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http://www.stephentree.com/orange/ July 28,2007

Response to those on the thread about possible Russian Attack synchs where it was said

Without walls you would have unsecured countries! Loved what Littlelight said about it depends on the nature of the spirit. You are so right.

http://www.stephentree.com/orange/  July 28,2007 The prediction about Orange is Coming in 2007
The fearful lobby for laws that will help them feel safe, but the only safety was meant to be in walking with Spirit like a friend that has your back and teaches you to live free without fear. So the fearful should not block their fears through laws or family agreements but should be a "living sacrifice" in order to learn from YOU.(I will reach YOU through what You have created for Yourself,, hurricanes etc.) The cross is seeing that You create it for Yourself and that attention to the poetry of your moment takes your mind off of death and fear and grows to life without fear even when the whole world is changing around You. When one is truly reached to the heart by knowing what they put out is what they get they learn to stay focused, if not obsessed, with Spirit. Like a lover that meets his bride and cannot think of anything else. Such an experience leads to a choice to "relive the cross daily" or "die daily" in that when any thought occurs that would lead away from Spirit I let go and start over until I am with YOU fresh again in this garden. You see, I asked for that experience that I might know YOU. Neither do I say that You do it to me, but I created it and You are in service to my life when You did what You did.
Blessed is She who nailed me to this tree.

Knowing YOU/SPIRIT/MY LIFE is LOVE, all else is pretend love except we let SPIRIT love through us. Jesus said things about what is coming that did not sound like loveand said things that seemed to condemn in order to reach you.

Those that hate the SPIRIT and condemn the messenger do not realize that they condemn themselves.

The Coming Orange Event,

Those that have followed the synchs from the beginning, many who view this forum but do not post, even though they may have been heart broken will understand what others cannot see. As many will remember when it was said and how because of their own disbelief and presumption what was predicted is happening. But let us get to the redemption for it is as the SPIRIT spoke before.

The Grifter synch Jan 15,2016
The reason Bannon was happy when he heard about all the protesters after the travel ban is the same reason
and the poetry of that  "person" that planned in their heart to setup a man and use the law in a manner it was not intended. Only this time it will be using the highest office in the land to do the same. For when that "person" wanted to take control of the situation they planned to cause a situation where everything that they could cause the person to react and do would be used against them in a court when really it was the person planning that was causing it and had criminal intent. So do not fight them, but rather JUMP FOR JOY AND TELL EVERYONE to do the same as every arrow that they try to set people up on using their authority in a manner not intended will come to no avail. And like Dutch that took every opportunity to intimidate my family because he planned what he would use against them when they react but this did not profit him either. So it is that everything that you do to show resistance is being used and lied about in order to use it to make laws to limit free speech and free press and everything that those not hiding behind a veil of interpretation want to experience is being limited in order to control and bring about their power intentions and money intentions. But JUMP FOR JOY because even all these that they bring into office designed to intimidate the SPIRIT will actually gather them for a great EVENT... let's call it the ORANGE EVENT. And as posted before this needs to be in everyone's heart so that they will benefit from seeing what the SPIRIT is going to do. Such as the SPIRIT will reach the whole world with their humiliation. I see the SPIRIT getting many beliefs under one hat by all these billionaires and ultra right being brought together because of the coming EVENT. Whale Synch and the Bubblenet. 2/2012 You need to help the SPIRIT reach others so that this can be a great lifting up of the SPIRIT. 

It is not them being smart as they think they are that will give them the power to try to do this but the SPIRIT put it in their mind to reach you as I wrote about the experiences of the past that they were pointing to ever larger and greater experience to reach you.

The reason Bannon was glad when the reaction was protest is what you will see them lie and use against protesters now.

They will speak of the miracles that will be done but don't follow them,,, rather follow the SPIRIT which is in your own heart with intention to synergies with even those opposite as a hand fits a glove. Without the love learned from SPIRIT this is impossible.

