Thursday, July 09, 2020

When the SPIRIT allows my mind to see the Bounty Synch

Ongoing Bounty synch

So the bounty synch that started on Mar 15th 2020 in the Adam synch  and then continued on April 5th with the post Bounty Synch with the bunnies and fixing problems on the planet and then the song

I Be U Be
Song by High Valley
I'll be the soldier out on the front line

You be the courage in my heart to fight
I'll be the outlaw, bounty on my head
You be my shelter, a safe place to rest
before Trump started using the word Bounty related to Mutiny on the Bounty and then

Oh, gotta add the "Hard Man" synch which was on twitter a lot because Trump was being tough and mean to democrats like his base seems to relish and then then how my synchs went to his own words being unto him with this tough talk and then the synch with "clock cleaned" and then the story popped up

This Russian bounty thing

But it did not end there,, as tonight a new show on Netlix "One for the Money" a 2012 American crime comedy film  had the line

Bounty "Hunter" the quicker picker upper and that has me thinking.

You know I don't even know what this bounty synch is telling me yet ... but it really feels ominous.

Something will come out and someone will get their clock cleaned along with those covering for them. Something like that,,, this synch might change several times tonight actually as usually one word puts it all together for me from the SPIRIT. But just a ghastly presumption like I have been hearing from about Obama and so many wanting to use the law in that manner,,, how about all that love a lie being found out and those just trusting a president not to lie their true intention... well I am probably going to change this paragraph a few times as the synch is developing right now.

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Most read Predictions all came True incl. Epidemic/Trump disaster and what is coming!!

Most read Predictions all came True incl. Epidemic/Trump disaster and what is coming!!

Ok Friends, these are given with True Intention of Heart to help you through what is coming
The synchs were so on target this year that I feel many would benefit
Here are the most read predictions that came true in March 2020 and April 2020
Be careful, these are real and timestamped on twitter and it is best that you respect the SPIRIT that gave these over the years as you will see on twitter what happened for many that didn't. I want to help those going through this experience as it was predicted in order to reach you.
Sunday, March 01, 2020
March Forth and the Wild Ride!
Synchs for this month are pretty Wild so I will place some of them here
See the posts with the most xx after which I feel are more applicable but the SPIRIT is into surprises especially with manipulators like Trump and the chaos and weakness of the law
And many more that you can find at dnatree.blogspot.com and Stephentree.com
And here are the April 2020 prediction from previous years
Thursday, April 23, 2020
Most read dnatree blogs posts in April 2020

Shhh! Trump Predictions from as early as 2006 and the Orange Event/epidemic

Your Breeze through My Leaves says everything

Pam and I walked the same area down our road that I had walked the other day in the post "A Walk tonight with the Fireflies, Hamilton, Redemption" and I began to have synchs with the wind through my leaves. Let me put this in context for you. The idea that the leaves of a man's tree are likened to words or layers of an experience in his lifetime with SPIRIT. Like my synch with my father's death at Washoe State Park. 2009


OK, now let me take You to the moments alone walking in the desert with my new two dollar robe on. Here is a pic of the campsite I was at in Washoe Lake State Park.

Washoe State Park campground site number 32.

Pay particular attention to the type of trees You see in this picture as at night they took an a very special significance especially related to my father. I walked around the campground in the dark and only a distant occasional headlamp from a car would bring light to the darkness of the desert. Some of You will remember the synch I had before my father died that I told him about the breeze. One particular tree when I walked around the campground would light up by a distant headlight and the breeze would blow through the leaves as I passed by. The experience I was having that night was “I am the breeze through Your leaves”. The experience alone thinking of Dad made me realize that we become part of YOU/Spirit at death and having my father dye made death a more welcoming place. I suppose this is natural for folks in the Spirit as they get older and LOOSE LOVED ONES. I just want to place this quote here.

"To be absent from the body is to be present with Christ."

Back to walking last night and my thoughts. I was thinking about how the wind blows through the leaves and then I noticed only one tree with one group of red leaves.

