Saturday, March 16, 2013

Emotions like a rock caught in a bike Tire

Took off today walking downtown where I would meet Pam later and on the way some strange things began to happen. I had this coincidence with being hit by an orange car sort of like an suv. I had several synchs but I knew to trust the SPIRIT and what appears like a problem coming the SPIRIT would ever more increasingly turn to be what was overlooked. Learning to trust the SPIRIT is like this.

Anyway as I walked across March lane I met a big muscular guy who had his bike with brand new FAT TIRE wheels also being carried on his way to the pawn shop and I felt he also had a fear as he mentioned how careful You must be crossing these streets. I walked on ahead and then I realized he needed me to speak to him as he must also be SPIRITUAL and need a word in this moment. It turned out exactly that and he also thanked me for turning around and speaking to him about the emotion caught in his tire like a rock, as he was very afraid of getting hit by while on the bike. I did a video of the guy right after the meeting and walked on down to the coffee shop. I walked into the coffee shop and heard this lawyer on the phone saying "it was vehicular homicide" and in that moment I realized that it was my intention I had put on my table last night when I wrote the name of my friend "Barry" on my table and wanted to know where he was and if he was doing ok. You see, my friend Barry was always afraid of getting hit by a truck on his bike. I then realized that my friend did not drive because he drank and I realized it was his fear because he could not drive and felt shame because of his drinking. He needed to know the same thing that Pam learned from SPIRIT and that is "I will catch You" and have no shame as it was causing him to hide behind his drinking.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4Ped359 ... re=youtube

Pam and I then met and went to watch the Oz the Great and Powerful (2013) and I had a synch about the pretty girl and the green apple. True intention of heart which is used by SPIRIT to create GOODNESS was also a synch related to this, and of course the Wizard himself does not have any power but it is the SPIRIT that works through him him that believes. It is very important to go to the SPIRIT and seek to know the true intentions of the heart so that presumption does not lead You astray.

Neither Science nor Magic but a blend of the two.


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