Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bear synchs on propheciesonline

This is a record of the PM that Daniel wanted posted between us but I have left the forum and want to give those effected by all the events of the predictions space.

Our PM's were related to this forum thread but I am not posting. And are related to these posts


Bear synchs related to those coming to the site right now

Any Bear Related News? Any Forum Members in Bear Country?

My apologies, that's very important, and a bit spooky!
My Grandfather died on August 22nd 2011 from Cancer at the same time as Jack Layton NDP Leader of the Canadian Government died from Cancer, and during the months while I was psychically within Dream Visions aware of his impending death before he even knew of it, I would Astral Travel frequently to The City of the Bears, a combination of 2 Areas: 1 was an abandoned post-apocalyptic modern downtown city, where thousands of bears would hibernate during the winter within the larger buildings of the city. 2 was the Rural Farming Area where Bears would go to graze on crops and grasses during summer. When I would travel to the Rural Farming Area before I would go play with the Bears and just hang out with them, a "something" was driving me there inside of a 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser like the one seen in the TV Show "That 70's Show". In the dream there were other people like me in other cars being driven around by other "something's", and I always suspected they were other people like us (Forum Posters, other Prophets and Psychics and Dream Vision Seers) who were along the same track of events, just being guided to different parts of it that were relevant to each as individuals. To me, Bears represent the Earth Element, and I always assumed that they were an Earthquake warning to see so many be so active and around like they were in my dreams, like as if saying "they were disturbed from their hibernations when the loud rumbling from below awoke them".

I know you said that you don't post anymore, but should you wish to post our complete conversation anywhere in the forum I would like for you to do so, because if it does have meaning for the future than I think the both of us should have this be on public record, and it seems like this starts more so with you so the rights are yours to continue on it if you so wish to do so.

I don't know if you've seen my postings in Daniel of Windsor yet, but I'm watching out for North American Earthquakes right now. You had Hurricane Irene, a Tropical Storm. Currently in the Canadian Government there's a Political Storm over scandals in the Conservative Government and in the Senate. Bears in Native American Culture are a leadership animal, in Astrology the Harvest Moon (August 23rd - September 22nd) Brown Bear is ruled by Mudjekeewis, Spirit Keeper of the West as one of the four Powers (Power Animals) who help the Spirit Keepers. It's a very North American spiritual matter that we may have had such moments in our lives that are connected to the land and spirit in such a way, now we just need to better hear and understand what it is that may be being spoken to us?


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