Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Walk in wonder



He was last seen walking the highways of Florida and Alabama dreaming things that no man has ever thought. ..This man is considered by some to be strange, but what he has to offer astounds many. ..He uses an altar in his home to write poetry, and what he has found was like stumbling over the capstone of what has been hidden.

Let your moments give you everything you need let your heart unfold like apple seed as on the fruit each moment your soul feeds


Stephen Tree's Romance in Spirit
By P. Steven 

November 30, 2018

Romance with SPIRIT original writings from 1993 to 2002

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Your moments in wonder will reveal the true intention of my heart

I am a house of wonder, I am a house of dreams

I wondered if I could make a living wondering and my life became wonderful

All day long I ponder your poetry, you who made the mountains and the trees, you who made my life and my dreams


You are Wonder-ful my love, understand this.. and you will create volumes and worlds





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