Friday, August 25, 2017

spitefully-used by those believing they already

Do not get angry when you find you were spitefully(1)used by those believing they already have the truth.  For it is to reach YOU to the heart. (In this way we all are one) Let us forgive them and turn away and-- Say to the SPIRIT!  You have allowed this to happen to me 'In Order to Reach Me' to the heart. Their intention may have been Separation but the SPIRIT wishes to reach You. That you might learn the true intentions of your heart. The SPIRIT allowed this because You want to be reached to the heart. They will stumble over their ideology while you are being reached. You will allow the SPIRIT while they already believe they know truth, though they never really knew the SPIRIT. In this way the last will be the first to be reached. Therefore You will be blessed as You allow this and they will continue to stumble believing their cup is already full.

(1)For in the same way they hated me.


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