Monday, January 16, 2017


it seems odd that it is spoken of how wonderful a good relationship with Russia would be (though it would be if it were in truth) while denigrating the relationship with Mexico and China who we are doing more business with everyday? And how those that go with anything they say totally overlook this? ??? There is an obvious reason for this that may not be putting the interests of the States first it seems. The present path feels as though it is rash and overlooking things that could lead to a great humiliation for those blindly following this path.


Sunday, January 15, 2017

"elective ignorance has been used to pull off a coup"

"elective ignorance has been used to pull off a coup" Dnatree'Dove


It is right there in plain sight what is actually going on


If you want to hide a pebble find a beach

Sunday, January 01, 2017

More on the synch with Leaders lead astray /impassable way

Many of you might remember the synch I had with Dutch and my own family and before Trump ever entered the race I indicated the same nature would be in politics as I had witnessed against my family having their inheritance stolen and plans for so much more that would have happened if I did not get my family together on the synchs and what they were saying. In the end we overcame the threat but lost a lot on the way. Many in my family were "led astray" by this "confidence man" for a time but found they were "tricked" and joined together to intend it turn around which it did by the SPIRIT's word.

Anyway on Dec 31st regarding what is not being told to us but is being said in a manner of speaking as through the Washington Post

Washington Post raises 'darker suspicions' about Trump's Russia stance
 - 12/31/16 12:21 PM EST

"Why is Mr. Trump so dismissive of Russia’s dangerous behavior? Some say it is his lack of experience in foreign policy, or an oft-stated admiration for strongmen, or naivete about Russian intentions. But darker suspicions persist."

The editorial concluded by connecting the president-elect's "odd behavior" toward Russia with his lack of transparency when it comes to his business empire.

"Are there loans or deals with Russian businesses or the state that were concealed during the campaign? Are there hidden communications with Mr. Putin or his representatives?" The newspaper speculated.

"We would be thrilled to see all the doubts dispelled, but Mr. Trump’s odd behavior in the face of a clear threat from Russia, matched by Mr. Putin’s evident enthusiasm for the president-elect, cannot be easily explained."

See also http://www.newyorker.com/science/maria-konnikova/donald-trump-con-artist

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Earthquake, Leaders Lead Astray, Stuck, Redemption,,,Impassable way

Intention here for everyone to have the gift of synchronicity noticed in their lives. Even to those against me!

August 9th 2011 Just weeks before Hurricane Irene the PRESUMPTION Hurricane on Aug 26th this was posted 

Scarlet wrote August 9th 2011

Aug 26th begins a great loss, but I don't know about whether that is the Vatican, more like all the lies coming to a head about the thieves that have sold America and or Christianity for 30 pieces of silver. I feel a great sting related to this date. But a great moment that something real fill that emptiness that will exist.

Don't let them cover what happened here!

Get ready for reality to change (A Christmas Gift)

Synchs from the Impassable way/Stuck/

When I was young I would try to take a shortcut home after getting lost in the wilderness and invariably I would find myself stuck in a thicket (in the impassable way) It was from this experience that I learned the way that seems right to a man but in the end it leads to destruction.

So it is that there is coming a time when all the wisdom of man will be revealed to have overlooked something and they will be caught in a net/thicket/impassable way and all would have been lost except that we learn from the experience of those who went before us.


Time Travel and "Emotions Travel"

Original post on Propheciesonline http://www.propheciesonline.com/index.php/topic,3511.msg25343.html#msg25343

Ok, I am having synchs in line with yours Mairin

Pam and I have been bingeing on Travelers and now we are watching Timeless and realise the connection and then I thought about your

Dual coupling
Bio magnetics?

Healing? Time Travel for me

I believe reality is about to be changed from what it was going to be soon.

My obsession with "Somewhere in Time"
Written in picture of Victorian woman "Olympic Event"
The Inner chamber seemed to be a memorial to the movie "Somewhere in
Time" Where he finds his love by traveling back in time.

I had put much energy in the synchronicity of the movie back in 1994.
in order to Reach You at the perfect moment.


