Thursday, July 14, 2011


I have some videos of my walk at the Bird Sanctuary yesterday. I jumped a mile high as when I got too emotional about the snake and the Woman I STEPPED SQUARE ON A LARGE SNAKE AND I JUMPED CLEAR UP IN THE AIR. It was green and about four feet long. I also found this green cat's eye marble on the levee two days ago while walking on the levee with Pam. I have a video just after it happened and it is really poetry for what is happening right now. I will post the video's later to this blog.

Men, they cannot help themselves, they are driven to please "Her", but women as a whole are really like an enemy that set's themselves against him to bind him and take what is His inheritance.

Some things must only be diserned by the Spirit as the Snake and the Woman will not allow what they cannot explain away.

Through the Spirit You can keep all that has been created through humans and life, without the Spirit even what You believe You possess (life, children, interpretation, home, food) is to be taken from You. Through the Spirit You can have it all and stay in tune (synchronicity) with the Spirit. Without the Spirit humans cannot proceed, and all that they possess will be taken from them and given to those that remain.

Women don't nurture the Spirit in a man, but "SHE, MY LIFE" does. Does Her sanctuary add to or take You away from the Spirit. Therefore the Spirit is least inside a building or a home.

I just remembered another video I will post later that occured right after stepping on the snake where I called Pam and was not completely in the conversation with her and she asked me why and I said that "My eye had been opened by the event with the Snake and that I was half keeping the eye open as I walked." LOL

More on the Snake and the Eye Opening Experience


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