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Trains, political parties wrecks in the synchs and why

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Over the years there have been many telling synchs about what is now happening
First the timing occurred with those on the forums and then it spread to a much bigger expression. Why did SPIRIT use these forms to communicate? The storms including Katrina, Irene and the train crashes such as the great SoCal train wreck. And the Stock Market synch exactly to the day all are related to what is happening. All these things show that we should not fight over who is right but see what the SPIRIT says that reveals what the brain overlooks. This is all to lift up the SPIRIT over interpretations which only separate and lead to death.

Trains, political parties wrecks in the synchs and why

Oroborus :: View topic - When You and I collide - Stephentree

YOU and I Collide - Stephentree

DNATREE: YOU and I collide and August  Starting as early as Aug 27th 2005 the synch with YOU and I collide and about the storm that was predicted exactly to hit on my father's death date began to emerge. What is all this saying?

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Gas prices changing right after election and "they followed a lie".
also on Nov 8th 2006
Synchs of late: seattle, emigrant,

(note: The original post had the word prophecy and prophecies changed to Asylum so understand this reading it.)

In conjunction with what has happened I need to say
There has always only been YOU and I
How should we then treat each other since this has always been, this YOU and I
And since every interpretation can be shown to be wrong in an instant because of what has been overlooked by the mind in trying to interpret.

In this election there has been male against female, right against left, us against them and blacks and whites, etc but in reality there is as one man and one women and this veil of words which separates the two but without the SPIRIT and the original intention of the heart every interpretation is but partial and essentially wrong. Even the smartest will be shown to have overlooked the smallest of points.

Both sides have what the other side believes are weaknesses yet we condemn the other, yet no one seeks to know what they have overlooked. Therefore the struggle has gone on endlessly. Because of a misunderstanding of the original intent of the heart we cannot find where our instincts are leading.

But the SPIRIT will reveal what has been overlooked

    he will astonish[a] many nations.
    Kings will be silenced because of him,
    because they will see what they haven’t seen before;
    what they haven’t heard before, they will ponder.

Because of his ego he believes himself smart but the SPIRIT is catching everyone in a net for when the smallest of points overlooked will be revealed and all their knowledge will be shown as foolishness.


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