Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Alabama and the predicted GOP humiliation

The prediction of the GOP humiliation
Orange is coming leaders lead astray and the GOP Humiliation

DNATREE: Earthquake, Leaders Lead Astray, Stuck, Redemption ...

Be it unto you according to how you believe. I seemed perfect as a Christian in that I was the most NON-JUDGING person because I knew that I was not perfect in thought. I sought for many years and found the SPIRIT through Synchronicity and then I learned more and more from SPIRIT but came to understand that I could not make myself good, I needed YOU/SPIRIT through Jesus to reach me to the heart. I needed to do as was shown in the bible and not just act like a Christian. So when saw that I could not do it, I cried out to YOU as I now knew YOU existed through the synchs and said "YOU are going to have to do it through me". I let go of my own INTERPRETATION of righteousness and began to grow in SPIRIT. I found that the synchs were greatest in clarity with great passion to know YOU SPIRIT and the problem that I had as a male I saw the SPIRIT did not fix but what I learned through it was amazing. But I knew that YOU would reach me to the heart somehow and then I would know what YOU went through. Never could I have known that it was what each of us go through in our daily lives that "HIS NAMESAKE" hd experienced until I despite fully used by someone pretending to understand me and going along with me until they set things up so that I would be reached to the heart and their own problem with men was made clear. Years later when the SPIRIT brought the person I was to share life with and the process of passion and love reached her and we both "knew each other" as Abraham was said to KNOW SARAH. So it was that trust and understanding grew even though we were both wild hearted and learned from our experiences rather than using them against each other. The woman that lies for profit did the same thing as he did but without true intention of heart to know SPIRIT.

Back to the GOP, you see they have been judged because they judge, because they believe an interpretation but never knew the SPIRIT. Oh the residual of what really happened to the followers of Jesus and the Shame and Humiliation of being MIS-CONSTRUED and cast out and used and judged for being "I am that I am" was the whole experience. Not without SPIRIT's leading. This cannot be shortcut. And the problem is when you begin to reveal what the SPIRIT taught you through that experience. I wanted my own to experience it with me, thus the Dutch thing and the prediction of Trump and the bare faced lying. I did not want that person that I had loved to come back and further the same pain and manipulation I had before because I was setup over and over. Not that I was not wild hearted just like the one that played like they were not for money. But it all came out in court and in the aquital of the setup plan they had and it is all a matter of public record. I wanted to protect that person from all this but they played like they were someone else I supposedly knew by saying they were a person from California and giving a pic of the back of a person I never knew. So that they could manipulate without me knowing who they really were and get the group to follow things that "well the public is misunderstands the real intentions of the heart in a man and will always judge them according to an interpretation that makes it so that those judging will have no place in the flesh because of their shame." Anyway, through that misunderstanding and lies the public followed a lie and I could not reach You as I had dreamed though all the miracles and synchs occurred. The interpretation of the bible also became a deluding influence so that WITHOUT THE SPIRIT everyone would follow a lie. Because the interpretation is an idol and the "truth" only comes by being led over a lifetime to know SPIRIT. Well this makes the least of them who the "right people" such as in Alabama Republicans to judge and even hate the least of them and treat as though it was murder to love and touch a person. For such as the time Roy Moore was with a young lady that older ladies had interpret-ted was wrong yet in the past was normal he and the girl knew it was ok, though he then went on to judge himself by believing the interpretation idol and lifting up what was not really in his heart as true. Because like "those who enter through the wide gate" they all interpret without being led by SPIRIT and if they were led by SPIRIT they would be hated above all men, and they would even be imprisoned by those who love interpretation.

Anyway, the GOP Humiliation is meant to reach all of them to the heart.

Stop the shame that causes you to judge love and the passion that is misplaced and misunderstood and despite-fully used by whores and return love to the sandbox where we can learn the true intentions of the heart and draw the right people to ourselves according to our dream given without shame to SPIRIT. All are guilty by this shame but only those who hide it best in their hearts have been able to kill the son of man over and over again. GOP should be judged according to their hypocrisy having never known the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus.

