Saturday, August 27, 2011

Submit in love like a child desires to please

Submit in love like a child desires to please.

No leader, except the Spirit that IS LOVE

What does the Spirit ask of You except that You have true intention of heart to learn from your moments

Before the law, a child fulfilled the intentions of the law naturally by seeing what the parents did and loving them. The child copies the mother, but once the Spirit is formed and he becomes a man he no longer COPIES anyone, but sees what the Spirit/father does and through love he learns to recognize “even to the fragrance” his life. A woman was designed to recognise a mutual dream and nurture it. (this nurturing has been hijacked by interpretations of the snake just like in the garden)

A man that has given his all to the Spirit does not follow the Spirit as a law but his love for that truth keeps him treasuring his moments and with true intention of heart he fulfills the intentions of the Spirit, or rather he allows the Spirit to fulfill them through him. The organizing principle of the Spirit works through the passion and intention of love. You, like a child, let go of your OWN UNDERSTANDING, and always aware of what would be overlooked You are always OPEN in the moment to the Spirit’s organizing principle. The law is powerless to organize in a loving manner but rather leads to jealousies, and inadequacies, but the intention to love the Spirit and those around you through the Spirit leads to mutual fulfillment. You cannot have two masters, so you cannot have a leader as the Spirit is one master and a leader would be confusion or distraction from the one. In a marriage, though marriage is not of flesh (meaning, you do not marry the Spirit creates relationship undefined by interpretation) a form of marriage happens when two love the Spirit as that mutual love also drew them together. It has to start with this foundation of Spirit and if you do not believe in Spirit then being an unbeliever will lead to death as You cannot please what IS real without believing it is real and seeking to know the Spirit with ALL YOUR HEART. This was the only two laws that You love the SPIRIT with all your heart and that You love and understand others as you Love and Understand yourself. The law and interpretation are the failure of language and the stumbling block of human understanding. Without words like our brothers and sisters in nature we would not be so veiled. For this reason the Spirit HAS TO BE MADE FIRST AND THE MIND SUBMISSIVE IN LOVE. The mind does not follow the Spirit as a law and does not try to change the patterns through effort but by always being attentive and intentional toward the Spirit. The law is condemnation, but in the Spirit there IS NO CONDEMNATION, as we walk according to the Spirit, it is when we forget the Spirit that we loose our way, but even loosing our way is a fundamental part of finding it again. The person that is veiled by interpretation and law in a home will be a thorn to the family. But the person that is showing fruit from knowing the Spirit should be a light to the rest of them. Mutual intention will form around that lover and work through them. Submit in love, not according to interpretation but according to what forms naturally. To make it law or interpretation is to hold on to tightly, so like the song says hold on loosely but don’t let go of love through the Spirit.

There is only YOU and I

This is why I have said for so long that there is only YOU and I

For a man alone in the Wilderness this is where he learns this best. And through his broken heart due to loneliness he does not pick a friend, he draws his life to him.

In the beginning I was called Adam

Which means earth

I was alone, and like a dream YOU came out from me

In my loneliness, in my bewilderness

Through this broken heart YOU came.

This SHE is life that he first draws

With her he cannot create anything

She is not a person but is reflected through experience with a woman

SHE is my life

SHE is my WIFE

SHE came out from me in the beginning, (just like SHE did in this life as I grew to know YOU, SHE came down like a new Jerusalem)

WE were one in the beginning

SHE is my dream and I am the dreamer

Now SHE comes to me in many forms

And it is like poetry, like synchronicity

And when HE and SHE meet they know it is right

They dance like waves on an ocean of romance.

This is the poetry of MY LIFE

To make it interpretation is to misunderstand

But to see it as what the Spirit did for Me and then through growing in the Spirit You create your own poetry of how life works as You are a NEW CREATURE and life will work according to how your dream grows. THIS IS CREATION! Seeing this You see why the law is death as You learn who You really are.

The real lawless ones are those that follow an interpretation but will not submit to the Spirit for they are like those seeking to find the beast or the evil yet do not see they devour the earth and their neighbor. A Wild-heart is like the wildness of a butterfly that is always open to the Spirit in this moment, yet does not hurt anyone while remaining open and apparently vulnerable to all.


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