Story of experience in Bridgeport on Aug 2nd about the

I was in the restaurant having wonderful experiences with the owners as
they too knew of the movie "Somewhere in Time" and I had related my
passion to reach You. As we spoke and they wrote down the website a
song came on that I wrote these words down from.

Tell me "How" to reach your heart, because I have not got a clue, but
let me start by saying "I love You".

I left the restaurant next to the Victorian Inn while my roommate slept
in and I went for a walk. On the fence was the "Fat Tire" bicycle add
that read "Give it a ride"
I read "Give it (your heart) a ride"
Get ready for the wild ride!

I then wrote down "Emotion Travels"

I walked about a block and this lady rode by on a bike and this other
lady was turning left and peeked around the corner. Because the girl on
the bike was carrying an anger with her she got very angry as she
misinterpreted the lady trying to turn left and she made a big deal
out of going around the lady. I followed her down a short distance
where I asked her how her day was going. She indicated that she was
angry because she had to leave (exodus) her place she was leaving on
short notice. She then also went on to tell me all the evils of others
that she had encountered lately. I then remembered where I had told my
roommate that a spirit like that was like a rock caught in my bike tire
that went round and round. So when I speak of the wild ride I was
talking about the very emotional experiences that all of us CARRY with
us. (Cross we bear)
Later I met Judy (on the bike) again because she was the maid cleaning the
room in the Victorian Inn.

Get Ready for the Wild Ride!!!!!!

Oh,, I had never heard of Festivus until I read it here and then it came on tv the very next moment after reading here.

August 9th 2011 Just weeks before Hurricane Irene the PRESUMPTION Hurricane on Aug 26th this was posted 
Scarlet wrote August 9th 2011

Aug 26th begins a great loss, but I don't know about whether that is the Vatican, more like all the lies coming to a head about the thieves that have sold America and or Christianity for 30 pieces of silver. I feel a great sting related to this date. But a great moment that something real fill that emptiness that will exist.

Don't let them cover what happened here!

Get ready for reality to change (A Christmas Gift)

Friday, December 23, 2016

Orange is Coming synch and Americans feeling safe?

Orange is Coming
See how these two predictions from years ago are beginning to take shape


Pam and I were watching a recap of 2016 and the synch was so clear this morning.

Marco Rubio said he will not make America great again,
He's going to make America Orange
Also he said he would not let a "Con Artist"

Will you feel Safe?

Trump calls for more nukes in tweet message today

Friday, December 16, 2016

The JOLT that will reveal "They Followed a Lie"

Earthquake, Leaders Lead Astray, Stuck, Redemption,,,Impassable Way

What a wild adventure I had and it feels like it spells out many synchs of late as illustrated in the title. I really had a great time through this experience on the edge. The earthquake part is not necessarily an actual earthquake but the MOMENT that You find Yourself in a situation.

This synch starts at the Earthquake Capital a little town called Parkview in the middle of nowhere.

Notice the sign says "Be HERE when it happens" and guess my meaning relative to SPIRIT.
Be HERE when it happens!!!!!!!!!!This means being in the moment with SPIRIT during a crisis.