First of all let me say, I did not bring all this, I predicted what you were drawing to yourselves as I interacted with You and SPIRIT. In order to reach your heart it must be broken first therefore the separation especially of Men and Women in this country is drawing an Orange Cloud.

DNATREE: 20 yrs could not reach America, therefore your hearts will ...

DNATREE: Kaboom Orange Cloud synch and the Trump Orange synchs

DISCLAIMER: I am not saying to follow my experience. Let no one use me as an excuse. But rather I reveal the SPIRIT which is the smallest of points overlooked. And that the interpretation without the SPIRIT will lead to never knowing ME/SPIRIT. Christianity was drinking this cup, allowing the SPIRIT to reach your heart in the way Your life intended. Without SPIRIT/LOVE you are nothing. Without actual experience with SPIRIT you cannot love others, love is loving YOU/
SPIRIT and when it is real, you love SPIRIT through each person.
Because of what they would not allow in the law/letter those loving interpretation had to be given a deluding influence but if they followed it with true intent it would have led all to experience what Jesus and all the prophets did. The same problem between YOU and I in the garden. Yes, Jesus experienced a woman on his head. But he had to say about the one coming that unless he first comes Jesus could not return. Because they are related. That is why what I say will not reach but few compared to these leaders.

Everyone that Judges according to the interpretation especially to despite-fully use it against someone with true intent, they will be judged themselves, and everyone that wants to punish will be punished. Without SPIRIT you judge and punish yourself. But you must be willing to be reached to the heart to know the SPIRIT through Jesus. You must drink this cup that he drank.

True intention of heart toward a person that has a broken heart rather than using it as an opportunity to shame them.

If women always misunderstand and reject and deny you or despite-fully use you for money or men are always using you and do not have true intention of heart.  Turn your attention to SPIRIT and forget women  and men and SHE/HE/LIFE will fulfill the desires of your heart as a glove fits a hand.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Monuments Men. Trump and Hitler

Today's synch is in Monuments Men. Trump and Hitler

You can wipe out an entire generation, you can burn their homes to the ground and somehow they'll still find their way back. But if you destroy their history, you destroy their achievements and it's as if they never existed.

Nothing can be more obvious than what Trump is trying to do to Obama and the Left. But I already know how all this turns out because of the smallest of points overlooked. And it will be all who gather under this hat that will be forgotten. Especially those voting in Alabama condemning themselves because of what they say they believe yet they vote according to their hate.

Edit to add:It would be a far greater use of money to take the cost of one nuclear bomb and fill the ghost ships with food and send them to many areas of North Korea where the people are starving because of the "blockade".


A man can have complete true intention of heart and one liar can say anything and they don't care about the truth they DESIRE to believe what itches their ears the way they want it itched. Many are gathering under hats they think look safe but the TABLES WILL TURN and the smallest of points overlooked such as the ability of the HARLOT OF BABYLON to lie for money and what is visible is NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT IS HIDDEN. Without the SPIRIT they all condemn themselves. A man is to lay down his life for the wife that has true intention of heart toward him and SPIRIT, but let the heart of the betrayer be revealed. For a woman that does the exact same thing as a man yet without the true intention of heart to know SPIRIT is looking for another sort of gain. Like what is calling itself Christians for Roy Moore. She is  that whore because she is voting against her own beliefs.

Sure, a wild hearted man is easily condemned but when they find out the what they have overlooked. The least of them will be greater than any that desire to believe a lie over what the SPIRIT has revealed. Sure the letter condemns everyone to death, but the SPIRIT is able to reveal the smallest of points overlooked that changes everything and renders all the interpretations which men and women worship meaningless.


It's a simple life, I go out in the cold and collect sticks for kindling for the pot bellied stove each morning. I gave up money back in 1993 when I realized the kind of vermin that was attracted to it. I like creating what I need for subsistence but those in my life now give as much as they get and they are not just on the planet to get a handout from welfare or manipulate like a whore. Money is about to be crammed up money's ass like what is happening with powerful men, and then the whores that secretly have sought their whole life will be revealed each one of them by what they thought was hidden beyond the ability of sight. Like the church that is actually the snake and the woman believing they knew Jesus,, whoring themselves for money right now like in the Alabama Election. While hidden in plain view was the Jesus they really never knew and would crucify all over again. After all, what did Jesus do with his testosterone? The men siding with women on their interpretation of virtue are actually hiding thoughts that the women would condemn every man on this planet for, because neither they nor the men ever knew the true intentions of their wild hearts. 

