Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Swiss Army Knife synch

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We finished building an addition and traded an old Ashley stove for a potbelly fatso stove that fits where our bed used to be. So we are sitting around the stove this morning with our coffee and we had many synchs which I will begin to post again.

I was working in the barn getting the utensils for the fireplace that we brought from California when I noticed my old Swiss army knife and decided to put it with my tools down at the cabin. We then watched a silly movie called Swiss Army Man the next day followed by Ghost Busters Three the next day which also mentioned the Swiss Army Knife as the right tool to take down the giant Stay Puff Marsh-mellow man rather than a powerful weapon.

Then a tribute to Bill Murray came on last night and spoke of the Ghost Busters and the energy I always have this time of year was also that of a thin veil between the realities related to other dimensions.

Which leads to the latest Carolyn Casey program on KPFA Last night which was about the level of possession going through the roof with trump and those who "see through eyes of hate". That is the problem when people follow an interpretation to extremes such as ISIS and the Hillary haters. But I think that Trump is a necessary self absorbed leader at this time to really show HOW THE SMALLEST OF POINTS OVERLOOKED BY THE MIND CAN BE revealed best to humans.

Yes it is fixin to be a wild ride friends. 

I do wish that others could have been shown how the smallest of points which ONLY comes from SPIRIT reveals how small the mind really is. But as it is we are reaching many on a one on one basis like the synch with two ladies we met in Knoxville who also said our meeting was a miracle which is what is normal among those we meet. But there is an ego that keeps this from reaching those who need it related to the forums. Though the synchs have been right on in the portrayal of this wild ride that we all are on.



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