Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Tooth synch

 This is to reveal how learning to recognise the SPIRIT in your moments helps you to overcome things. I began to feel tired and had a pain behind my right eye and a slight headache. I wanted to know what was causing this and put out intentions to know. On Sunday I was watching a video from The Young Turks (will post when I find which one it was) about how Trump had told his followers to take the Covid Vaccine and as I watched it a crown fell off of a tooth in my mouth and at the same moment the tv said about Trump saying to get the vaccine "that tooth came out, now we can begin to heal" and so I went and wrote down the synch. Then last night I remembered the synch and realized because of a slight earache I had that it was saying I had a slight sinus infection and that is all this was. It is more and more important as the smallest of points overlooked alters what we expect in reality that we are guided by the SPIRIT as not being guided by SPIRIT and rather following an interpretation of religion or even science will lead to more and more fails as smart people learn they have overlooked the SPIRIT. Everyone thinks they are learning how to survive but that will be shown to be lacking as these ideas begin to fail. Take the idea of a gun being useful to save your life but then you find in the moment you need it in your hand you do not have it or like the Covid how does a gun help you fight that and just having one in the hand draw more danger that it solves as the world changes. Like Breona Taylor would probably still be alive if a gun was not picked up for protection and rather choices leading up to what happened had been more trusting of SPIRIT. This synch also indicates what is coming related to the Trump Base in the way of loss. The crown is going to be put back on better than it was put on 15 yrs ago anyway. Also a Neti Pot really worked wonders this morning.

I would also like to say that my back tooth next to this one was removed recently and then this crown came off but this needed to be redone and was being scheduled so this one needed work too.


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