The men and the women involved in the fight over being "touched" by love are both equally complicate as I also was before my heart was broken. But if you loose your life for the SPIRIT's sake you find it, but if you loose your life fighting with an equally minded money monger you both are destined for hell.

Therefore, because of the great fire/separation and hate it is better to draw such a catastrophe that will reach all these money lovers to the heart and show them their true intent is meaningless compared to what is real.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Why the least of the brethren will be greatest/sex/men/women

See what was posted over the last 20yrs before disregarding this
it is the smallest of points overlooked by everyone
related to the predicted Humiliation 

So those that know the synchs with SPIRIT will know that I have been having a synch with "Lead us not into temptation, EXCEPT for the purpose of delivering us from EVIL" and that to follow a man's interpretation such as all in religion without letting the SPIRIT lead is worthless. As I have said before I found through much true intention of heart toward SPIRIT that I was not to try to keep the law and what was written in the book but that YOU/SPIRIT would do through me what needed to be done. And just like David on the roof and Bathsheba, and the Song Hallelujah I found that going through that humiliation and pain and experiencing a broken heart that it was not the woman that did this to me but SHE/LIFE/SPIRIT. It was YOU/SPIRIT that did this to me in order to reach me to the heart. But this is only the beginning because the true message of Jesus that caused you to be hated above all men and even led to be killed all through history was the true intention of heart for YOU/GOD through YOUR namesake to make me what I am meant to be. They will follow a lie and lift up the interpretation that was whitewashed of everything related to the true meaning "The SPIRIT through" Jesus was saying about humiliation, being hated, and even killed because they demand you  worship their interpretation and the snake, being a man that wants to impress women, does not reveal the true intentions he hides in his heart when he looks upon a woman, caused by testosterone. No the snake even helps the woman that has no idea of the true intentions of the heart of a man to shame and blame that man while she herself never knew the  SPIRIT and PRESUMPTUOUSLY speaks what she cannot understand. The story of Jesus was one that if women really knew what he was speaking of relative to him saying "if you are ashamed of my words, then I will be ashamed of you before my father."  You see for anyone to see what is hidden in plain sight in what is called scripture they would be hated.

Let's look at this another way, the deluding influence that even the elect could be deceived is when the whole world follows after a lie. What if it is this interpretation of men that is pervaiding the news at this moment. As though Jesus never had the influence of testosterone. It will come to be that this is presumptuous people lifting up their interpretation above the SPIRIT just as the sign of the Pope doing at this moment. I tell you it is because of what was hidden and the books that were burned in Rome that Jesus said "The greatest is the least among you, and the last will be first, and first will be last.

Anyone other than those consumed by self rightness and hate at this moment could read the account leading to this moment that created everything that is happening right now. Once you see for yourself what the SPIRIT has done it will and look with true intent instead of hate for men, you will see what has been hidden in plain sight that could not be seen without the SPIRIT's leading. The poetry of 6 yrs living alone in 1993 with a broken heart when put to understanding the real meaning of SPIRIT through Jesus related to sex and love will now speak.  You never knew me!

You will be hated above all men
http://www.stephentree.com/lowest/ The End of the Presumptuous woman Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2011
For all those even women that lift up their interpretation without the SPIRIT leading them to first "Loose their lives" are liars and thieves and their judgement will be their own.
Wild Hearts can't be broken posted 2001. Then learn from SPIRIT not to look upon a woman but to
have perfect wild hearted romance with SPIRIT where the dreamer and the dream are perfect such as the dream of the New Jerusalem coming down as a bride prepared. When HE and SHE meet, they know it is right!!!!!!
Desolation is Assured,, because of the separation in America between Men and Women
Passion necessary for Clarity of synchronicity

Thursday, December 07, 2017

You never knew me

Jesus said
If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters--yes, even their own life--such a person cannot be my disciple.

