Saturday, September 10, 2011

North Korea leader sets himself above the Spirit

North Korea leader sets himself above the Spirit, therefore I have this intent.

Tonight I watched Nat Geo INSIDE NORTH KOREA and I felt so full of anger toward that leader. I got very Joyful remembering what YOU have done and how YOU/my life will reach the hearts of the world. I put the intention toward the Spirit for such an event that would show his own people that this person is very much like every leader " A liar and a manipulator" and that this be revealed not only to his people but to ALL PEOPLE and ALL LEADERS. That this jolt reach profoundly to the heart. I await synchs as to what would be mutual for the planet through the Spirit.

The first thing that I get is "What WE can learn from our enemies". Which is also a synch related to this post yesterday.

Get out of the way whomever is manipulating Oroborusforum as I need to use those posts to communicate. Please see this post study the dates and get out of the way!

Please accept my sincere intention that you have a wonderful Birthday Savannah and that You use the event to start new with me.


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