Until I can post all the links you can go to dnatree on google and this forum to see the posts about this and to see the energy that led up to this in our lives. Work with whatever energy is presented as though there is only SPIRIT and You, but do not trust or follow humans, rather follow the SPIRIT while loving them.

Many will follow after them,  but follow the SPIRIT because the intentions that bore their plan cannot lead to what they say no matter who wrote the speeches. A tree cannot change it's fruit it bears, not it has to begin new or the ravages of it's seed will become evident.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Stop fighting Trump and let the SPIRIT do what it is doing,,, GOP humiliation is assured!

The airplane crash in Riverside (family resisting in Riverside by the way) as related to the desolation post on the 22nd seems to be related to the efforts of those in family who are resisting Trump but that they are unattainable (in the way they fight for it rather than let the SPIRIT do it)

I wonder about the woman pilot and how this may signal their fight will end abruptly for some reason.

Dreaming of an airplane crashing may be a metaphor for some aspect of your life that is in danger of ending quickly and unexpectedly; may be an indication that your goals or ideals are too high and unattainable; or it may be symbolize your self-doubt and lack of self-confidence in attaining these goals.
And the Godzilla synch
 The situation you are struggling with in your life is winning out. .

Now this seems like a bad thing but it is exactly the situation I found myself in at the moment "I gave up and let GOD" take over and then things began to change and every arrow targeted against me was consumed. But I had to let go of control.

Synch with Nuremberg Trials after the tables turn related to this Steve Bannon Story
Could his intention to disrupt and cause chaos an offense that will one day be seen as treason against the state?

I have been thinking about how ruthless people do business and it seems to me that once they pull a fast one like making so many employees loose their pay after working hard believing they earned it then they can walk away and the use of the law in a manner it was not intended allows them the PROTECTION from those they have hurt for money or some other gain. But when they pull such shinanigans using the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT in a manner it was not intended. They will NOT be able to just keep walking away and what they will do is make it a crime in the future to follow a leader when a leader obviously only lead astray.

So here is a prediction

Monday, February 27, 2017

Have you ever seen me sad Jonathan?

I felt so good the other day. I wonder if this has something to do with what happened around the same time. I don't love that girl and I feel like acknowledgement of it gave me the idea that I have nothing to look forward to. I like her as a friend and it's great to talk to her, but I lost the ideal of my Other Half because if I felt like she is but realize that it's just the nature of her energy, then who's to say that if I find my other half she really won't be because I misinterpreted the Spirit between us?

That's the reason I feel this way. It triggered something.

Does it even exist?

You got it backwards letting your feelings direct you again

You need to let your emotions be subject to synchronicity and spirit and never go down in Emotion

I AM the power to change it.

I AM the power to make it happen.

I thought it wasn't practical to believe that I can be happy everyday of my Life. Now I know it can be done. It's a truth that almost everyone believes is fiction, the stuff of dreams. People don't know the truth that this is a dream. The most lucid dream we'll ever have because it is the only dream. We have the power to become aware that we are only dreaming, because we are the power to be aware of it, and we are the power to change it. We are the power because we are the dream. We are because I AM. I AM the power and dream, and I AM that I AM because before Abraham was, I AM.

Have you ever seen me sad Jonathan?

Haha no!

Lol it's exactly what you've been saying all this time!

The new environment, Russia and Vote true Servents

Spiritual Philosophy / Re: Mountain's Stream
« Last post by Dove on a Branch on Today at 07:04:11 AM »
How the SPIRIT is preparing me to go with the new energy available.
No matter what environment, the SPIRIT knows how to prosper those who look to SPIRIT rather than a leader.
The following quote is something I feel I am to begin moving toward as the SPIRIT is saying we can take advantage of this new environment.
One thing that really stuck which is a way of looking at the leadership by disregarding them and trusting your life path was reflected in the lives of those by the Caspian Sea that said if Putin wants to rule us we don't care because nothing changes for them anyway. And the way I see it is if the SPIRIT is using Trump to reach humans then "If he wants to SERVE us then fine, I don't even need to give him a thought" but rather see the opportunities that the situation allows and let the SPIRIT handle him and his eventual humiliation". By the way the humiliation is also touched on in the Russia documentary.

