Sunday, May 24, 2020

Titanic Movie and the Ship is Sinking

Watching Titanic on CBS Sunday night Movie right now and then realized my Titanic synch was from May 13, 2013So we are going down folks but the SPIRIT will raise her back up again. It may be a wild ride as but after the rain has fallen. So all the predictions have come true and those that have not are coming true now. Trump and the sinking ship Titanic
And this letter to the editor
The Earthquake or explosion, or what ever the feeling when you realize the ship is sinking and many will not make it without being reached to the heart.
Friday, October 14, 2016

Instinctual Intelligence and the Path of Love

How will humans react when they believe the boat is sinking for real?What God would break his own child's heart? What father, would do that? Why, if he loved them would he allow that. Well that is why she believed she knew better.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Explosions of late and the synch with Titanic and the queen synchs

I felt this the other day about all the explosions but they are not stopping


And now this one in West Virginia

My Kaboom Synchs

Kaboom synchs

This feels like the energy of the SPRING of 2011 when the synch and prediction of the Storm of Aug 26th was predicted but that it is a storm/explosion between groups/countries/parties/individuals YOU and I/

King and Queen come to Hyde Park because of the War that was emerging.

When that moment comes and everyone finds they were wrong yet again, because they are thinking and have not learned to know SPIRIT, and find you did it to yourself, by judging by appearances, what then?
I did not know that she was a queen of sorts among those that planned. Watching a movie about Roosevelt and the Queen and King that came to visit.

I began to post about the explosions and then I was watching Antique Roadshow and they had the Titanic Menu with the date of April 14, 1912 and I felt something. So I went to check the date of the sinking April 15 and realized that was the last dinner. I then looked up the word Titanic and the definition at the top had the example "A series of Titanic Explosions" and I felt the synch and relationship between the two posts.

The Last Dinner on the Titanic April 14, 1912 Boat Sinking synchs
Definition of Titanic
Of exceptional strength, size, or power: "a series of titanic explosions"


They don't care, they will do everything to make sure all the synchs are never seen because of their shame.
They don't have true intention of heart toward Men or SPIRIT, and they just need to GET OFF THIS PLANET.
If I thought someone loved the SPIRIT and Men, yet they were really conspiring and I intended for them to recover but then they didn't then that breaks my heart.
"Walk away rather than hurt, hurt rather than mame, mame rather than kill, kill only to save your life or the lives of others." But if the SPIRIT is the one teaching then what will be will be perfect. Once they find it is not me but the SPIRIT they have angered then what?
One more synch with April 13th was in what the Master said about May 13th in this Kung Fu show even today as I watched it. About 3:21 in the video

More on stuck mudslide, Baby Face

Power of Surprise! Quote form World on fire right now

Mud flow stuck, they don't realize I am not talking about mud when I am talking about leaders lead astray, stuck but I am talking how the SPIRIT tells me such as be on guard against the yeast of the republicans. In other words I am blocked from reaching them but the SPIRIT can reach them.

You need to see the predictions including the epidemic that have come true before you PRESUME about this one. This is a growing tree of synchronicity that started for me in 1979 and changed greatly in 1993.

Because of the mudslide synch related to getting stuck during the Covid19 Orange Event and it's connection to Mt. St. Helens anniversary event I have been getting a youtube feed related to Mt. St. Helens and Pam was watching it while I at an angle to that intent was dreaming about the bug zapper. We had this fly that was unusually big and bothersome and I turned on the LIBA bug zapper with the intention he find his way to eternal peace and stop the annoying buzzing in my sanctuary. Within a moment a loud zap occurred and I took notice but then about 10 seconds later three more smaller zaps occurred and the image of one of my favorite comedians Sebastian Maniscalco popped in my head as though he was one of the bugs that heard the first big zap and looked toward where it came from and said to the other two "I wonder what is going on over there and look at that irresistible light glowing." So he turned and led the other two bugs over to investigate. Then on the program on the tv they began to talk about how the danger of the possible eruption had the opposite effect of what they thought and that more people demanded their right to go use the public lands in what was considered the danger zone. These people and how they acted in the documentary reminded me of those following the Trump liberate Michigan intention which was the true intent to get people out spending and working so as to save the economy and stock market when everything he does is actually intended to reveal the SPIRIT is actually using his presumption because he puts himself above all truth and SPIRIT. (See Ultimate Authority) And then like classic manipulating style the one that causes the problem blames everyone but himself. And it is also his base that caused this by handing over their power to a 6brain66 such as him. If you do not have an ear to hear, you may not be here much longer.  Ok, the leader makes a decision to tell a fib that those who desire a lie want to hear and then nature tells you by such an "Unexpected event" that "no you are going in the wrong direction" but instead of hearing that they want to hear another lie in order to win at any cost....... 

