Sunday, March 25, 2018

Soul food

We began to intend to make our sanctuary more intimate with incense so we went and chose two. I picked Jasmine and Pam picked Rose. They were not the quality we would like but we decided to start with what we had. We began to have synchs with Jasmine and Rose right away. During one of Pam's appointments I chose to go to the bookstore. I usually don't read books as I like the purity of synchs as the SPIRIT gives them but I found this book about Rumi called Rumi's Secret by Brad Gooch and began to read it in the bookstore coffee shop while waiting on Pam. I began to have so many synchs that I decided to buy the purchase the book. I was reading a section on page 103 about Rumi's time in Damascus and it was synching with the Jasimine and Rose as well as a Yahoo article that morning also did.

The link between your gut health and autoimmune diseases

I was led by the SPIRIT as I had been years before to eat some flowers when my stomach felt out of balance and the microbes associated with the flowers seemed to immediately help. But the research led to the words Jasmine and Rose again and then again in the Rumi book. However, the synch was not about eating Jasmine but in the manna that you feed your soul.

Quote from page 103

Don't eat straw and barley, like Donkeys:
Graze on flowers of the Judas Tree, like musk deer in KhotanOnly graze on clove, Jasmine, or Roses,
In Khotan with your beloved companion (what a synch this was)
The stomach of the body pulls toward the straw barn (tv, and what the world pays attention to is the synch)
The Spiritual stomach pulls toward fields of sweet basil.

I was also getting messages from Johnathan about his attention to a dog in the yard that he did not like and about his otter play which is his synch. So I sent him a picture of the page and also the post about attention to what we love.  I see worship, and attention and love as very much related. I feel like Jimmy Carter in that I feel worse about losing my companion that losing my own life. 

The next poem led me to deal with what is spiritual food for me. And reflected what the SPIRIT thought about the manipulators playing like they are spiritual. I looked up the words and the name meanings which led to other synchs but I don't care to go their even though it was my old experience.

During the chelle, a certain man
dreamed he saw a pregnant dog on the road
suddenly he heard the cries of her puppies
Though they were in the womb, invisible...
Puppies howling in a womb, he thought
"Has anyone ever heard such a thing?...
When he woke from his dream and came to himself,
His astonishment grew greater at every moment
During the chelle there is no other solution to the problems
Except for being present to God almighty
At that moment he heard an mysterious voice
saying, that is a symbol of the yelping of the ignorant,
Those that have not pierced the veil and curtain,
But with blind eyes are speaking aimlessly

I looked up Chelle and found the urban dictionary meaning 
and though it may be true it is an example of where not to put attention

Page 109
God showed the prophet a narrow and hidden way to refine himself, and that was the path of marrying women, and enduring their tyranny, and listening to their complaints, and letting them order him around....Character would only become purer through such patient forbearance.
In other moods, he could be more sympathetic, as in his ode in the Masnavi to women:

A woman is a ray of God, heavenly and beloved
She is a creator, uncreated, from above

So I went to another March 25th post and it was similar
There is a reason I predicted the three fires that 1-1993, 2-Dutch and 3-Trump
and how they are meant to reach myself, my family, and America


While speaking to Pam about the fellow that died on Dick Cavett about the guest who died during his talk show and I said that the fellow gave credit to the wrong thing for keeping him alive. Like the man that made a lot of money and said now I can rest and live off the money 

And I'll say to myself, "You have plenty of grain laid up for many years. Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry." "But God said to him, 'You fool! This very night your life will be demanded from you. Then who will get what you have prepared for yourself?'


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