Saturday, March 10, 2018

Healing MS

You get what you need from SPIRIT through SYNCHRONICITY at the moment you need it. Especially such as with illness when the illness is a catalyst to your growth. What the SPIRIT gave Pam and I to keep her out of her patterns that cause exacerbation of symptoms of MS in California was effective there but was not easily implemented here in Tennessee. This has been on my heart as I Pam is getting older (she is 6 yrs older than I am) and it has been difficult to keep her  Healing her Beliefs, Inner Conflicts, Repressed Emotions and Past Trauma related to MS. You can see by the synchs over the years in California such as the Wave and the Worry and how well she did by what we got from SPIRIT and how moving to Tennessee caused an influx in fears and tears returning. Lately I began getting things from SPIRIT such as the JOLT needed to unseat a childhood trauma.

Then last night while in sanctuary dreaming with Pam I had this thing about beliefs of people with MS and looked on google to see if anyone else had studied this and found this site which is exactly what I was looking for.http://healingmultiplesclerosis.com/ All of us have such trauma in our lives but some develop MS symptoms because of a specific way it affects them. I am looking forward to the SPIRIT leading Pam and I toward healing inner trauma.


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