John 3:8, NIV: "The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit. .

I know that within the Tree of Synchs since 1979 I have had many memories alone with SPIRIT and these are like leaves in this tree that when the SPIRIT/WIND moves in particular direction that these things are brought back to my memory in such fashion as synchronicity with SPIRIT dictates, this is why I know the mind of Christ is related to synchronicity.
but the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and will bring to your remembrance all the things which I have said to you.

So when the synchs occur it is like first the wind blowing in one direction moving given leaves and then in another direction bringing back other memories with SPIRIT so as to paint anew a picture made fresh for this moment.

Scripture is actually an engraven image to which you are not supposed to have as the SPIRIT is to keep alive in you what is to be kept.

Everything is the word of God if the SPIRIT is alive and active in your moment with it. Sure, a scripture may be used by the SPIRIT but not an interpretation as those are designed to lead to desolation. Even a love song is closer to the SPIRIT's  alive and active
For the word of God is living and active, and sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating even as far as the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrows, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

This is not talking about what those that interpret the book to be, but what the SPIRIT brings to mind in the moment which might even be from scripture,,, but until the SPIRIT quickens something I do no longer see it as the word of God to me. Those that are perishing interpret until their abomination of interpretation creates their own end.

Such as the snake that experience reveals to be one who interprets without SPIRIT leading and gives it to the woman such as Eve in the garden and then she gives it to the man and says this is what is good. But such as this gets you expelled from the earth/garden as the original intention of the heart is to seek to KNOW YOU/MY LIFE with all my heart and strength and these let a snake/leader/preacher tell them what is God's word without ever seeking the SPIRIT to know what is what.


Let it be for you, the cross, as desolation of the heart is the meaning of I was crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I but YOU/SPIRIT that spoke through such as Jesus or even many American Indians are living through me.

Sunday, July 05, 2020

A Walk tonight with the Fireflies, Hamilton, Redemption

This is in Progress.... and how I want redemption for the @GOP and "both sides"

Come Walk with Me!
I went walking down the road and back using  the fireflies and the birds to inspire my moment and the tree began to grow

Loss the virus and what we thought could not be taken from us

The Fire and the loss prediction

60 minutes and his loss of sight and architecture

finding opportunity in a pandemic in the same way
Workers in a Company, I fell the other night, Motion is Magic, Motion longs for direction
Hungry for?

Hamilton (Disney+) and Redemption for "Both Sides" My synchs with Hamilton make me realize this is already in motion. I write my notes on cards but I left my pen over on the table by Pam who was watching Hamilton,,, as I reached for the pen "On Hamilton they said "As long as he can hold a pen he is a threat"

I was sowing seed and noticed some did not come up and so I asked my life tonight and then I found it was much bigger because of other synchs over the years than I had presumed myself and therefore I see were moving in another direction rather than sponsor related to collaboration. My motion needs direction as in the synch above. So the synchs are unfolding in that direction.

Loss and my transition from human structures

Also this I posted this synch I found in my blog on Twitter
Predictions before Coronavirus Related to the Senate Trial, that spell out the deaths and Coronavirus, Lies lead to deaths dnatree.blogspot.com/2020/01/predic dnatree.blogspot.com/2019/01/bridge dnatree.blogspot.com/2020/01/politi

You cannot save yourself Trump and base but if you lose your life for the SPIRIT'S sake... twitter.com/dnatree/status
if you lose your life for the SPIRIT'S sake... was not meant to mean do not wear a mask, that will become a stumbling block, but if the SPIRIT leads you to what it means then you will find the life that was truly meant for you to live. So the interpretation was meant to lead to the cross and the reality of the SPIRIT.

Active on my site tonight

Saturday, July 04, 2020

So that you who have been taken to the edge can get some sleep

So that you who have been taken to the edge can get some sleep

This might sound strange to you but life is getting strange. Nothing really matters except that You Are Happy Now! Which spells YAHN, (so yawn) so find something in this moment that make you happy and get some sleep as everything in THIS MOMENT is fine, it is only your attention to the future that is scary and the SPIRIT will lead you through it.

