Friday, January 13, 2012

Going a different direction

The manipulation has went very sophisticated and hidden relative to the board and society
Going to have to go another direction. Sudden rise in certain folks having problems of any kind just to have problems ob . Hidden Agendas, Some will not allow exist. PLNAMN

Adding an hour later at this prophecies site
Wow so many energies of a certain pattern in a row in the last few days. I gotta leave folks.
So the level of sophistication of manipulation and cooperation behind the scenes has skyrocketed and/or I need to leave this board immediately. Going to go another direction with all this folks sorry "they" will not allow.

added Fri 13th morning
I will rise again down river after the event as "they" will not allow without manipulation to make the man appear as they wish. I will be back after hearts are reached and prepared.

Next update 1:16pm friday 13th
So the manipulators tried again in swarm and now the sight is even taken down and cannot post there. They will allow any kind of speech and lie and manipulation but they will not allow truth, they interpret what was not theirs to interpret. What will occur when the SPIRIT through the father has had enough. What, then to Your demands for a lifestyle stolen rather than given. The writing is on the wall, desolation is inevitable.


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