It was also spoken of the woman that would be on his head,, you know that beast. That can't be Jesus, because of the interpretation worshiped by the snake and the woman.

Oh, and the humiliation obviously the same humiliation that all men experience related to sex.

I tell you truly, unless it was hidden it would have been the destroyed and never revealed.

All of the sayings were meant to reveal why "you will be hated above all men for my names sake". But the interpretation amazingly interprets that away.

The humiliation of the cross and the women he spoke to on the way to his death. The woman and the well and the relationships. Unless the SPIRIT leads you into all truth you could never know the true intentions of the heart of all those prophets. And the separation that stared in the garden.

What else did Jesus say that reminds me of the path of SPIRIT. 

Do not worship women, but rather turn attention to SPIRIT who can make perfect the hand and the glove. But if with your eyes you seek to find her she will pierce your eyes out and lead you bound and naked up between the two pillars which are the believe that "YOU" and "I" are separate. That makes one believe they are right and the other wrong when all are going to die from the SEPARATION that leads to DESOLATION. They think they are shaming you when it will be both shamed because they never knew the true SPIRIT and because secretly they hate him in their heart.

Now those that worship the letter have overlooked the SMALLEST OF POINTS, that the devil entered in and planted tares that grew alongside the wheat in the book and all these have followed a deluding influence because they did not heed that it was the SPIRIT which will lead you into all truth. 

Monday, December 04, 2017

The synch with "A series of unfortunate events" has returned

The synch with "A series of unfortunate events" has returned but though my own first experienced it now I fear it is to be my country. Because words would not reach You.

Marcel Proust — 'Happiness is beneficial for the body, but it is grief that develops the powers of the mind.'

Loosing someone you loved (even if it turned out they were not whom you thought) is very powerful to reach to the heart, perhaps this is ONE reason why without love you are nothing.

My synch today with

somewhere over the rainbow troubles melt like lemon drops because of a synch with Lemon Drops in Lodi California and how fragrance led me to the essence I was seeking.

Muddy Pond

Having a synch with the plan changing like with the Giraffe as we had gone to find fuel for the wood stove and ended up going to a place called Muddy Pond. There I noticed a 4 ft tall giraffe. We had a blast with the Mennonites there and the bakery. But the outcome exceeds the plan as in the Giraffe story.

Pam was so happy to be JOLTED into JOY by LOOSING ourselves in the MOMENT
We decided to go to the Sacramento Zoo, but knew that we were just heading that direction. On the way we had a synch about seeing the Giraffes and sure enough as we drove by to park the Giraffes were all at the fence looking at us. But when we got to the gate they said they were going to have a Halloween party and they would close early, this would give us only about an hour. We both realized we didn't want to go in but that we wanted to go find the Spirit in the area. We took off and sure enough began to have wonderful experiences along the way. Walking the parks "looking for YOU/my life" we took pictures of the trees and then found this tiny meditation park with a fountain at the Pumping Station. We found it to be the perfect sanctuary to feel and dream what we needed to.Pam and the First Leaf to evolve (leaf and healing) Pam's single leaf video

Wonderful experiences of late on the farm and with the people we are meeting. Finding how to get in sanctuary here and Pam and I are loving it.

Best of luck to everyone on the forums and I know you don't know what you are doing as I don't either but the SPIRIT is able where with humans it is impossible. 

 Now it is at an impasse like North Korea and the West and only a miracle can save them both from each other's fears. Marriage overlooks what happens when a man having to stay there tries to comfort an angry woman, he becomes the problem.
When I put out "help", YOU said "ALWAYS" and "EVERY DAY" and yes, YOU ARE ABLE.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Small Change to say the least

It's a small change to say the least, Just like Beauty and the Beast

The realization of the SPIRIT speaking through Jesus allows us to continue with our lives as a Christian nation or whatever we are doing but hearing the SPIRIT as the one speaking through Jesus. This smallest of points overlooked changes everything and directs our attention/worship toward who it really is speaking rather than the IDOL of interpretation. A SMALL SHIFT changes everything and the synchronicity of our lives becomes real as the SPIRIT intended.

