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Better than a bullet and Kim Jong II

My post about Kim Jong II on Sept 10th 2011
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Saturday, September 10, 2011
North Korea leader sets himself above the Spirit
North Korea leader sets himself above the Spirit, therefore I have this intent.

Tonight I watched Nat Geo INSIDE NORTH KOREA and I felt so full of anger toward that leader. I got very Joyful remembering what YOU have done and how YOU/my life will reach the hearts of the world. I put the intention toward the Spirit for such an event that would show his own people that this person is very much like every leader " A liar and a manipulator" and that this be revealed not only to his people but to ALL PEOPLE and ALL LEADERS. That this jolt reach profoundly to the heart. I await synchs as to what would be mutual for the planet through the Spirit.

The first thing that I get is "What WE can learn from our enemies". Which is also a synch related to this post yesterday.

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Passion and Your enemies

Better than a bullet, perfect love http://oroborusforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=14425&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=
It is 97 days from the post date until the date he died.

Or 3 months, 6 days excluding the end date.

It is time that all Liars and Manipulators that put their intent above the SPIRIT related to Big Money and also Leaders that are Liars and Manipulators begin to DROP LIKE FLIES! GOD help them to understand before it is their turn!

The question of authority and the Father

Learning and experience outside of the Spirit is like wandering in the wilderness and never getting anywhere.

Ever learning but never coming to the EXPERIENCE of the truth.

The only way to evolve in dna is to EXPERIENCE or “drink this cup” while Jesus meant experience what he could not say or else it would not propagate over time. He had to put it in a way that it would be accepted by those that rule by interpretation, by those that would kill him and the truth if it did not match their intent.

A tree is not built which means if the Spirit does not build the house You labor in vain.

The PASSION of the dreamtime and the passion of dreaming her are related in the word HOLY. For if dream matches the intention of Spirit “according to the will of the Spirit” it attracts it’s match. But if the dream is outside the Spirit such as interpretation it is nothing. The cave art indicates the mixture of fertility and the woman with the dream.

The (external projection) of passion by a man has been most misunderstood by the fearful interpretations, but needs to be recognized and not misunderstood.(especially by one’s own children) The shocking truth about the authority of the Spirit through the father is ever being rejected and misunderstood in the west.

I am having a problem right now because of those that have been taught that others do these things to us otherwise known as victims. But in real life on this planet the victim is soon eliminated but in Human society the price is paid by those they blame for what happens to them and this was to be allowed during a time of grace because our loved ones are often born into a system of understanding which has been allowed for a period so that humans could see the truth through the shocking experience of “looking upon whom You have pierced”.

My problem is some of my own’s experiences are getting increasingly more difficult as they do not respond to the True intention of the Spirit through the father but keep looking for the evils and looking for someone to blame. And, it may be seen that the world itself also will increase in increasing turmoil and tribulation until they respond to the message. There is an intent to cover up what they believe is against their interpretation of what they expect but there is the increasing reality that those liars and manipulators first will begin to drop dead. (especially those motivated by money) My own family story is actually testimony to the Authority of the Spirit through the father.

For those having problems with this let me go back to the origins of this PASSION that exceeds all self rightness of those that think the interpretation of self rightness such as proclaimed by the Presumptuous is actually filthy rags. Here is the exact knowledge of that fact.

Authority of the Spirit comes through EXPERIENCE with the SPIRIT. It is wrong to think that You can learn something that the SPIRIT will respond to. It is like a tree growing whereby You are waiting for the SPIRIT to give EXPERIENCE.

My EXPERIENCE started in the same manner as the appearance of many Christians with a great intention to keep the law and understand the True intentions of Jesus. I passionately absorbed the words of the book and came to understand that I needed real experience with the SPIRIT. When I began to have experiences with the SPIRIT is when those that loved interpretation parted company with me and seemed to really misunderstand what I meant by these experiences. I came to realize that the religious were whom the prophets were actually speaking against as the more experience I had with the SPIRIT the more those in churches denied and rejected anything that did not jive with the ACCEPTED and SANCTIONED interpretation. So after being treated rather badly by enough churches and folks related to religion I knew I was to leave such circles and grow in the SPIRIT in SILENCE as the synchs at first were designed to be “for only me”and was foolishness to all who were not led by the Spirit to that experience in that moment. It was many years before I began to have mutual experiences with others in synchronicity. As I expected the Spirit to make me understand how to keep the law that was not to be but it was through my weaknesses that I found the Spirit to be strong. Especially when it came to the thoughts about passion. I found that I could not do what the women and the church expected and that if this was the truth of the Gospel then the SPIRIT would have to do this through me. As I began to see the Spirit work through me I also saw that those that just wanted to use my passion against me. The Spirit taught me somewhat how to deal with this but I really could not see the whole picture until the person that I thought would never set me up and use what the public would misunderstand about passion against me even though they knew why I followed my passion yet use it to break my heart and try to use it to get what they wanted. I found that being unveiled and uninterpretted yet with true intention of heart that the Spirit responded to that true intention of heart rather than covering my true feelings as society TEACHES men to do. Sure you can stop most thoughts but it is not the truth. But to suffer what Jesus was talking about was to understand our own intentions. The synchs really increased as I went through this experience.

It was when I suffered because of this misunderstanding by humans that the synchs most greatly increased.

It was then that I began to see how to use the same passion which involved all the senses to bring things to me that I needed. (also in synch with what the Spirit is in this moment) The problem with someone trying to compete is that they will find that such intentions will not do. That is why the Spirit through Jesus was very precise because of knowing the words would lead to a deluding influence that would lead to an interpretation which IS a lie.. You would have to with sincere true intention of heart be willing do endure whatever is needed to understand the Spirit of the Father’s. All this had to be in poetry because it would have been rejected as the prophets were. So like the Cave of Forgotten Dreams that was probably even a sacred intention by the SPIRIT and the ARTISTS to show how the DNA speaks through such experience as the passionate dreams of a lover.

This is why the beliefs of old revealed that the father had sway over the lives of his family and children.
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