Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The growing divide, desolation is inevitable

Don't follow me, follow the Spirit as I know nothing except what the Spirit says TO ME in this moment.

America is like everything that a human that is separated from the self would want in comfort and Things but it is desolation for the planet. Also, they will not be able to be reached so I don't see any other way but that they will die and be BORN AGAIN in the world after it is changed. The purpose of life is not to have everything but to fulfill the intentions between beings that were set into motion in other lives. The law is like a block to fulfillment as it misunderstands the true intentions of the heart. In society which is governed by the interpretations of the Snake and the Women that love that lie, men of course are already seen as coming from behind. That they need to be fixed. But that appears this way because humans live in a world which is the result of the lie of the Snake and Women that uphold and love that lie, therefore men that are propelled to experience and create in a different manner find this INTERPRETATION because of the law as a huge BLOCK that cannot be gotten around without the SPIRIT. Therefore, life is not worth living as it is when You are made to appear as men are and You have to apologize and kiss the ring-toe of the Snake. Desolation is near for this world of humans and most flesh will be effected.

When Pam and I first met the Spirit took us both on this wild hearted passionate baptism to reach her about how my reality works. Each day we took off fresh and the Spirit through the passion of our romance gave us many synchs related to how my reality works. We had seven years that were very delightful but then she needed to find her own way and ended up forgetting most of the experience we shared. Because there was no leader I seemed like I was just there and was doing my thing. The passionate excurtions became less and less and her old lifestyle of classes and socializing began to increase. As the divide increased the social system in America and the media encouraged her at every turn to do it the "right" way which is the best human understanding way rather than through the Spirit in this moment which is the way of the Spirit and the earth. Religion especially and books that arose over time when interpretted other than by the individual through the Spirit always lead to desolation such as when Israel was destroyed in 66ad because they had become an interpretation of writings and not an individual "Israel" that is led by the Spirit. The name Israel means "One man that struggled between man and God and overcame. Soon I appeared to her as though I was not doing what should be done according to society and again I was returned to being that man that did not fit in. Society and the Snake that deceived the Woman at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or right way and wrong way is become the husband. (one which the western woman is really married to and loves above her mate) Women seem to be designed to "Pick up on the interpretation" of the group or family which was a vehicle for helping to bring the two realities together but the Snake hyjacked that and took the role of the husband from him. Now he is the Problem Child that lags behind according to the human perspective, well unless he gives himself over to the system and makes money which fixes everything. This is why men don't seem to fit in the system,, well at least every man that hears from his soul. After the System leads to desolation (don't tell anyone as desolation is the only way and that is why it is written to be interpretted to not follow anyone that arises even if they show what has been overlooked such as the Spirit because THEY cannot be reached) then the Spirit and synchs will rise again in the individual and no one will say to his neighbor to know God or this is the right way as the right way is the way the Spirit tells the individual that follows the Spirit in THIS MOMENT. The fearful were always meant to be destroyed but humans found a way to thwart that by banding together to become strong and then they used this banding together to destroy the Son of Man and Earth and thus their-selves. The Spirit through Jesus knew that this was the intent of the Snake and the Women as when Jesus appeared and said the son of man was going away what he meant was that all the wild hear-ted creatures that resembled humans but did not follow human society were going away. Colonialism was the last stand of the wild heart which being the least of humans according to interpretations of the Snake was replaced by the interpreted meanings of the deluding influence called Christianity. To those that survive what is upon humans and the world after the shock there is this poem.

Pam is a very wonderful person and neither of us could leave at this point without breaking our hearts and I think that she is very much worth this whole experience. But I am loosing myself as she does not understand what is meant by the connection to the Spirit and putting that first. As I stay in this reality I loose more and more of that time I had with the Spirit but I am learning new ways to keep connected in my moments though the world is infringing. She does not understand this, and her memory of experiences that taught this is not real good. The world is bombarding her with interpretations that are contrary to the Spirit as the letter indicates the law and interpretations would. I imagine those that know the system is a lie but do not know how to intend through Spirit would turn and fill that emptyness with things that would not be CONSIDERED good. Because of the inevitability of this the wild heart and Spirit knew that it was going away at the time of Jesus and as was written that the man should love her and be willing to lay down his life for her, but does that mean become as the world is.. I don't think so, but I can see how this would eventually lead to death. And if she did not have true intention of heart and KNOW HIM it would probably lead to him being betrayed by that one that "eats from the same dish". As for trying to reach "this World of humans" as You speak openly they of course will misunderstand and the more time You spend in that world the more You become what that relationship is looking for in the way of the person to blame. I am glad to get back to only my moments with YOU/MY LIFE and let go of that intent. I do post when the synchs indicate but I let the Spirit do it and not perusing to post right now anyway.

The veil of interpretation is what has separated You and I
We should never have believed in shame or blame.
Remember the PAIN in the GARDEN, You chose to live alone and hide yourself behind your tears
and like a veil You have hidden Yourself from me.
Remember the covenant we share, remember we created the sunrise to remind us to always start new. dnatree
"No leader, except the Spirit Speak and You recognize the Spirit should speak authoritative.

The original intent of what was hijacked by the Snake and the Woman that loves that lie is that a man connected with the Spirit could take of through the power of the Spirit and create anything (You are a new Creature) as long as the Spirit creates through him. She then recognizing that Spirit would grow to know him. This was hijacked to make society.

Other synchs
I have a synch with the smallest of things overlooked related to the Shuttle but I have not gotten enough clarity so I did not post this earlier.

Because of liars and those conspiring against me I am posting the conversation with Punky on Facebook as the liars will do ANYTHING. I don't think the owner of the site knows what the mods true intent is on the site and I think they really want to get rid of it.

  • July 8
    Paul Spence

    • I gotta ask You if You know anything about why Oroborusforum is blocking me out? I just don't feel like that would be You.

    • Removed the response from her as it is not needed and she may not want that posted even though it may help to show our mutual intent.

  • July 9
    Paul Spence
    The same thing happened on Prophecies while some members there were painting a picture of me and making it look like I could rebut but that I didn't. I think there is collaboration.

  • 4 hours ago
    Paul Spence

    • Hi, this is just for information purposes should You NOT already be aware of this. At first I could reach any location on the net except Oroborus as it would just say,,, NO DATA SENT FROM SERVER,,, Then my password was changed, each time I went to change it back it would say password wrong.,, Now it takes me directly to Djbradanderston.com one second after reaching Oroborus and the website says "inqure about this domain name". This is just for information should You NOT be aware of this. Thanks Punky

      I also told them that I would not post until a great event such as expected in Aug.

        • Her response removed to protect her.

      • 4 hours ago
        Paul Spence

        • It is http://gcp.djbradanderson.com/?index=yes&noText and it is easily gotten there if you go to Oroborus forum as Momluvsducks is also having this problem. I am just very happy that You are not connected to trying to block users as SOMEONE is and it started the moment I posted again and the mods blew up at me.

          Paul Spence

          • Thanks (name of board owner) as that tells me everything I needed to know. This also happened at proph when I was booted but of course I posted that I was banning myself and the presumptuous post of course was misunderstood by everyone that was looking to get rid of me. Oh, well it will all come around. Glad You are ok

          • Little update, now posting as a guest has been removed also, meaning that whoever it is, is inside and intent on stopping me from saying anything as now I cannot log in as to ask for a new password does not work specifically for me.

            Note time is 2:25pm wed July 13th (Freedom of Speech is not true, only if it agrees with the Snake and the Women that love that lie)


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