Friday, August 16, 2013

They lay in waiting, looking for an opportunity to be offended. The lawless at heart, NSA

Let me tell ya son, there are criminals on both sides of the law. Course the ones that hide behind the law and look for an opportunity get to play with the appearance and backing of the law like they are right but they are really lawless in the heart.

Let me give you an example of this. I rode my bike today and pulled up to a light that was about to turn green but since I pushed the walk button a bit late it was not going to turn white so I could cross. A fellow in a truck pulled up slowly at the same time as the light was turning green but did not cross and waited as though hoping I would cross. He didn't have a blinker on but and there wasn't another car anywhere but I knew because of the synch in the moment that followed me that day that if I began to cross he would coincidentally be turning left and then he would have a problem with me. When he saw that I wasn't going to cross he waited until the light almost turned yellow and then crossed the street heading straight. All day because of the synch with folks waiting for an opportunity to swoop in and find an opportunity to use the law in a manner it was not meant to be used.

Waiting, looking for an opportunity to be offended.

Meanwhile, these have a lot to hide that they cover now by acting offended by those that they hate and looking for an opportunity to use the law against them.

Or like the woman that was trying to humiliate the man and then something happened that revealed what she had overlooked and she got humiliated. Well, instead of learning from this she only manipulated harder to find a way to effect appearances so that she could get even with the guy, when it really was the SPIRIT that turned the tables back then. Well, she put a big smile on her face and said to those she had as an audience that she was going to take the chance and began to lead him on a few days until she started a thread that few men would enter. I went in to find out what the SPIRIT had for us but I had many indications that I was being led down the garden path. The first thing I said was about how I understood how it felt to experience such a painful thing and she indicated. Well, that helps but I knew when she said quoted what I said about my experience with dancing with a snake as though I meant her, it was then I knew what was coming next. You see, she was angry at a man and disagreed with me about how power comes from taking responsibility for what comes to us in our life. It was like she had a hatchet in her hand waiting for the right opportunity to be offended and that was the same thing I had experienced before by someone whose whole intent was to use the law against me in just the same way. It revealed why the forums were just lock down places where folks kept this a secret, just keeping the man from reachin folks. It was plain as day the woman was holding the hatchet waiting for an opportunity to be offended and use the true intent of a manipulator against him.

So it was obvious that everyone was going to not look at what happened which reveals the underlying intent of all that would just deny this man. And the synchs indicated that there would be no end to those

Waiting, looking for an opportunity to be offended.

Everyone is taught that the law like the NSA is there to get the bad guys but really the number of criminals hiding behind the law using the law and the data and the powers given them in trust to use their interpretation of the law against those they HATE and intend to misunderstand.. therefore all the predictions reveal the desolation coming created by those hiding looking for an opportunity to use the law and the "intelligence" against those they hate. The law of love which this Christian country is supposed to follow is revealed to be a joke and that the lawless of heart who appear law abiding in order to abuse the law as a weapon against those they misunderstand and hate. (taught to hate)

Everything has been proven yet they don't know what hit them and those manipulating when all is made known as to what is really going on. But for now, and because of them

Waiting, looking for an opportunity to be offended.

I would never have interacted with such except that the passion play had to be completed so that the smallest of points overlooked by all that would presume to know GOD and Men.

My intent was freedom from these wolves and fear, shame and blame, but they don't want that so they don't know that the shame they try to place on a righteous man is their own. (not righteous according to their idea of righteous but the SPIRIT that makes whom believes in him RIGHT!)

But what I did was follow the synchs and say what the SPIRIT put in me to say and so it is really the SPIRIT they hate and manipulate, so as to humiliate themselves. But I now go away again and leave the struggle and return to a life of moments with SPIRIT that I treasure. The real message is the life of romance with SPIRIT and all that go on and fight over who is right create for themselves an eternity of the same shame and blame.

A lot of people think that they have both good intentions and bad and that their good intentions like the woman on the forum who was a friend until what she could not forgive in a man years ago comes around and needs to be forgiven in her. But she won't see the good in him until she sees the evil in herself. Then things change and their eyes are open to the good in others when they find they both really just lost faith.


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