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Easter is Happening

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2013 2:54 pm    Post subject: Easter is Happening

My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death

Everyone was Jolted by Jesus who lifted up the SPIRIT above men's interpretation, but they found a way to get rid of him but they did not know it was perfect timing as the celebrations of Passover were upon them. This is what Jesus said, to follow the SPIRIT and let go of our own interpretations. For this he was killed. He said follow me and they will do the same to You but You will have treasure in heaven. Husbands You also lay down your lives for Your wives as Jesus gave himself for the Church who in the end will betray him.

Jerusalem means "City of Peace" but "She" as it was referred to in scripture would never be at peace in this realm. She was the one that first lifted up the SPIRITthrough Jesus and then after the

BETRAYAL "What You will do, do it quickly!!!" Judas probably got caught in a lie about money but anyway it was convenient and the money like the money DELILAH got for betraying the love of Samson. Folks can lift up the SPIRIT all day long but when they get caught it reveals the true intentions of the heart. Like someone that says they love You only to be led into a trap where they turn on You suddenly to complete their plan. Well, You know what I mean. Very coincidental as this has happened before. Being led down the Garden path in order to make You into what they want You to appear as is the way it is done. I have been thinking a lot about those that enforce rules and laws how the ones they hate they can make them appear bad. You know like You were laughing and wearing Your hat sideways and a cop that just cannot stand that sees You driving and stops You and he is just sure You are "one of them" and so he humiliates You so that whatever You say he can use against You and show the magistrate how terrible You were while hiding his own "true intentions". Well that is what is happening right now folks. Easter. First everyone lifted up the SPIRIT, they he was BETRAYED, and then the MAGISTRATE was told,, hey, look, this is where the law must act and She well He Pilot had to do what they demanded or the people would say something. (Also, remember the timeline of 2011 and the presumption post that led to the Storm on my father's death as all this is the same timeline.)

AND BEING BROUGHT BEFORE THE MAGISTRATE Soon after the betrayal it seemed like the very ones that lifted him up were now coming at him with a knife and were intent to get rid of him as seemed to be the plan all along. But he was already rejected and what it was going to take to reach them had shifted to something few would want to talk about. I mean Jerusalem was burned to the ground just a few years after the EASTER scene took place and not one block of the temple could be found on top of another. Well You know the story, they chose the liar and thief over him.

IT WAS FINISHED Good friday, the day he left for another life. After all it was finished and everything was set for what was coming as every person on earth would reject what he had to say especially the way it was intended that he be portrayed by those that had it in for him. It was essential that he go away and leave the SPIRIT behind as a comforter. Silence was coming and in the silence the SPIRIT speaks best.


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