Friday, October 18, 2019

Now that desolation is assured

The Children of God are all men, for all become lost and wander in the wilderness, but those that then look only to SPIRIT live past that getting lost and loosing their life, they die on purpose to their old life. That is the poetry of the door to God as in my own life after getting lost seeking passionately to find life and to reach YOU/MY LIFE I had to loose my way in order to find it. That is why such a story as the Children of God wandering in the wilderness living off of every word that comes from the SPIRIT and came in the poetry of Manna. For when I got lost and my life was over instead of searching aimlessly I began to reach for sustenance from YOU/MY LIFE and did not care if I died except I hear from YOU. This was the state of the Children of Israel which is the twelve tribes which in poetry is all men even though they look at God from different perspectives. So we ask for sustenance and something comes along while there is still breath in you that says, hey, look at that! That is odd, a synchronicity of events occurs with something that takes me away from the fact that I am dying and I begin to follow this thought without interpreting it but just treasuring it. The poetry of "What is it?" or what will sustain me in this moment comes along in the form of Manna. For me it was "I went out on the street seeking the ONE my heart adores." In my loneliness, in my bewilderness, through my broken heart,,,, YOU came in the form I needed for that moment. and sure enough that was enough for that moment. And when I began to do this, in some odd way what I needed such as thought, and even food to eat came along. So I decided to live that way as I had already lost my life by being setup by a manipulator for money when my money had gone away. And blessed was that person who not only set me up by causing intentionally their own violence and then using it against me but also made several other lies about me to have to go to court about. But that caused me even more to die to my old way of fixing things and stay here in this moment listening to the poetry of what my life was saying rose and the flowers along the road saying. After getting setup and spent three nights in jail when I got out the story of the rose began.

The Veil of Interpretation is what is separating YOU and I on this planet
We should never have used/taught/listened to the snake about shame and blame
Remember the pain in your secret garden/life/
Remember you chose to live alone and hide yourself behind your tears
And like a veil, You have hidden yourself from me (This is the moment the veil is lifted for a human)
Remember the covenant we share, YOU and I through mutual intent created the sunrise to remind us to always be starting new.

So here we are on this date in 2019 hearts are breaking knowing we have been led astray,, but indeed that is what life is about. Loosing yourself to find out why and it is all the same answer. Hearing SPIRIT in this moment for what we need just as the story of the Children of God wandering in the wilderness had to or die.

We are in a do or die situation and even every one of my own siblings denies me as the poetry of Jesus also went. But I dreamed all this in 1993 in order to reach you. I mean you were drawing desolation and it would happen so I decided to inject this into what you were drawing to yourselves as humans.

So now that it is clear that you are stuck and have been led astray as the  synchs indicated and YOU and I are colliding on every level ever increasingly and the wars and rumors of wars are here and peace cannot be made the way humans are trying to do it.

Indeed desolation is going to be looking everyone in the face soon and then only those that with true intention of heart for all have sinned, only those will even begin to hear the SPIRIT. These of course are really those have been rejected also by society and already are hearing the SPIRIT and most would reject them even now. So most will be led to desolation because they have faked religion and never sought to really experience the true intentions of Jesus which is this experience of loosing yourself and being at deaths door/edge and now there exists ONLY YOU and I, my life and I through love will fulfill their intent around me through listening to YOU SPIRIT I will be able to do that they need and love even my enemy who intentionally misunderstands me for profit and not even care if I die but continue to walk as though there is only YOU and I. And then look for you in everything until you teach me how to see YOU in the least of them. The only survivors will be those who lay down the interpretation and wait on the SPIRIT to teach them what they need in "this moment" and in that manner grow in SPIRIT.

Desolation is assured, therefore now there is ONLY YOU and I and I do not care if I die except I find

It was never your job to control the world or even your community but only to be reached to the heart and turn and hear YOU/MY LIFE. Well indeed if you have made the SPIRIT that was speaking through Jesus your life you would be fed milk such as scripture and only listen to SPIRIT and then at some point like those that called themselves first fruits you were opened up to eat most anything and it was first sanctified and then given you by SPIRIT. Such is all things, even Buddhist words and even Muslim as in Rumi. So it is my life now speaks through all things as was really being said.

I will open my mouth in a parable, I will tell you things your fathers have been telling you for years. Everything when you have an ear is the word of God as rushing waters is all the voices around me. But you must separate yourself for a while in order to hear ONLY YOU/MY LIFE through the roar of voices or thunder of sounds and experience around you.

Well it is very early and I got up to put down on paper what the moment said.

So what now, stuck, we are all stuck, waiting for that word from the SPIRIT and that has been where I have stayed my whole life. That is the door! Not knowing as those that listen to interpretation, but waiting for YOU/MY LIFE to give me one drop of water to keep me going and then another and another until YOU become a well of life welling up in me to salvation. Guns are not salvation as it is the intention of such in SPIRIT that you do not have a gun at the moment the thief comes so that you must rely on SPIRIT. Neither will the book help without the SPIRIT for what you need is not given until the moment you need it and this leads to learning how to draw miracles.

Now each part of this post has been elaborated over the years in other posts or water became a well the SPIRIT uses for life in this moment. But if you use the old words of their interpretation without SPIRIT they will become just a stumbling block as it is written

"May their table become a snare and a trap, a stumbling block and a retribution for them." So it is easy for the SPIRIT to reveal those hiding behind a veil of interpretation such as Christianity without knowing the SPIRIT for they are being led to slaughter so that others will be reached to the heart about the Bible or Koran without the SPIRIT is death.

So those that will endure are those who truly left the interpretation once they find the SPIRIT and then having two eyes they would eventually pluck one out and throw it away because now there exists only YOU and I, such it is when you are reached to the heart by SPIRIT. For the law was given to them for this purpose to either lead them to SPIRIT or to become death for them. So we do not listen to those that interpret without the SPIRIT for they are leading astray, but we wait on the SPIRIT. This is where all of them that would endure should be right now.

Leave the Struggle

And so I go away and leave the Struggle whether I am taken up or die because of what I tell you I have left the struggle.

For as YOU/my life said "It is Finished" and went and sat down at the right hand of the father all this was completed.

The Word that you seek has always been very close to you, even in your mouth and in your heart and you do not
need a leader, or a teacher, or a book for that matter once you have been reached to the heart.


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