefs that they followed via the letter of interpretation that SPIRIT did not lead them to.



So before the day the drones come back, before the RAIN of Missile tear your heart, before those we have misunderstood and caused them to not be able to buy or sell because they do not believe the interpretation our country demands. For we have decided contrary to the LAW OF LOVE OF JESUS not only have we decided to take away what the poor needed, but we have decided to turn them away because of interpretations that are loved more than WE LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS. Everyone blames their husband for what they themselves created as they will like Eve be thrown into sorrow when they see what they have overlooked and what they have BROUGHT UPON THEMSELVES by loving an interpretation given them by a snake over seeking to know the truth that is only available by love and passion for SPIRIT.

All of these growing factors are leading to desolation

Odd death synch, two deaths so far

Odd death synch, two deaths so far

Two deaths have occurred so far in connection with people that are in my reality and it seems to be with a specific circumstance related to blocking the way or needs of those related to my reality.

1. The first one happened when a friend had to move back to his home in Florida but he had rented it to a guy for 150.00. The guy did not want to give the property back even though because the rent was so low and seemed like he was going to fight it. The day my friend got back in Florida and realized he would have to evict the guy the guy made himself breakfast and got on his bike to run down to the local store and he was run over. We felt bad for the guy but realized that the mutual intentions and the pain this guy seemed to have about humans and life just opened the door to where my friend got what he needed and this guy got what he created for himself.

2. Just a few days ago my next door neighbor who had been trying to get social security as she was 66 but had never worked and was separated from her husband and he was the same age but chose not to get social security yet because he did not need it but she really did. By coincidence he died from complications from an injury where he had fallen off their roof in 2006 when they were together. Which opened the door for her widow's pension right at the moment she could not see a way forward. We had been talking and I told her there is always a way and that though she could not see it the answer is out there.

I am waiting for more on this synch but so far it seems to be a pattern related to those that are open to SPIRIT and have mutual love and/or intention with myself and SPIRIT.

I will be as open as I can in the development of this synch as it is related to many past synchs that are misunderstood by many.

https://dnatree.blogspot.com/search?q=deaths search these results for the word blocking to find out what is related to death and blocking


The next synch I have is those blocking SPIRIT that are being allowed to continue because their contribution is reaching many to the heart thou they may be a beast and their interpretation is not of SPIRIT, meaning time is short for them but their misdeeds are being used to reveal those being gathered for the bubblenet and for to be reached as through the humiliation of the cross.


Synchs around this date

Just got this related ot the silence that is needed, and aloneness. It was the question of love and true intent of a man that will not go to silence to hear from SPIRIT because of love and the verse that says without love you are nothing, a man should give his life for his wife, but if there is no love then is is better in the time coming to leave or be despitefully used to end it as it is better to pluck out an eye that having two eyes being led into hell.

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

The reality of the Cross and Trump

The reality of the true meaning of the cross and the humiliation the moment you see that you have overlooked the SPIRIT because of following an interpretation or ideology and find your beliefs come back to haunt you at the moment you are pierced to the heart in the fashion of a spear that brings forth blood and water. The truth we would not accept until the moment we say, "MY GOD, why have you forsaken me" only to receive the answer flowing forth as blood and water from within. Because I could not Reach You Therefore, I must break your heart.

Take a sinner like Trump, or any human that we may think we know their true intentions of heart. It could be that they truly are reaching to allow the SPIRIT to reach us by doing as Jesus did rather than what the interpretation says to do. In this case if it were true intention of heart with Trump, I would then appear to be what religion because of interpretation would say was Antichrist, for the smallest of points overlooked which is the SPIRIT can take any sinner who really had passion for the truth to be reached and begin to ONLY SEE THE SPIRIT in that moment we die to interpretation/brain/ideology the way of humans to learn we give up and begin to trust only what SPIRIT says in this moment and of course all who follow interpretation which they love more than they love each other would then JUDGE him. But this is the coming humiliation of all who say they follow Christ yet have not been reached to the heart past their interpretation.

The power of that "Cross Experience" where you have given your all to following the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus only to feel like you have been forsaken and those that use interpretation to judge break your heart because you believed they would understand your true intent only to find they did not care about that but only to make  you appear as their "side" that may have a true intent all along of money, power, self rightness use the law against you in a manner it was never intended.

The way of the SPIRIT through the poetry of the Cross is not perfected in you through interpretation which is the wisdom of man, but through being reached to the heart through the SPIRIT. All who are hiding behind the veil of interpretation of shame and blame because of their own interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT will hate you, and say all manner of things against you falsely which was not revealed by SPIRIT but by their bias based on interpretation.

So if the Church was to become a harlot for money and power and leave the simplicity of the SPIRIT which how we are led into all truth then the harlot Church of course is then led to believe that those actually doing as the SPIRIT spoke through Jesus and following SPIRIT into all truth instead of the letter which is leading to death, we would be stuck in a situation that we find ourselves in.

Those that follow a lie and the interpretations which they love more than they love their countrymen are being rounded up as in a bubble-net so that they can draw to themselves the same as they have judged and believed and as these same have done to others. This is why the perfect love that we draw to ourselves is BETTER THAN A BULLET because it reaches exactly to the heart such as a bullet cannot. So it is that the prediction of Kim Jong Il's death was a mutual intention to speak to the world. Those that use the law to punish those they hate such as "the wall" draw to themselves their own punishment.

I must say that I have found those using seeking the SPIRIT don't usually use the interpretations to judge others because how can they know if the SPIRIT has not told them. They usually follow a synchronicity of events that seem strange to all that see them for some years before their passion to know the SPIRIT brings them the experience that teaches through such wonderful romance with SPIRIT and these experiences make them hated by all who interpret. They are like a tree that gradually grows in experience until they know the SPIRIT.

Monday, July 08, 2019

Nature's response to Trump's True intent not being America, and to the division is RAIN!!!

Today was about the response by nature to my post about the rain in DC and the earthquakes which are related to the synch of "The division in society is the mechanism that will draw even nature to respond!"  which I posted the morning of July 4th about the rain during his speech and about the earthquakes in this synch on June 29th less than a week before the major quakes in Ridgecrest. And the reports of what has happened in DC after that if  you look at all the other synchs that came true you would have to see what is going on and these seemingly impossible things need be studied to see the smallest of points overlooked that can curb the growing desolation in America.  And of course all the synchs about Trump and Orange is coming.
News articles after the speech


The division in society is the mechanism that will draw even nature to respond!
Perhaps Sorrow will bring the JOY that is missinghttp://dnatree.blogspot.com/2019/06/the-division-was-created-to-create.html
Edit July 4th Morning Feeling of many very exciting Independence Day Celebrations in spite of Trumps rally in DC8:29 AM CT July 4thSo it would be great if the SPIRIT of INDEPENDENCE DAY be carried out in such a way that we don't have to put up with a Trump spectacle but rather it gets rained out and real passion for those he is against be shown as a great celebration such as San Francisco,,, that would be nature speaking through the passion of those rejected by this administration.
8:50AM CTIf this is about Trump and not representing all Americans then it would be fitting for nature to dampen it and to allow real celebration where all Americans are represented.
And this post about two synchs on the morning of July 4th 2019 coming true