Saturday, March 13, 2021

No Good or Evil only led by SPIRIT, Cat/GOP acting funny for a reason

 The world will never get it but we just let the SPIRIT lead and it grows like a tree until.... anything less ends very disappointingly. We don't do relationship like the world does, only romance with SPIRIT and share it with others that seems to work and women experience it as real romance. They are going to misunderstand anyway until they hear the SPIRIT. Good and Evil is the tree of religion and interpretation of which in the beginning we were not to eat, but attention to the synchronicity of your life while seeking SPIRIT with your whole heart you will become a fountain of good. But without the SPIRIT there are none good and those that believe themselves good even their greatest good is separation from SPIRIT and will be meaningless. Love on the way to knowing the SPIRIT counts for something but let it be the SPIRIT loving through you. Then even your enemies recieve perfect love through you by your patience waiting on the SPIRIT. Leave the world, they will only deny you and judge you. It is the SPIRIT that makes anything possible,, without YOU/MY LIFE everything I would do would lead astray. 

   It was not just Trump that led astray, all leaders, but rather synergy and cooperation in love through the SPIRIT will get you where you need to go.

Cat was acting funny, I was trying to figure out the mystery of why the cat was so insistant when Columbo per chance showed up on peacock tv,, I had been wanting to find it on the net but could not. Watching Peacock was started because Pam and I looked for Monk but I browsed and found Columbo which I had even searched google to find a few weeks ago. Well the first episode made me begin to remember when I was being manipulated by greed and felt synchronous to what I was to write. The scenario was a person had already set me up on many other things but they wanted to paint more for their "base" and get even more conspiracies about me that they knew were not true, but they chose using the "idea" of a gun to continue to paint a picture about me that this person knew was not true but it would be another nail in the coffin if they could get their base to believe it. Anyway it was that conspiracy theory in court that got her found out. Ep1S1 of Columbo was such a lying manipulator that it began to make me feel something. Well this must be a synch about the lying manipulators such as the three scenarios which I intended. I felt the synch was just beginning and decided to watch ep2. Hmm, Information, letting one woman off in exchange for more information ("hmm" was spell corrected twice to "Jim" (I thought Jim Jordan) then HMM became "him" spell correction tweet came to mind) Anyway the way those on the right love to lie and manipulate and follow after their beast Trump is related to this synch as though Trump had something on them all.

Gop safe word avocado maddow, the whole GOP seems to resemble this episode

Ep3 fragrance of the heart
You develop a nose for these things was a quote from the show but the fragrance of the heart draws to you what you need to know to thwart the con.


Trump as Wrecking Ball synch come in like a wrecking ball Auto review video


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