Tuesday, March 27, 2018


March 27-28th       

As for the March Miracle I did a video out my door of the kind of pouring Rain that I have not seen since Florida.  :shock: 
Mud flows in Cali this week

A few of my synchs of late were in a PM from a friend on this forum 

The MUD synch
So the word MUD from the Mountain Stream is of course my synch this morning with the Movie Mud. My father always threatened to change our name to MUD. LOL

The Shout Synch
And I also wrote this about the word "Shout" two days ago on my table.

I like it when a storm RUMBLES in.  A Shout!

The unopened flower
Pam and I were listening to Pandora as we often do now and this Music called the Unopened Flower came on. And dreaming of the fragrance of the flower and the meaning I began to feel the poetry of the unopened flower.

Once we begin to hear from the SPIRIT and put aside the interpretations of men verses pop in our mind that make us realise the difference between what was to be presumptuously seen and what a verse really meant. Like the verse 


This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God,

So it is thought that this means that those that believe he may not have really existed but what the SPIRIT says to me which is most important is that he came with fleshly desires and was also born of the SPIRIT, allowing only SPIRIT to speak through him. If he was not human like me, what use would his being even be, if he did not suffer from the same pains and shames?

Seeking today 3/27/18 for Vitality for Pam to keep her healthy through the years with me.


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