Kali and the destroyer of evil forces and the Calcutta synch

Don't worry with True Intention of Heart you will find your way

 This is a timestamp so that those that have intentionally rejected the SPIRIT might know how many lives they could have saved if anybody cared or would come to the banquet.

The True intention of the Heart of politics and the presumption that now stands in the holy place and fills the void that should be only songs and stories lifted up to be used of the SPIRIT is causing  the masses to be led to desolation on both sides. The death and horrible silence that will result from the horrendous presumptions being pointed at instead of the individual not having anything between them and God is going to be so scarring on the soul of man that there will no longer ever be such to stand up and presume without the SPIRIT.

Trump, as Harry Truman and what SPIRIT is saying through SPIRIT LAKE and the Republican propaganda

The republicans are betting that covid19 will not be that bad but just like the levee break in Michigan after the emotional outlet from both sides there everything that happens is connected to the soul. And when your heart is hardened by greed or power the unexpected is likely to grow greater and greater in it's expression as money, greed and power continues to blind Americans (blindsided) to the true intentions of the heart.

The worst case scenarios are better than where we are really headed without hearing from the SPIRIT.

Sick and bounty was a sign of the coming desolation

Baby Face and the FBI. Had two sinks with "Baby Face (Nelson) and the FBI one on a New Netflix show related to John Dillenger and the next on a VUDU show Oh brother where art thou. Feels like it may be related to Trump since the fbi has just begun an internal review of the Flynn investigation.

The Coming Trump lies to Spin horrific failure

The True Intentions of the Heart of Jesus was to catch all those that read the book but never sought the SPIRIT with all their hearts in a net.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

I am to say goodbye and silence is coming

I am to say goodbye now to those that are leaving us over the next three years and that it is related to the morning of the third day and the SON OF MAN IS RISING

As the son of man was in the earth for three days, and no sign was given them and those that love interpretation have been gathered in a net according to their hate and presumptions for others it is now unto them because they would not allow the SPIRIT to reach them, They will TRY to paint a different picture until the day they are swept away as the Japan prediction indicated....  They meant it for others but it is not according to the snake's interpretations but according to the SPIRIT. For those that remain, the SPIRIT will provide in the manner that I have been shown. and as the SPIRIT has given to me so you too will be given the bread of life. According to your love and true intention of heart toward the SPIRIT that is speaking you will be led to a new life but even those not staying are blessed.

All those such as the leaders, and media and preachers who dangerously placed themselves in the way of the SPIRIT and are not True Servants so as they are to be silenced now, so that all that can be heard is the voice of the SPIRIT in your own moments.

The honeysuckle came to our moments last night and was at a different time and place as first Pam and I found it together at Cane Creek and got home and found abundant honeysuckle everywhere but not in the same place as previously. This made even the same thing fresh and new in meaning as we are now dreaming beyond those that could not be reached.

I thought about North Korea and how they having suffered and are letting go of the deity of the leader  Being the least of them, they seemed poised to hear from SPIRIT while a country having more could  not conceive of what is appointed to them if they could not be reached. 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Order Up! Last Song

So Be It!!
This is what YOU HAVE CHOSEN by your rejection of the SPIRIT


Synchs last night
Finding Home
Yesterday does not matter once you have found the SPIRIT it is gone

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Post on Clubhouse11

Post on Clubhouse11

The Story of what happened on the forums, the predictions, the presumption, the rejection and then what happened would save so many lives this summer if told from the people that experienced it. But not one person on the planet has responded other than to say they were wrong. Hey, your story could be the spark that saves lives!

The posts of late

Oh, Well, Having a Tomorrow was overrated right?

I do feel good about forum members as I want someone to remain and tell their story.

