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Loosen up to walk in Be-Wilderness

 Loosen Up to Walk in Wilderness


This story takes place at the edge of the Ocean on hwy 1 near San Simeon

This story takes place at the edge of the Ocean on hwy 1 near San Simeon. When we got there I wanted to walk a trail and though Pam is so much more sure of herself than in our early days of walking she had to loosen up more to go on the steep trail down to where the river runs under this highway. So as we often do I gave her some time alone in a wonderful place to watch the birds while I went down by the river to be alone. We always come back together to share what we have discovered. Pam’s emotions were such that she stiffened up and needed to loosin up before going into wilderness. This is also related to being in the Spirit, like last night (New Years Eve) in San Francisco, we were taken back to when we had SPOKE of being there in the WILDERNESS OF PEOPLES yet we were all alone. Sort of like being a stranger among humans that I might see only YOU. As in wilderness, when the way gets more treacherous, it focuses my heart only to see Your face, my life. I remember those years alone with YOU, how Your joy and humor loosened me up to be with YOU..

After trying to go down the trail Pam decided to stay near the car and dream while I went down the trail to another dimension that I would later share with her. The trail I took was close to the bridge and even went under the bridge. The way was STEEP so I went to be alone with YOU, and would RETURN to share the things I shared alone with YOU. One of my favorite portraits from  Scripture which has been misunderstood by Religion is:



But the righteousness which is of faith says this,

"Don't say in your heart, 'Who will ascend into heaven?'(Deut 30:12)
(that is, to bring Christ down);
10:7 or, 'Who will descend into the abyss?' (Deut 30:13)
(that is, to bring Christ up from the dead.)"

10:8 But what does it say?
"The word is near you, in your mouth, and in your heart;" (Deut 30:14)
that is, the word of faith, which we preach:


What You have sought Your whole life for is very near to You, even in Your mouth and in Your heart (it is written in Your dna) and You do not need a book or a teacher. So no one needs to ascend for You, nor go down and take punishment for You for You have always had what You need close by in Your own home and flower garden.  Dnatree


As I began my journey into wilderness I had a Howard Hughes moment where I like to make sure that all things in my “simple system” are square before I go off into wonder. That way nothing interferes with my heart resources while I am gone. I like to have the door locked and Pam settled in sanctuary so that I can put my WHOLE attention on YOU while in wilderness. The paranoia of thinking something is out of place led to the way Howard Hughes acted.

Alone Under the bridge by the river were many forms.  I chose particular pretty stones with interesting forms to take back to You.


The STEEP path led under the bridge down to a LONELY place, perfect for drawing YOU to me. I was amazed at the number of completely different forms which spoke to me through the many such experiences I had alone in the past with forms.


She, My life

Comes to me in many forms

And it is like poetry, like Synchronicity

And, when he and she (my dream and I meet)

We KNOW it is right!!!

We dance like waves on an Ocean of Romance



As I move through wilderness I begin to understand the true feelings of wild beings and animals (misunderstood by human teaching)

YOU were jolly, (father, Saint Nick) YOU were loosening me up. I did not have to do it because YOU were doing it already for me more and more as I grew into Knowing YOU.



I was surprised how square this one was.                          And how many colors were in different stones.


I thought about humans and the imbedded square or brick shape related to humans.

Then YOU began to speak through the forms as YOU had so many times before. It was like poetry.


In this “reality” the forms are so vast that to another Realm You are as a “GOD” send to them. Like a snail is limited in it’s scope but a human’s vision is so vast and fills in the “HOLES” in theirs. So even though OUR Gods are silent (having learned and discarded the invention of language for a more perfect passion that would reach to the heart and even hit the mark, that we might see even as we are seen. And the very best of their (those who went before us) experience in vast forms is focused and filtered through the love inherent in death that You might receive only the crème, the treasure of my moments. This is my body which is given to You, and is the food of the Spirit, the bread of life.




The diversity was immense and each struck me and jolted me into more and more fresh thoughts.


Something fresh, something new, something that reminds me of YOU, my life.






Another form that spoke through Moses was this bush I found and the radiance of the pine needles (forms of the dnatree) encircled it to make a circle around it. (Holy Place, all earth is the temple/home) Then I found a Tettley Tea  bag holder saying “The tiny tea leaf” and thought about Stephentree Tea or a brand we devise from South American Leaves imported and the idea of “Having Tea is when I think of Thee” meaning my life of course. So I went to share it with Pam and she had her Tea on top of the car later as part of this synch. (see picture below) Also the power of fragrance in dreams and in having Tea.


Your fragrant breath fills this garden, and leaves me to wonder of YOU.


And perhaps a coffee as my ritual saying “Like the coffee and the cup, YOU and I were meant only to be together.




Pam had lost a pillow and I saw a pillow as I approached the pillow on the side of the road I knew that though there was a tire track on the pillow case that the pillow inside was perfect and WHITE and sure enough it was when it was POPPED (death of body) out of the case. I returned to her to share what I had found and she loved the colors in the rocks and the diversity of forms and was amazed by the difference when the case was removed, for many had REJECTED the case as from first impressions it was stained but they did not know what was within.




               We also dreamed of many other forms/ideas like the “Roof Robot” where You play a video game inside the house which operates a simple robot on the roof to clean out gutters etc. (Kind of stuff we dream of all the time) (Inventor dad I guess)



Pam and the forms of the day                                      

Stephentree alone in Wilderness by the river





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