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Time Travel and "Emotions Travel"

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Ok, I am having synchs in line with yours Mairin

Pam and I have been bingeing on Travelers and now we are watching Timeless and realise the connection and then I thought about your

Dual coupling
Bio magnetics?

Healing? Time Travel for me

I believe reality is about to be changed from what it was going to be soon.

My obsession with "Somewhere in Time"
Written in picture of Victorian woman "Olympic Event"
The Inner chamber seemed to be a memorial to the movie "Somewhere in
Time" Where he finds his love by traveling back in time.

I had put much energy in the synchronicity of the movie back in 1994.
in order to Reach You at the perfect moment.


Story of experience in Bridgeport on Aug 2nd about the

I was in the restaurant having wonderful experiences with the owners as
they too knew of the movie "Somewhere in Time" and I had related my
passion to reach You. As we spoke and they wrote down the website a
song came on that I wrote these words down from.

Tell me "How" to reach your heart, because I have not got a clue, but
let me start by saying "I love You".

I left the restaurant next to the Victorian Inn while my roommate slept
in and I went for a walk. On the fence was the "Fat Tire" bicycle add
that read "Give it a ride"
I read "Give it (your heart) a ride"
Get ready for the wild ride!

I then wrote down "Emotion Travels"

I walked about a block and this lady rode by on a bike and this other
lady was turning left and peeked around the corner. Because the girl on
the bike was carrying an anger with her she got very angry as she
misinterpreted the lady trying to turn left and she made a big deal
out of going around the lady. I followed her down a short distance
where I asked her how her day was going. She indicated that she was
angry because she had to leave (exodus) her place she was leaving on
short notice. She then also went on to tell me all the evils of others
that she had encountered lately. I then remembered where I had told my
roommate that a spirit like that was like a rock caught in my bike tire
that went round and round. So when I speak of the wild ride I was
talking about the very emotional experiences that all of us CARRY with
us. (Cross we bear)
Later I met Judy (on the bike) again because she was the maid cleaning the
room in the Victorian Inn.

Get Ready for the Wild Ride!!!!!!

Oh,, I had never heard of Festivus until I read it here and then it came on tv the very next moment after reading here.

August 9th 2011 Just weeks before Hurricane Irene the PRESUMPTION Hurricane on Aug 26th this was posted 
Scarlet wrote August 9th 2011

Aug 26th begins a great loss, but I don't know about whether that is the Vatican, more like all the lies coming to a head about the thieves that have sold America and or Christianity for 30 pieces of silver. I feel a great sting related to this date. But a great moment that something real fill that emptiness that will exist.

Don't let them cover what happened here!

Get ready for reality to change (A Christmas Gift)


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