I know how important it is that we take care of ourselves. When I was struck to the heart, I could not sleep, I felt like if I did not prepare I would be used so badly that I could not recover and my life would be over.

I knew that truth had to come from within me via the SPIRIT as those in churches interpretted and this led to division as seen in the abomination of interpretation of William Barr and Trump as they are really influenced by a spirit of greed.

I learned a lot that made me happy from SPIRIT the first 12 years but I could not hold my attention on SPIRIT because of all the demands of life and family and work. But, I knew that my heart would one day be reached and that I would have an experience that would solidify the SPIRIT in my life. What is happening on the planet is actually reproducing those years alone I had where I had the opportunity to keep my attention on the synchronicities and learn from them.

So do not think this is a terrible time. It is a time to be reached to heart. It is a time to reveal those that love an interpretation without the SPIRIT. And it is a time to see the SPIRIT in action for real!

If you could believe to the point that you have synchronicity begin in your moments and begin to treasure those quirky experiences believing,,, then though they seem disjointed and not connected, if you wait, and stay with it, soon you will see your life forming all around you. A new way of living that was laid aside many millenia ago when we began to follow an interpretation and began to write things down instead of oral stories.

Anyway, the most powerful experience related to synchronicity turned out to be related to passion, love, shame, blame and redemption. Sort of like everything happening right now. The message of the SPIRIT related to all this was such as

This was posted as early as 2001 on the net in google groups "dnatree hot melt"
Coming Fire so hot it will melt the veil separating You and I on this planet and leave those hiding behind religion with nowhere left to hide

In order to understand the division happening on the planet right now please understand we should not divide anything without the SPIRIT. The Tree of the knowledge of good and evil is such as the snakes that interpret the bible without the SPIRIT. Do not "judge" anything as good or evil without the SPIRIT leading or you judge yourself. To judge such is to DIVIDE as Trump is divinding the nation. As religion without knowing the SPIRIT also divides and leads to division.

Rather, relax, Trust, what does anything really matter except you find the SPIRIT that is truth. Even to fight Trump without knowing this SPIRIT that is within you already is to be just like him. PRESUMPTUOUS You have heard the only way to get truth is through the SPIRIT and I want to tell you one thing that changes everthing you have been taught about religion and Jesus and Moses etc. And that is, if you do not listen to the words as though it is the person speaking but rather the SPIRIT, after a while it changes everything.

Let me stop here and say,,, if you begin having synchs with your intention to know SPIRIT then just begin to collect them and do not presume or lean on your own understanding but acknowledge the SPIRIT in all your ways/moments and your path will begin to make amazing sense. Everyone will misunderstand you, but the SPIRIT will be your constant guide. This is where we are going with all this.

Love the SPIRIT through the sources you are attracted to. Even if it is indigenous ideas, or voodoo, whatever the synchs guide you to understand is where you need to go and it will lead  you to love all things and everyone, even those that seem to be tearing down everything with their division. Because you won't have to fight them anymore, but just collect the synchs and watch your world grow around you. 

Perhaps the best you can do is LOVE. Then love the SPIRIT through the least of them you would otherwise misunderstand and realize they love you back even though you misunderstand. That love will cover so much of the misunderstanding while you learn from what is happening now. Relax, if you love, you are loved and get some rest and love yourself too.

Don't worry,, The SPIRIT says,, "It is the fragrance of your heart that drew YOU to me"
Let the moment give you everything you need, let your heart unfold like an appleseed, as on the fruit each moment you feed. Soon you will grow in SPIRIT and many leaves (words) later fruit will begin to appear. Don't fix yourself, that was never your job. Your attention to what you love is your job.

What does it matter, What does anything really matter, except you are happy!
Your going to die anyway, what does it matter, so be happy now, in this moment

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