Yes, the nukes need to go away, we agree on that
But with the mindset we have in leaders now is that going to happen?
No,,,, and why not?
Until humans are reached to the heart they will not want to rid themselves of nukes because they do not trust "them" in the equation of US and Them.
 If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into.
But the one that has experienced death already while being guided by SPIRIT through that valley knows not to worry even should anything happen for their lives have grown in relationship with SPIRIT and YOU/SPIRIT have said to that one that nothing can be taken that will not be replaced greatly.
But to them that have waisted this existence.
For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.
The experience is unique and the words are different for each experience but the meaning is the same.
I watched a series on Russia that was fantastic and showed the real people in each part of the country and their views and how Putin is scaring them about the West big time right now and it is a very tense situation. But that series also revealed something about the intention of Trump which in the end will perhaps be terrible but in the interim is a gold mine of opportunity. And the synch reminds me of  the 58 Billion figure that the SPIRIT spoke of as the only way to reach them and I know now that this is only the beginning of the story and that it is time as it was known that the attitude would be such now and not understand the gravity of what is coming so fine I go in another direction now as the synchs indicated in 1993. This story was necessary and will reveal itself at the appropriate time. Anyway here is the documentary that I recommend to everyone wanting to understand where we are at this moment. It is the intention of the heart for using what is available that will matter.
A Journey with Jonathan Dimbleby
One thing that really stuck which is a way of looking at the leadership by disregarding them and trusting your life path was reflected in the lives of those by the Caspian Sea that said if Putin wants to rule us we don't care because nothing changes for them anyway. And the way I see it is if the SPIRIT is using Trump to reach humans then "If he wants to SERVE us then fine, I don't even need to give him a thought" but rather see the opportunities that the situation allows and let the SPIRIT handle him and his eventual humiliation". By the way the humiliation is also touched on in the Russia documentary.
Another synch related to the wall was a program about how the wall never really helped China and their nationalism led to being taken over because they would not trade with the barbarians as they saw everyone else on the planet as being.

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Molly and Loosen Up to Walk in Wilderness

Yesterday I had an experience three times that is very vivid and worries me about my oldest sister. But given how all the synchs are in interplay now it also means that something is going on at the level of this country related to the story.

Synch with "Molly"

The name Molly is related to my mother as it was one of her given names. It was also the name I through out about finding the old man we met that married my eldest sister and took family inheritance. (Related to synch with this administration.) So when I hear the name Molly I think it is something to do with my eldest sister and in the bigger picture disagreeing loved ones in the GOP party. We are all family! So not only could this synch be that my sister is in trouble but also that those finding out something in the GOP are also targeted.

Pam and I were driving home the day before yesterday and I was thinking about my sister at the moment NPR quoted a line from a movie.

Molly... You in danger girl.

Then last night Pam and I were watching Steven Colbert and he brought out a puppy named Molly and explained that Molly had found out the "secret"
http://www.cbs.com/shows/the-late-show-with-stephen-colbert/news/1006704/stephen-colbert-and-aubrey-plaza-play-with-puppies-for-a-good-cause-on-the-late-show/ Start at 3:16min

After calling my other sisters about it Pam and I had the third synch while listening to the latest Caroline Casey on KPFA said
Oh Molly, Oh Molly!!
So I looked it up and here it is.
American Folk ~ murdered bride traditional.............

