Sunday, January 30, 2011

What do you think about while watching laundry in the dryer?

I met this guy while doing laundry. He was watching the laundry go around in the machine and I asked him what he thinks about when he watches laundry go around in the dryer.

Here is what happened. This story is also posted on oroborus

I met Steve and Pam in fort bragg at the laundrymat over the weekend. It was cool to talk about interconnectivity. Steve mentioned they had a dead owl photo and I got on to the subject about how I have a job where I get to search for spotted owls. I've been trained to imitate the owls hoots and search for them during the day. The owls think there's a new owl in their territory and so they hoot back and that's how I locate them. Its a really cool experience. The owls are easily approachable and you can get real close to them. We feed them mice to determine reproductive status. By giving mice to the male owl he'll take it and start calling for a female. The female will start making coos and contact calls from a nest structure and the male will deliver the prey to the nest. I have several photos of owls and of a nest structure I'd like to post. Here's the first one


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