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You chose how you will be reached

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When you are done with the Di-spence-r of SPIRIT I want you to throw it away, because there is no need of it once you are reached. This whole wild ride and how you reacted and misunderstood and presumed is what created for you exactly what you are going to get. And the judgments hidden are your own but the SPIRIT can start new with you if you allow it.  The purpose of this entire ride is complete once you know and trust SPIRIT. So don't interpret and theorize on what has no purpose past reaching you, just grow in the SPIRIT and do what is your purpose so all things can be new.

Again, Joseph had a dream and it made his brothers angry, but it was just a dream, it was not his fault, it was how the SPIRIT was going to reach "his own" to the heart. So just because he tells you that dream don't misunderstand.

You think he chose how you would be reached, but it was really you. You created exactly how you will be reached personally. The original intent of what Jesus said to them was exactly that, are you willing to experience what others experienced to gain such a knowing of SPIRIT? You can't say you want to be reached and then secretly say you want it to fail, guess whom it is that will experience what you secretly intend? So allow SPIRIT to reach you in the unique way that is meant for only You. Your story will be very powerful toward what is to come.

The thing is, every time I tried to interpret with my mind what the SPIRIT was doing through my own synchs I found my interpretation was wrong. And interpreting stopped the flow. That is the part that has to die.

We went to the Islamic Center today to reach across and enjoy their hospitality.
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