Friday, March 09, 2018

World on fire

The World is on Fire, so hot it WILL MELT the veil separating YOU and I
There has always only been YOU and I
The Illusion/veil will be consumed in flame

A life that is bittersweet is greater than a life that is sweet.
Sweet lathers the heart, but bittersweet reaches to the heart.

I have not condemned you, I have told you what you are attracting that you have overlooked
Just like my partner, I love her immensely and it brings me such joy the way she showed me true intention of heart through all we experienced. Just like her I cannot condemn you, therefore, I warn you that you are doing it to yourself but it is an easy thing for the SPIRIT to change as you receive the miracle I have wanted for each of you that have been reached, as it is the SPIRIT that will do it.

Words do not reach you, they only get in the way and are often intentionally misunderstood by our minds. We are to be connected to those we love through the heart and let go of what is not love. Speaking to the heart of things and how Pam and I experienced the SPIRIT reaching us both through the heart in such as in the story of Mendocino.

The presumptuous, if they want to die believing they are right it needs to be soon as what is coming will change everything.
I was presumptuous when I was reached by the SPIRIT through the experience of seeking to know YOU. I allowed my heart to be reached. To allow SPIRIT you are made right in the moment through the words the SPIRIT gives you. That faith and not what the world condemns you for is how you are made right, not by your interpretations or beliefs that were not given by SPIRIT. Now everyone with such powers that they cannot be fooled by what is in plain sight walk away from me right now!

This morning was the synch with Energy and so I will post two old synchs about energy

Molly, Ressurection, IGWT

Molly... You in danger girl.

Today I am worried about someone and realize it may not be the sister I thought. It may be the person that matched the energy of the Fella that I was writing about.

DNATREE: The predictions and energy that created Donald Trump as ...


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