Thursday, August 24, 2017

Help Stem the Tide of desolation that is coming

Who will let them know and stem the tide of desolation that is being drawn by all Americans

Therefore I go away and leave the Struggle and allow the SPIRIT to reach you to the heart (All Americans)

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YOU and I collide predicted Aug 27 2005http://www.stephentree.com/prediict22/Y ... ollide.htm
Misunderstanding is one thing but Intentional Misunderstanding of the SPIRIT that is life , that is lifting up self above GOD.
No, not everyone but SPIRIT knows our true intent and we cannot lift up our minds above SPIRIT. We must silence our minds to keep from filling the cup presumptuously. 
Circumstances Speak, let those that love presumption see what IS.
Patience and forgiveness is real but how long will the SPIRIT endure intentional presumption?Shall we continue to test it?
That was a prediction that is coming true exactly from 2014, but now for another synch happening now

The orchestrated manipulation of emotions by those on the forums and in the WH where those trying to take attention off of the repulsive right by focusing on the tactics of the left (and those that love a lie because they hate the left love it when he lies) and on the forums acting is in high gear between two people who are just playing parts and probably orchestrating it from outside the forum.

Because the synchs come true many other countries are downloading the blog and paying attention while Americans want to dismiss it and will not let others know which could help many to deal with what is coming. Those who know all the synchs that are coming true are in such denial that they won't do anything to help get this message out. What do you think is their fate?

Everyone has a veil over their eyes wanting to believe a lie on the right and the left as predicted and what it will take to tear that veil will be heartbreaking. And this message would help so many that will be lost when it happens. Will you help them?

Last night we were listening to a program about the Secret Life underground and roots and then we went to listen to KPFA Over the Edge and the music made Pam think about Novus Magnificate the Music of  Remembrance about our roots in DNA, and then Over the Edge began to talk about our roots and then said "They said the leaders are doing what we want them to do because they are doing what we want them to do" (Because it will reach everyone to the heart)

The Horror that will be unleashed (Over the Edge presents – August 18, 2017)
link link2
Coming Fire so hot it will melt the veil separating You and I on this planet and leave those hiding behind religion with nowhere left to hide

Neither side will win, When the Storm Begins Nobody Wins
Free Speech motivated by Money and Hate is the devil stirring the cauldron of death
Free Speech without True intention and without SPIRIT is death

Synch as I write this with "Money Talks" it may horrify, it will cause great pain that any person who did the same would be hated but money instead is believed and the lie even loved above people. Like the synch with the prize fight coming "money talks" even though it might cause horror and death. I do not predict what I want, but reveal what you draw to yourselves. Each side will believe it is caused by the evil of the other side but it is because of both sides. East/West, Democratic/Republican, Husband/Wife, Islam/Christian all will believe a lie because they reject the SPIRIT. The whole world on both the right and left want to believe a lie though it causes a holocaust sealing their own judgement.

The right has been taught to hate the left, and the left is being programmed to hate the right. But if you do not listen to them but learn from SPIRIT you will be hated above all men for the SPIRIT's sake. http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2017/06/for-to-put-anger-on-you-is-to-be-angry.html
The right people on the right that love their interpretation more than they love each other and the those on the left will fight against each other and in this manner destroy all who are enemies of the SPIRIT as it was predicted like a great train crash.

Leave the Struggle and listen to the SPIRIT and leave the insanity that is to come.

So far all are blinded by hate and nobody is willing to lift up the SPIRIT as in the days of Noah!

I pray that YOU/SPIRIT let those opposing the message of SPIRIT begin to have revealed in them what was predicted so that at least we can begin to reach others by their fate. You know the years and their intent. You know they will always lie though they knew I always had true intention of heart toward them.

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