Today's horoscope said

A certain person might appear more supportive or cooperative now than they have been recently. However, rather than be suspicious, try to accept that they might have had a moment of clarity regarding a point you've been trying to make. Even if you sense they're choosing a path of least resistance to suit them, 

I don't know what I am doing, but I speak what the father speaks, and I do what the father does

This Pain and this love was the original intent of this life between YOU and I.

Was love the pain that started all this,

JOIN ME! There really is only YOU and I, Let's be two doves on a branch crying.

 As posted in 2001
The father speaks through this father saying
Let go of the veil of interpretation given you by those that never knew me

Rainbow on Dec 1st Over the Edge

If you will believe in the SPIRIT he has promised "I will catch You"

But I never wanted to be with you, but to reach you

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Smallest of points

Do you lift up your interpretation above the SPIRIT?  See Men/Women Separation and Desolation
I am not condoning anything, I am revealing the smallest of points overlooked that leads to love.

Go away all who have shame and blame, this is for all those you reject and the SPIRIT
you misunderstand.

Yes these men are wrong because they did not believe the SPIRIT was able to lead them through the
wild hearted passion that they feel and because of not knowing for sure (a fragrance of fear exists) that draws the SPIRIT through "a person" to reach them to the heart. (That is why Jesus spoke to women that had more than one attempt at finding love. Like the woman at the well, I was seeking for things that could not satisfy) Such is happening to all these (celebrities) that are loosing their lives. But then women too who also fear their dream may not be perfect, draw to themselves by the fragrance of their hearts and when your heart is broken it is love that causes you
to follow and wait on the SPIRIT. It is the SPIRIT that washes your heart to know a thing is right,, and not that person then you can say blessed is HE/SHE SPIRIT that nails me to this tree. But if you are angered then I want that anger to consume you and you draw to your self according to what punishment you want for others. In other words I want your hearts broken, everyone that lifts "Their" interpretation above the SPIRIT and especially leaders.

The point that makes everyone wrong and worthy of death (both men and women)
is the fact that you did not get your idol/interpretation from SPIRIT no matter what
scripture you interpreted.

Don't even read this if you believe your interpretation about men and women
and sex more than you love him or her, your lover. (Every sex act sounds sinful to
the shameful, except for two who are in love. not an interpretation you love
more than you love each other. But if you will believe it is the SPIRIT
What you must learn cannot be learned except from SPIRIT.
Yes you can hear about it but it cannot be written on your heart in such a fashion
 that you too will know it is true because life led you to it.
The fact that every single person found out they
were wrong when the SPIRIT revealed the hurricanes and many other things.
The fact is that if you dream it a glove is made for the hand, or there is a
perfect fit out there for your dream. But there are those that cannot accept
what they have not been led to understand. And if you believe something, you
draw that to you, like the fragrance of the heart. Now what does this have to
do with every single person being wrong about shame and blame and sex? The
fact is that if you love that interpretation about shame and blame more than
you love each other because it makes you feel right, or better, or more right
than the one you are manipulating. Whatever reason the truth that life will
send home to the heart is that you did not get that idol/belief from the SPIRIT.
And right now it may be making you feel rightious in the humiliation and those
men loosing their lives.. just with an accusation when even murder waits for a
trial. Why is this one thing so powerful, and why does it lift itself up above
the SPIRIT. Why to reach everyone to the heart. But there is a veil over all your
eyes and that will be what is lifted first but it is not a man that will teach
but the SPIRIT himself will reach you to the heart.

Can you imagine if men and women came to realise the smallest of points they
have overlooked which changes the whole equation and renders all these interpretations
meaningless. Watch because it will not be a person that will reveal this to you
but the SPIRIT.

First Men are wrong because they did not believe the SPIRIT was able to lead them through the
wild hearted passion that they feel and because of not knowing for sure a fragrance of fear exists that draw the SPIRIT through a person to reach them to the heart. (That is why Jesus spoke to women that had more than one attempt at finding love. Such is happening to all these that are loosing their lives. But then women too who also fear their dream may not be perfect, draw to themselves by the fragrance of their hearts and when your heart is broken it is love that causes you
to follow and wait on the SPIRIT.