I wanted to see this place and was passing nearby so I took off to see this little town. When I got there it was raining and I met these folks from Orange county. One of them talked me into following theiir 4x4 over a short cut to Coalinga where I was going. (This is the synch with following a leader that acted as though they knew what they were doing. This person was very nice and was not the problem but helped to spell out the problem with leaders. Some of his family are n the video and You can hear him speaking.) This for some reason made me disregard the sign as I passed that said impassible when wet. I was going along real well until they stopped in front of me and began to slide back. When I tried to go to the side I stopped to tell them that mine was doing well but that I did not want to chance it. Because I stopped the car would not continue and instead slipped into the muddy shoulder.The river of mud since it started raining caused "Scarlet" to get stuck and the mud even caused the serpentine belt to slip off. We were forty miles from nowhere but I felt I was led here to reveal something. The people from Orange county wanted to call a tow truck but I felt that fate had a better way for me and so did my pocketbook. They said they had only one bar on their phone and my metro service of course had none. I let these guys go who led me here and told them that I loved an adventure such as this. I did not know that the serpentine belt was also off. With little focused effort I got the car out of the mud and drove backwards back down to the pavement. That is when I found the serpentine belt off. I took the tire off to figure out how to get it back on but it was too muddy and cold and it started to hail. I felt this meant I should put the tire back on and drive up to where Juan worked on the farm as he said I could use the hose there. After washing it off I found I could not remember how the serpentine belt went back on as it was very difficult. Here is a picture of it. I determined I had to get a diagram but there was no reception except in one spot and with Juan's phone and only one bar. I called a friend Harold who got on the computer and got the diagram while I drew a pic of the different connections he talked me through how they connect starting with the tensioner in the middle. Without that one bar and without that info I would have been camping out there for a while. Everything came together though it was much more on the edge than I can explain here. Anyway after the ordeal I  got back to Parkview and the belt began to fray as it was old and had gotten stretched from the experience. I kept having to stop every few miles to cut off more of the belt that had come loose until I was left with just a thread. I made it all the way to Avenal and got a new belt for 25 dollars at a Mexican parts place. I then got to the place where I fixed five tv's and spent the night. In the morning I washed the car and continued until the belt broke right as I got off at Santa Nella. I had to make a tool to adjust the tensioner so that I could put the belt on by myself as it takes two people. Earlier in my life I would have lost hope finding myself in such a situation but how everything came together was a miracle and illustraits how without the SPIRIT the coming JOLT will cause many to be led astray by leaders saying "follow me" but that we should only put our trust in the SPIRIT and learn all we can to recognize the SPIRIT in the moment. Because of trusting it actually turned out to be an adventure and even a restful experience. I have a video I put together that shows much of the experience except I did not get the hairy parts documented as I was on the edge and did not think to record the communication or the hail etc. But You can see much of the experience from this video.

Here is the video of being in Parkview and the fellow that wanted me to follow his 4x4.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bLAIAKyvbg&feature=youtu.be

Now I would normally not follow someone like this but the SPIRIT wanted to reveal something here also about redemption from such an experience on the edge so it felt right to do so.

This is the main video and I added some of the schematic that was made from my seeing the pulleys and my friend Harold telling me the path of the serpentine belt and showing the farm where I had to do this.

Also to gather all the synchs and meaning from this experience we need to  see the other related synchs. This may be about the coming fiscal cliff and or the way the politicians tell us to follow their advise. Stay in the SPIRIT!!
Our trip to Arcata, Mudslide synchs, and more

The coming CRIME to self of following a leader instead of SPIRIT

Landslide Synch and the coming big fall and recovery for those following SPIRIT

The Impassable Way

Bonneville, the coming Death and Rebirth of our Earth

(This is the synch with following a leader that acted as though they knew what they were doing.

I could not see how the SPIRIT was going to do it and was loosing the passion for this 30yr plus intention as nobody really gave a "S&%t" but I have been getting glimpses in that even though it seemed the opposite there in the beginning that really things are on track for the great EVENT.

Has the whole of the "right" party been led astray toward humiliation?

Did Trump actually have something to do with the Russian hacking? 
Have many followed a con man as the synch with "Dutch" revealed before the election process began?
It is impossible given the intention of the heart of these leaders that they would be for anything except making themselves rich.

In order to help you see how the SPIRIT has worked in the past and see what this is leading up to please read 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Up from the ASHES

I appreciate your post Mairin, 
After 20 years or more at this (Reaching you about SPIRIT) I was particularly down the other day but the SPIRIT "She lifts me out of my situation". The tree has been thrown into the fire but we shall see what the ashes bring.

Today started with my synch about ASHES that began about a week ago with Byrd my dog and the potbelly stove.

This quote came from the movie "Angel in the House"

Up from the ASHES grow the flowers of success.

I am having trouble with finding a new business though I had some success with board sales and repairs here. 

I am needing to get totally present in order to find it as I know it is here.

Anyway the dog has had terrible gas since we got the puppy and we read and laughed when it said charcoal would help. And then I got the stove hooked up and the varmint started eating the ashes and I had to stop him. But he was persistent and sure enough it seemed to fix the problem. "Ashes" was the synch also because of other things that Pam and I noticed. But when this Movie said this it struck a cord, and the movie also was about what I needed.