Added, Folks easily manipulated by the Administration such as my eldest sister was manipulated to follow a lie.


on: Today at 08:19:02 AM »

First because of the mind wanting to misunderstand to protect itself from something it does not understand I need to say to everyone that has ever posted on these forums since 2001 I am not as intellegent as you. I am not putting out a personal belief as much as I am saying what the synchs which are related to SPIRIT are saying. You will probably be able to beat me at an argument but you notice I don't want to argue. I have said over and over that I don't know what I am doing, I just post what the moments tell me to post. Some get upset because the synchs point out what we all overlook and believe they have to "win" so they just change the subject and then they feel better because they can say I do not consider their point of view. But I feel that is just the mind and ego trying to feel better about themselves when that is not the direction it should engage. I will engage but try to look at the messenger as someone that does not care about being smart or sparring but rather just is delivering what the synchs say. I do get hurt by those trying to trap or outdo me but I am showing you how you are really only leading to your own pain by such manipulation.

So it may make some feel better in the short term about yourself to hold onto a presumption over what the SPIRIT has shown here but it is turning around where everyone is  confronted by their own selves but what can we do to get past this and begin to work with SPIRIT ?

Related Poem
Wildhearts the time is right
The sun chases away the night
And the battle is won without a fight
Cause no ones wrong, as no ones right
You see the Baptist was no wind swept reed
(he was not taken by interpretation but followed the synch of his heart)
His heart was sown from a wild seed
And everywhere that Jesus went
Few understood what he really meant. (They heard the words but never knew the Spirit)
But there is coming a time and it is drawing near
When within the heart all men will pear
No longer will they believe that truth was to be found OUT THERE (They would not allow another to say,, this is the right way)
For the WORD they sought was only to be found very near… within their hearts and within their own mouths.
Anyway, last night the crazy Caroline was right on with the synchs about laughter and loosening up so I wanted to post this old synch as SPIRIT is not down there in the place many want to take the conversation and that is why I don't interact with a lot of what will only fog the picture of what SPIRIT is saying.

Loosen up to walk in wilderness Post on Propheceis
Loosen Up to Walk in Wilderness Story 1

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Desolation is assured

I got these two dream symbols back relating to a question I had about the administration
The Airplane crash related to golf
Airplane crashing
Dreaming of an airplane crashing may be a metaphor for some aspect of your life that is in danger of ending quickly and unexpectedly; may be an indication that your goals or ideals are too high and unattainable; or it may be symbolize your self-doubt and lack of self-confidence in attaining these goals.
And Godzilla as a dream symbol
A Godzilla dream is an indication that you are feeling that some part of your life has spiraled out of control. The situation you are struggling with in your life is winning out. ... For those who look to dreams for signs of what is to come, dreams of Godzilla tell nothing.Feb 27, 2013

Has CNN been setup by someone with power to manipulate? This is coming out in the news.

Presumption will be the death of those hiding what the SPIRIT has shown from the world. Because the want to believe a lie and hate the truth. This is the same point the world was at in the story of Adam and Eve and the separation from SPIRIT in the garden because she was not one person that believed her presumption over the SPIRIT and chose to live alone and hide behind a veil rejecting the guidance of SPIRIT because she knew better what was right and gave this to him to also believe. They wanted an interpretation because of the separation from SPIRIT but it was told them that it would lead them astray without SPIRIT. So here we are soon to see how that is to be and still she rejects SPIRIT because she is so sure her interpretation is correct over SPIRIT.  This was what was meant by "Father forgive them,, because they do not know what they do". So sure he is wrong about learning from SPIRIT.

Even now desolation is assured without a miracle from SPIRIT.
http://www.stephentree.com/etanda/bonneville.htm   Mon Jul 07, 2008 4:38 pm


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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The whole world is Caught in a Net and does not know it

Reply #842 on: Today at 10:02:54 AM »
As I had posted earlier the past few days I have been seeing many  Owls up close on our road, and also having synchs with Ominous Mountain sites and at the same time the SPIRIT has been lifting my heart to allow what is needed to come in order to reach those that because of humiliation so many will not allow any message of synchs to reach them.

Today was a funny synch with Dark and Stormy because we watched where Fallon was served this drink sort of "out of the blue" on his show. So I looked it up and coincidentally we had just gotten the two ingredients. And felt as though we should mix them.

