Friday, July 15, 2011

I guess I irritated a Big Snake

I guess the synchs have irritated a big snake some where as they have changed to indicate that. I guess I did step on a pretty big snake, hmmmm green one.

So yesterday I had the light and shadow experience

Last night we watched a foreign film called Of Gods and Men which really showed the moment of faith and the shadow of death by the snakes that they had to deal with. One part in particular as they knew they were in deep kimpchee with the self right on both side as the terrorists were bad but the Government was also corrupt. Anyway one of their experiences right before a LAST SUPPER kind of experience was

For YOU the Shadows are NOT Shadows
And the Night as Clear as the day

Another synch with this movie was the conversation between the villagers and the monks. When the monks were thinking about leaving they talked about how they were just a branch of the community. And the villagers said if you are the branch we are the birds on that branch and if You go we all will perish. This is of course another synch with my earlier blogs.

Yesterday I was emailed by a friend who wanted me to connect with another friend which I did on Facebook and I remembered the animal synchs that we all shared before the group was broken up by some that seemed to be Jealous. But what happened though it was squashed revealed something about how humans are really to relate through the Spirit. And lately I have had synchs with the problem with words and communication over the use of the Spirit is that only the ones the words are intended for get to them in Spirit and the rest do not get them so the snake could not use them or the power of those words not intended for them. Another argument to do away with language and perfect Spiritual Communion.

I also met and talked to George and talked about the Shadow synch with him. Now he had just lost his wife and was 92 believe it or not and was unbelievably spry. He thanks God each morning for another day. I do this too, but now feel I have an added reason as I have probably angered a snake with my synchs. Would they rather that day come and all humans find all interpretation is wrong, and none can enter through without what is real?

Every incident in Scripture shows human law and leaders misunderstanding and trying to punish someone and what has overcome the world steps in and it does not happen and they find they had to serve or turn toward the Spirit on these occassions. From Daniel in the lions Den to Jesus on the cross it was the people and law that convicted them but the Spirit that overcame that.


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