Whale Breaching 
"Ultimate Authority" and presumption
Reasons for the "Unexpected"
The Predicted Monster and greed
Everything including epidemic was predicted and why

Trump Must Cease and Desist along with the GOP as Hell is coming and everyone loses

The gravity of this moment is beyond comprehension without knowing the SPIRIT related to China and Shame and Blame

 https://twitter.com/dnatree/status/1263110825977487361 (Related to blaming China)

Shame and blame will only lead to desolation while understanding our responsibility as well will lead to great changestwitter.com/dnatree/statusIf you do not respond to this moment properly desolation is assured @realDonaldTrump
and then

Because all has been predicted and the "hard man" president that so many believe they want is leading to a horrible outcome because it is not the truth, it is a masquerade and an act.
After getting on Twitter to notify Marsha Blackburn of the need for a meeting to reveal what has been overlooked I then encountered the Michigan Dam Breaching news and immediately the image of how the law has been pushed out by those believing themselves right because they follow a "leader" who is also PRESUMPTUOUS. There are enemies within and without that are wanting to destroy this country and are working hard to do so.
The synchronicity indicates that the Dam Breaking in Michigan is also poetry for what the "self right" on the right are doing in that state and in this country
When the Levee Breaks dnatreeWhen the Levee Breaks Stephentree.com
The actual reason for the Epidemic which was predicted one year before it happened is presumption of "Ultimate Authority" because of an interpretation without SPIRIT
Note: Twitter was used to timestamp each event before it happened as well as the blogand the forum members experiences also testify to this fact.
All these things have been predicted and the intention given to the SPIRIT as to why Scarlet must be brought to her knees and why Leaders Lead Astray, Stuck, and the Humiliation that is coming for all who presume an interpretation or ideology is rightness.
https://dnatree.blogspot.com/2020/03/the-latest-all-was-predicted-including.htmlThe "hard man" is blinded as his base is and it is leading to great humiliation and desolationbecause his "right hand" has put out what he and his base which "love a lie" is leading tohttp://dnatree.blogspot.com/2020/05/this-predicted-summer-death-valley.html
You don't understand and you must cease and desist the shame and blame as all hell is going to break loose and you will find out you have overlooked the smallest of points. It was for this reason that all this was intended in 1993 as you will learn by "think tanking" the tree of synchs

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Power to Caricature your enemy, Fire, Dots,

So we know that such as Flynn was corrupt and that Trump used his office to make it not so and now he is using his office to make things that are not so about Obama appear as though they are.  The power to use the office to Caricature your enemy is what we knew real tyrants did so now we are seeing what was never thought possible in America. The problem is he was given power to do this by his base and talking to a lying manipulator will change nothing but republicans like the Lincoln Project that know he is a criminal would like his base to know he only has power because they GAVE UP THEIR TO HIM.

FIRE synchs are off the charts today

The DOTS are back in synch as on "THE GOOD FIGHT"

Diane knows the feeling. Memo 618 is always on her mind. Since there is nothing she can do right now, she might as well draw colorful dots in a notebook.

So I had synchs before with dots and I also looked up the dream meaning of dots related now to Coronavirus

 Dot Dream Symbol – Dreaming of dots is telling you there are new opportunities about to cross your path. Polka dots in a dream can represent the monotony of your daily routine. It can represent a situation or something you keep repeating or returning to.

An earlier synch with dots was  

Synchs are about HERE and NOW, all true power is in this moment. My taught beliefs kept trying to get me to go to the future or the past failures but the Spirit kept me looking at the wonderful things in this moment and over time it proved the most important. Hey it is where YOU are, it must be the most important. (find a dot, save a lot, Old synch with Ross's clothing about finding synchronicity)
Pam and I are talking just now about how the spirit takes you from the thoughts and intentions of the world view such as a group of people talking in a room and you are just open to the spirit or YOU, spirit and you hear it over in the words of this child in the corner and then written on a magazine but it keeps you focused in spirit. (When you change the way you look at things, the things change. On tv right now,Wayne Dyer)The changes that are coming are to teach you a new way of seeing only YOU.

The Prediction of the Last Song, As in the days of Noah


I could not reach you, therefore your hearts will be broken yahoo.com/news/something
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These Wild Hearts can't be Broken, Microbes, Respect dnatree.blogspot.com/2020/05/these- @dnatree

Job synchs started with "Mission Impossible 1996" as on the screen he was reading Job 3:13-15 where life had become nothing but turmoil and he wished he could just sleep to escape what life had become like the rich whose houses were now in ruin now who had a life but no longer exist. Then today on the Neighborhood Job again mentioned

Your enemies will be clothed in shame,

___________________________________________________________________Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Last Song Synch May 21st 2011

The Last Song May 21st 2011

Well the 21st of May has come the date of another synch
MAY 21ST SYNCH and the Last Song

As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man
For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark
and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.

Because you would not tell them

Time is Short, therefore.....