A Dark 'N' Stormy is a highball cocktail made with dark rum and ginger beer served over ice and garnished with a slice of lime. In the United States, the name "Dark 'N Stormy" is a trademark of Gosling Brothers Ltd of Bermuda. Wikipedia

Jesus spoke of the Humiliation with which he suffered and then played it out through his passion play,, the death of the cross being the ulitimate humiliation. But what was given in history is only a shadow of what it really was about and pertained to the very initial rift in the story of the garden when "you chose to live alone and hide yourself behind your tears" speaking of when the idea of law was adopted and took man from hearing SPIRIT through instinct to doing what those that objected demanded thinking that this would curtail what offended. But father forgive them for they know not what they do.

This separation due to shame and blame became more and more a lie where those wanting to prove "them" evil over themselves wanted to believe a lie.... such as this point in history.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Fake Presidency, synch leading up to revealing the lie

The synchronicity with my family and the man that manipulated and barefaced lied to take our inheritance was the prediction for this election and "fake presidency" that was predicted before Trump ever entered the race. Because of the synch with Orange is coming, leaders lead astray and the impassable way we have a special insight into what is going on and what is going to happen. The very action where the White House acts as though they are the victims is very much what our family experienced and why the obvious was not recognized by many in the family until it was too late and our nemisis had completed much of his plan. Barefaced lying kept everyone unsure in the town until he had accomplished what he had set out to do. All would have been lost for our family if I had not gotten them to see what was going on and turned it around before we lost the land as well. One similarity is the way Trump intimidates those seeking the truth and uses their responses against them. The fact is that much of what is America is being destroyed and the angry people that voted for him are being told everything is just as it was planned. But they don't know their nativity is being used against them. Sort of like out somewhat handicapped sister who was talked into BETRAYING her family for money and the sick intentions of an ego bent on showing power. What the synchs indicated about Russia and Trump is being exposed each day and the fact that Russia and Comey aided in letting a theif and a liar take over the office of our fathers which he will vacate to the humiliation of the party is becoming more obvious each day.

Here is one of the posts about the synchs leading to reveal Trump
http://www.propheciesonline.com/index.php/topic,57.msg23870.html#msg23870   May 07, 2016

So the family went through the same thing I had years ago and the same manipulation as on the net and the lawyers story about it will be published here soon showing just how blatant the lies were and the synchs with the lawless one that is also shaping up in this country and on the forum. You won't believe what the story reveals but there will be no doubt when the evidence is revealed. It will be as before that every single person finds out their mind was wrong in interpreting.

We need to get everyone on-board with what is really going on to save this country from presumption.
http://www.propheciesonline.com/index.php/topic,57.780.html   January 15, 2016
 As for the grifter  that plaques my family his ability to lie convincingly has upset the whole town and he seems to have many believing though the truth on paper says something very different. The opposite story that he did not steal this money but that we are trying to steal it from them because he legally got it by finding the loophole that mother had put Sharon on the account therefore he tells the story that mother meant her to have it all. The WILL and other documents as well as all our testimony says different but in probate it does not matter as our story is not told unless we sue differently. Therefore he threatens my death because I reveal to those he lied to the truth. So it also is why I was sidelined to this site after so many hits by the SPIRIT because they want to believe a lie as in the synch with this theft/grifter. His abilty to lie outright convincingly keeps everyone at a distance and unless we get a miracle this person who is practiced in this art of deception will get away with it, although an exclusion may  have stopped him from getting the 7332.00 dollars more from the estate which he then lied and said he withdrew the claim to make it look like he is in control. I am willing to send a trusted member the court documents that show all this is true and all my siblings testimony as now they are all on my side though at first they believed otherwise.

Note to FBI and American Security
No. 1 You need to start taking the synchs seriously before more is lost than you can believe.
No. 2 Todays Stats show another increase in Russian hits on this site

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