Monday, January 23, 2017

Election and our family dealing with a Con man that I posted would be the election synch

Before the Candidates were even entered into the race for president I had the synch about our family going through terrible lies and manipulations as well as bare-faced lying to public officials etc. I am sure that the posts I made then about that situation will have synchs relative to national security and perhaps treacherous dealings. Therefore I want to make available these writings to whom it may concern on my blog. 

First however I have made some notes relative to the synch that I feel indicate we are in very treacherous times.

lawless Link
taking what is not yours because you can 
using the law in a manner it was not intended
Loving a lie and wholeheartedly accepting a lie because the rest of your lawless
members of a group/train are doing it
no thought about if it is right, rather "WE ARE RIGHT" because they all have 
agreed to love a lie greater than they want the truth because it serves us.
The presumptuous that follow whatever satisfies their hate

List of posts before the election in 2016 that are synchronicities with what is really going on.

These posts were posted and some removed to reduce problems at the time. But the synch at the time was that such would happen in the Election which it did. I believe this says the true intentions of the heart of those manipulating and lying to the public. I have these available for those seeking to know the true intentions of the heart.

DNATREE_ Dutch and his Superpowers of lying to public officials_files



being set up

DNATREE_ Criminal Intent at the Courthouse_files

DNATREE_ Threats and being manipulated for profit_files  

Continued Scam Files 4/23/16

Lawyer Letter confirming our findings


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