Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ongoing Orange is coming, GOP humiliation, anger synch

So, besides the obvious intentional misreading by the lawless of the post (orange, GOP humiliation,anger synch) because I have left the struggle and the anger is what is to be growing in society I need to say that these synchs began as the true message of the SPIRIT leading to truth rather than dogma and that those messages were rejected on the forums and hoards of manipulators came in to humiliate and rather got humiliated themselves by the synch  with the presumption hurricane that came on my father's death date. Because the SPIRIT says, I will reach you. Meaning the message of the SPIRIT will reach all hearts and those who ONLY SEE SPIRIT will pass through the coming storm which is what all this is about.

This LAWLESS INTENTION to say anything and cover up the truth is related to three parallel scenarios. Like my families experience with the man that married our handicapped sister and stole the inheritance money by using measures which were not the intention of our mother or the purpose of marriage. In other words using the law against the purpose of the law. So it is that Trump can say anything and the cohorts want to believe a lie therefore they help him by voting. So it is that the whole world will follow a lie and especially the so-called church.

Update on my family's lawless beast that uses the law in a manner not intended. All of my remaining siblings have signed a letter and the lawyer has put together the terms and forwarded it to my eldest sister and her co-hort. All this speak of the pathological liar on tv shadows what has happened to our family and our family is ahead of what is happening on the planet. Anyway, we will see if they will accept the terms this week for peace which includes forgiveness but they must give up all further claims against the estate.

Another synch with all this is the Nazi salute on tv, Pam and I watched "Contact" which mirrored the intention to get past the dogma of religion to the truth and SPIRIT which is a technology humans have rejected up until now.

It is amazing how so many in America, The town I live in, and on the forums (the three matching scenarios) want to believe a lie so much that they would allow what is coming. And hate so much they cannot hear anything but a lie. But when the storm does come and even now the horizon is growing very dark, these same that wanted to start something will cry peace, peace,,, and say can't we just go back to getting along after they secretly wanted to destroy whom they hated so much that they wanted to believe every lie that came along.


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