Friday, March 15, 2019

Wind, change, emotion, Maga Hats

Two odd synchs today

We saw a video about a woman in an RV that had wind problems and emotion problems. Seemed to be a correlation between the wind and her emotions about her situation and her mother. I then went to take the dog for a walk and got out of the car and could not keep the hat on my head for the wind. The synch the whole day felt related to Maga Hats and the wind that is coming and/or the hat of the president. Hats flying off because the Maga hats seem to represent a negative thing of separation and hate, but the maga should go away as the humiliation increases.

Wind in your dream symbolizes life changes you'll experience very soon. It is important to remember how strong the wind was in your dream. ... If in yourdream wind is blowing from the north, it denotes that a person is better to get ready to difficulties in his/her career or domestic life.


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