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They cannot know the True Intentions of the Heart without experiencing SPIRIT

What a day yesterday as we fixed several large flatscreens

Like the first statement posted many years ago that is synchronous with both this father’s experience and the father of humanity
Let Go of the Veil of Interpretation given You by those that never knew me, because they refuse to see the true intentions of the heart

The origins of my experience with SPIRIT began consciously for myself in about 1980 soon after leaving the military. My experience was very similar to other’s that begin to read the bible and seek to know Jesus. But I believe what SPIRIT really responds to is “true intention of heart and passion”. The myramid of options and off the shelf interpretations were a help in my early days in realizing that without getting your interpretation from SPIRIT you have wasted your time. I saw how all those that presumed to know GOD seemed to grab an interpretation of this group or that group and call that interpretation GOD. Very early on I knew that I needed to let SPIRIT grow the TREE. And I noticed those who were most staunch in their interpretation were the first to reject anything that was from SPIRIT even if it agreed with their interpretation. I sought to be the very best Christian through true intention of heart. I found that this worked very good in circles of those also seeking to know Jesus truly. But even these would reject true experience with SPIRIT preferring intellectual ability to prove their interpretation over real experience with SPIRIT.
I have written many things about this early part of my experience leading up to my first stand for SPIRIT while all those in the church misunderstood the true intent.

While trying to keep the interpretation of men/law I found that those trying to follow interpretation revealed the sins of self rightness to be exposed which proved that they were hiding. I knew that without getting my experience from SPIRIT it would be a lie, so I determined to not believe anything except what SPIRIT taught through a real experience. The Church which rejected SPIRIT was actually my exit from traditional experience and helped me to see only the synchs as they grew in those early days.

The years of growing in the SPIRIT were about learning to let go and let SPIRIT do it. One part of my life after another got turned over to SPIRIT leading up to the moment of experience that would set the point from which the synchs would grow more powerful because they were the real experience of what SPIRIT was about. The arrow to the heart that would make real the SPIRIT not only in my life but in the lives of those I met from then on. This is something that the person seeking SPIRIT must actually intend in order to drink the cup that Jesus did and understand the true perspective that sheds light on the words revealed through synchs. The best way to put this change is

That I sought to keep the law with all my heart, but found being truthful to myself that I could not and when I controlled one aspect another would go awry. Therefore, I came to know that all is SELF RIGHTNESS unless YOU/SPIRIT do it through me. I then set my mind to this purpose that YOU/MY LIFE fulfill this through me. My mother says to be the mess that You are and to allow SPIRIT though the whole world heads a different direction. I found that the GREATEST MIRACLES AND SYNCHS occurred when I was unveiled and uninhibited with true intent to experience and learn from SPIRIT. But this as written meant that the SPIRIT was contrary to the letter of the book/interpretation as the SPIRIT knew that those of the flesh would not accept the truth and wanted a lie. As I grew in the SPIRIT and in faith in the synchs I knew that I would experience something that would focus my heart profoundly. I had no idea where it was to come from but I accepted the people and experiences that came to me. Love and caring for a friend/girlfriend in my life had led to a great pain because the person I was closest to I found would always go astray and have affairs as I did not know how to keep them happy and my attention to their demands only seemed to make things worse. Soon the person evolved to be in my life and not my whole life and I learned to control jealousy by not worrying about what happened but rather making it ok so that they would not feel shame and leave. This evolved to being unveiled and uninhibited and the people I met were likewise. This seemed to work until I met someone who though they were very promiscuous they intended to use whatever we experienced against me and planned meticulously how to betray me and make everything we shared and even what the person was leading me down the garden path toward into something that we both knew was not the intent. It is true that attention to the desires of the flesh leads ALWAYS to destruction. But as we learn to dream passionately and give it to SPIRIT anything we want can be made perfect for all involved. It took this broken heart from being betrayed by this person that manipulated the experience to appear as though they had not just been a friend and lover experiencing everything along the way. It was the interpretation of marriage and manipulation toward marriage that moves the judgment about passion to an area that all seem to judge without looking at what really happened. But what I learned from the experience of being setup continuously by someone without true intent of heart was what humans true intent both male female and groups and cultures,,, seeing what it is that is separating us and why we believe what we believe though we did not get that belief from SPIRIT. My journey to the EDGE to know SPIRIT caused me to experience and to have SPIRIT sanctify my experience, BUT I HAD TO DREAM IT PERFECT without believing the past negativities of such experience. In other words, what the world and that person that used what we both said we believed against me was made right by experience with SPIRIT after the pain focused my heart. For there is a hand for every glove and a cup for every saucer therefore the experience two create is only for those two and does not have to be a part of any other’s experience. To understand from SPIRIT how it is that we create our experience leaves the victim without excuse though they often hate and judge the person that knows the truth about them and work hard as some have of late to condemn them. It is one thing to reach another’s heart by showing what they draw to themselves, but another thing to condemn while hiding the truth in order to pass Your own judgment onto whom You hate. The truth about  the heart and how we draw and create reality reveals this.

My cross that part of a man that has to be given to SPIRIT is the teacher that reaches to the heart to reveal what is real and to set his intentions toward life also gives him power over the snake that hides in the tree using appearances against him. Therefore the heel that has been bitten leads him in his weakness to be strong and crush the head of that snake eventually.

The crushing pain of the sword to the heart killed the mind that thought it was in control and set the heart to seeing only YOU/SPIRIT. Without that sting the cup Jesus spoke of cannot be known and the humiliation he bore is presumptuously thought to be something else by those whose hearts are hiding and blaming others. The freshness after the pain of that experience led to such wonder living alone for many years and it became my passion to reach You and share the reality of the necessity of SPIRIT over interpretation. But while pointing to that most important point overlooked by society many took the opportunity to make it into another chance to shame someone else in order to cover what they are shameful about themselves. For the person that was freed from SHAME by SPIRIT was made to blame again by those who believed in shame and blame. They do not realize it is for this reason that they are being reached, that they loose the pain of shame and blame such as is the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which always leads to greater evil by those desiring to cover shame through appearance and self rightness.

Jesus stumbling carrying HIS CROSS stopped to speak with woman about
their own sons. Stop listening to the interpretation designed to cover what this is really about and ask SPIRIT.

Great synchs with gold and the spiritual nature of it's meaning.


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