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Original Wave and the Worry

  Note: This post also relates to covid and the deaths as I see more of what SPIRIT had for us.

Jan 2008

The Wave and the Worry

This is an experience borne out of synchronicity related to healing

It was raining everywhere else in California this weekend and we knew that this was where we were to spend a few days. But this time we went to the other side of the pier to walk and dream. At first as I began to walk I ran into several people that were sick with cancer or an autoimmune disease. As I began to notice that many of these people were obsessed with the problem and not noticing the beauty around them. Then I told Pam about the synchs as we had just gone through many experiences with people related to illness and our desire to be of service to folks. We then both began to walk and the synchs changed to folks that had their dogs and we began to shoot pics of dogs and feet.


Then we met Daisy [who was found living in the wild with coyotes in Lompoc area] We began to chat with her owner Josephine and had many synchs with her. We even had earlier taken a picture of her house because Pam wanted a picture of the house on the hill behind hers but only her house came out. I began to think of writing a story from the dogs perspective about memories of Lompoc..


Next we met a lady who beat cancer but now her dog Molly has cancer but the owner has [Mollecular?]



The very next person had a dog with the [Molecular?] eye problem.


She Fills me Up!


Now this is all related to a parallel synch having to do with surfing. Before getting to Santa Barbara, Pam and I spent time in Ft. Bragg [The gloom pics] related to getting disease by a worry and by a state of allowing. Then we went to Point Arena where the synchs with OBSESSED SURFERS began with a fellow at the end of the pier talking about all the problems he had that went away with his obsession with surfing. How the wave and CATCHING THE WAVE was all there was and filled up the layers of his heart and pushed out all the worry. This pattern was repeated in many surfers over the next few days and as I noticed a dude looking at the waves where we walked there in Santa Barbara he also indicated the same. We then met a fellow that I posted about earlier walking in a wetsuit.



We saw the man attached to the surfboard walking and it looked like he was sick and that he was in his own world. But when I approached him later he was angry and ignored me. I could tell the hurt he felt and that relief came from the time surfing. It was sort of that way with me as I did not want to be bothered by folks and I felt they would not understand, and "surfing the waves" was the mindset of recognizing the synchs.

Also a synch while taking notes about this with the song constant craving.


As Stated in my book before the Storms written in 1993 about the huge reordering wave, and there is ONLY YOU and I, my life.



The next synch related to my family and the love of sailing came in a Christopher Cross album I picked up and I was also thinking about Christodd with this album. The song Sailing related to this spirit and how such an experience or jolt can FILL You up. Many of the songs on the album were related to this Spirit.



Everyone that was still sick was focused on the worry and the problem, while those that were well or getting well were focused on the joy, and the FULLNESS of the beauty surrounding them.

Many of the songs on this album related to Loved Ones, forgiveness and healing. [See Magnolia synchs]

Songs like Ride like the Wind, Never be the Same, Say You,ll be mine, swept away, and of course Laura.



This tree turned out to be very special as many meetings took place UNDER THIS TREE. One very special one was the coincidence of meeting a girl from the little town in Turkey where I grew up across the bay from Izmir. She had pics taken of me and her and I had this one of Pam and her taken. Her group were of course into Synchronicity.




The Whale Tail Seat Where I spoke to a 94 yr old woman that was angry because she was dying. [related to whale synchs and the edge and death]


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