Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Command Responibility

Synch today with what is coming the prediction of the comparison between:

Command Responsibility such as in war trials but for those responsible such as using the office of the President in a manner it is not intended, by taking money from the NRA while children are dying and how the parents of those lost feel about it. How it will be said those on the right profiting from the NRA while these children are dying and how fast it would change if  their loved ones were the victims. Of course nobody should want this but perfect love can orchestrate what is better than a bullet that can reach these to the heart without violence and coincidentally would turn out to be perfect. This responsibility also encompasses all those under the hat.

Two synchs tonight one on pbs and the other on South Park in passing.

DEAD RECKONING: WAR & JUSTICE The General's Ghost | PBS ...

South Park Splatty Tomato quote "Answer for their crimes"

This is not just about the right as both sides are wrong without SPIRIT and both sides will be humbled. This is a prediction about the conversation coming.

Waiting on more synchs about this subject and about all leaders responsibility to this earth and to SPIRIT that they do not recognize.


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