Saturday, March 27, 2021

Your attention keeps it in your pie

 Pam and the Poop


Often when waking up in the morning Pam would invariably be attracted to the Dove excrement that did not find itself to it’s place. Sometimes this energy reflected in such a way as to push start her day in a direction that she did not want. I myself was having synchs about how you keep what you love in your life by your attention to it. As an exercise in this I decided to play more with my Birdy bird. (Pet Dove)

Birdy Bird or “Peace-Nik” in her Spider Plant


So I picked up the bird to play with it and she flew to the magnifier at the table.


Birdy Bird on the Magnifier


I then started to play with her by putting my hand under the magnifier and she got very curious about my fingers moving under the glass.


Playing with the bird to see what she thought of the magnifier


Then Birdy Bird turned and looked at me as she often does as she pooped down onto the magazine that was open under the magnifier.


Birdy Bird pooped onto magazine from magnifier


As I lifted the magazine, I was still playing with the bird as I thought if I magnified the doodoo and she looked at it I might be able to communicate with her. Instead I found that our mutual intention had been realized and we were both communicated to. For the place where it had landed was exactly where Abraham Hicks had put one of her insights into how we create our reality.


Attention to it puts it in your pie!


I went on to think of how LOVE is the power that draws all things including what we feel we do not want.


                        DNATREE POETRY


The heart is a rose, and the fragrance draws everything to us.

As it was in the beginning my love

When I was the honeybee and You were my apple tree

For then, it was the fragrance of your heart that draws your life to you.

Remember, we let the sea swells rise into the air

We let the mountains crumble we did not care

Whatever happened,,, I was your honeybee and you were my apple tree

I’ll be your prince, your wizard, your lion of Judah

Anything you dream, I can bring it to you



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