Sunday, January 22, 2017

Time to wash away my Sorrow

So there are a great number of people that relate to the SPIRIT and the message 

Are you ready for that Wild Ride!
I guess the forums don't care about those that could have benefited from the message.
Pretty obvious at this point about that coming fire, so hot it will melt the veil separating YOU and I on this planet and leave those hiding with nowhere left to hide.  Yea,, you've heard it but the point you overlooked you haven't. Coming Fire! Dnatree

The earth will perish 

https://genius.com/Shawn-lees-ping-pong-orchestra-kiss-the-sky-lyricsI hold my head up just enough to see the skyAnd when we go we won't go slow, we'll put up such a fightWhen they fade into the dust and into ashBut all the children know for sure this pain will surely passStrong and wise and you are loveAnd when the tide it comes you will float aboveAnd you will be one day exactly what you areJust keep your head held high, kiss your fist and touch the sky
Too late to keep the world from dying (The path goes on with SPIRIT)It's not too late to spread the love you haveOne day when we are ready for cryingOne day I know that we'll be there, little girl

I don't know if you can see the presumption in everyone clearly yet

Money can make it all look rosy for a few years and do wonders and astound many.

Well there will be enough shame and blame for everyone pretty soon. I am going to go make leaders and those that have intended to block this message of SPIRIT as insignificant as possible while working with my moments to continue to have great life! 

There is always the smallest of points overlooked that can take care of any situation. 

Well I am about finished and just want the 
SPIRIT to come wash away everything and everyone that is sorrow to me.

Come wash away my sorrow, Your love is coming down like rain.

If the Queen dies (SPIRIT) you loose the hive
The whole world is like a hive that should be protecting the Queen (SPIRIT) But instead they hate her.
Health is failing, they know not what they do. They chose a thief over SPIRIT.
Cardiac Wedn.
All this was predicted through our experience and family before the con began. They don't want you to believe the earth is dying they want to consume her until the end. The Princes of the earth will have nowhere to hide their shame.

The predictions started with the Storms and earth speaking and then led to financial synchs and now the storm is becoming Social as predicted. But they intended to "misunderstand my intent". (You misconscrued my IN TENT)


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