Thursday, December 01, 2011

PushStart, how you start your day is the most important

It's all in the Momentum with Synchs, It's all in the beginning, Start Fresh each Day
As for helping someone and listening I believe that the Spirit is there for You first and those that reach the Spirit often find Pam and I show up and the Spirit talks through us. Many times they want us to stay in their lives but it is not us, it is the Spirit that is the friend. I love to walk with friends and let the moment speak through our experience. I have hundreds of audio tapes, one where TINMAN and I walk a path and he likes to recline and I like to walk so we keep finding couches thrown out as we walk this dirt path in Milton where we had never been and it is quite funny. By the way, we call him Tinman cause his CB handle was that and he called me Pushstart. [Like in the movie Cool Runnings, it's all in the beginning, in the dreaming] I have a picture of him on this webpage, his real name is Mark. http://www.stephentree.com/pics/pic1.htm

Walk with the Spirit

PS Ya'll know of my dreams in 1993 relative to this time. Well I am happy to say that there are so many wonderful things happening in my family and in my son's family and so many are being reached by the Spirit that I can't even keep up with all of it. So many are growing in the Spirit now. And so many that have opened to love and don't even know they are growing in it yet.


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