Saturday, July 16, 2011

Perfect synchronicity without Preparedness, how to accept what is coming

Last night was a beautiful example of not needing to prepare for anything but rather being present in the moment and EXACTLY what is needed.

My partner Pam and I were on our way to Reno on business and began to have transmission problems. We pulled into an Auto Parts Place and learned that we needed to use AT4 fluid and needed to drain the fluid we had in there. I needed to understand and trust the info that came to me and as I walked to the checkout I recognized a woman in line as the Store owner of the Circle Seven next to our home four years earlier but we were almost one hundred miles from home. She said that when they sold the store they moved to Auburn Ca and bought the Aamco Service Center there. WOW what a synchronicity this is. Well they were on their way to the office to get a number and would like us to follow them and they would run the computer on the Dodge Caliber we have. I learned everything I needed to know exactly in the moment we needed it. We gave them our card about my writings of COINCIDENCE and had a wonderful talk before leaving.

This experience highlights how we do not have to prepare, but rather be always in the moment with the Spirit and to live passionately expecting the return of the Spirit which is not like religion teaches but how experience teaches.

Here are the pics we took last night and asked if we could write this story as "that is what I do".

Resized to 89% (was 720 x 540) - Click image to enlargePosted Image


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