Saturday, August 27, 2011

shift the hurt away from herself

A grand father told me a story about a weekend with his son's and grandchildren and when he returned the grandchildren to his daughter they started to act up with her and then he mentioned that maybe she could use some help with the kids and she blew up at him. He wanted to know how I would handle not getting angry back and what popped into my mind helped me also to remember to let go of it because you cannot create anything better from that energy, rather when you find yourself in sanctuary alone and having a wonderful time with your moments, so much so that your moments reflect the very thoughts that are on your heart from that WONDERFUL POINT, and then having those previous "true intentions of the heart" to love her to just share with her as though she was there with You, loving her, through Romance in Spirit alone as having romance at a table with candlelight, revealing those deep intentions.

We then found out she was Jealous and that making him feel bad was not the intention but to shift the hurt away from herself because she felt she had failed.

Tonight I feel also I need to say that in the flesh, all of us need to feel that we have failed since the flesh was never meant to be right or figure it out, and that such a feeling of getting lost and well realizing You put yourself there just as the Spirit through Jesus said "You do not do this to me, but I lay my life down of my own accord" also meaning "I created this and seeing how I did it I now know through the Spirit I can rise back up is a great empowerment to the Spirit because it writes on the heart that You Need To Be Open To Every Word That The Spirit Tells You." And learning to pay attention to what the Spirit is saying and not the person (even Jesus) clarifies so much especially when those that don't do this and follow the letter of the book and believe it is the person Jesus and not the Spirit through the words read that You were to follow.

I also feel a synch with this story and I will post more things about this post in the morning as it is midnight and I need to get up early.


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