Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Series of Unfortunate Events and Wait, Wait Wait

Last night we decided to go out for a bite and ended up at Helen's restaurant and finally spoke to Lindsley about the miracle that happened after we ate there the last time.

Then after we got home we were drawn to the movie "A Series of unfortunate Events" and were blown away by the synchs. We knew it was specifically for us when the Wait, Wait, Wait part showed up which spoke that indeed it is going to be alright.

On Three.
Wait, wait wait.
Of course this is in reference tot he Wait,Wait,Wait synch of late.
Now this is a message to Pam, and I and the Dog that everything is going to be ok and that we are indeed on track and it is also a message to my own who do know what the SPIRIT speaks of (not the changling trolls or those manipulating the system who have a special ride in store for them as the picture reveals.)
So anyway the synch was wonderfully laid out to let us know that... well let me illustrate it this way.

Dear Children,
In spite of the "Series of unfortunate events" know that you are loved and it was necessary to break your heart that you might be reached and truly know that you are loved. And I want you to know that everything is going to work out exactly as it has been spoken by the SPIRIT. Just wait and see!
http://www.stephentree.com/prophvat/two.htmSearch "ctrl F" wait and see what the message is

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