Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wait on the SPIRIT

Interesting synch with a case I bought Pam for her phone. When she first received it she thought she could not use it because it did not have a place to keep cards like her old one. But then by coincidence the next day some pharmaceutical sent some info with a free gift which turned out to be an attachment to that phone case for holding the card... exactly what she said it needed to be complete. What we have found is that when a synch occurs and you say "that can't be good because it appears to be incomplete" do not discard it as the SPIRIT works exactly that way. Or when you think the messenger is wrong as if you begin to "wait" on the SPIRIT you only find you have overlooked something.

The First teal colored case has the added card holder that came in the day after Pam said she would rather use the old one because the new one did not have a card holder. But the old one (second pic) seemed to interfere with wifi calling.

Then as I was posting this my friend Johnathan had sent me a pic of a pouch he made and from the two dimensional

pic  the "pink" thing sorta looked obscene and he realized after we joked about it that he had to send a pic of only that part to reveal it was an otter.

So the synch is to "wait" on the SPIRIT instead of dismissing what you misunderstand as dismissing it leads to you feeling you were right because the SPIRIT does not give more when you presume and you later are revealed to be presumptuous. Of course we all are presumptuous as humans but the idea is to increase humility and WAIT on the SPIRIT. When you interact with a friend you both see what has been overlooked in the first communication and so it is with the SPIRIT or FRIEND as Rumi calls YOU/SPIRIT. It is this intimate relationship that works to convey the true intentions of the heart. Now the unbelieving and obstinate people are those that require the law because their hearts are hard such as shown by those on the forums. This is what the SPIRIT said concerning the presumption which has taken over and is leading to great desolation, because they cannot see I was sent to reveal what was overlooked. Therefore, their hearts will be broken.
All day long I have held out my hands to an obstinate people, who walk in ways not good, pursuing their own imaginations-- See also hardened hearts

DNATREE: The Series of Unfortunate Events and Wait, Wait Wait


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