Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Butter, Putin-Navalny, having a future, Killing a partner over greed

 So Butter, it has been everywhere in the last few days. 

Putin, I wanted to stop the menacing that money and  power such as Putin prescribes and exhibits so when I went to intend and post about it I realized that it was already done.

Pam was watching 60 Minutes about Putin and Navalny and began to ask for synchs about how to stop Putin.

So Putin when he finds out what is in store for lying manipulating power hungry manipulators the rich will hiden in fear because we know how this ends

The Real Wealth of even Having a Future

You cannot stop what is coming because it is as though it has already happened. Without SPIRIT you cannot altar your fate.

Killed or setup their own partner or family member over greed. The other day this was on Monk and then a loved one called and said that their life had become hell because their family was setting them up in order to take what they have and of course this reminded me of what happened to me in 1993 and what happened to my family by the lying manipulator and then of course Trump using his base to take the country and Putin seems to be involved.

The end of Presumption for all that would interpret without the SPIRIT


New song Butter is coming on May 21st 2021 and the Last song synch

Pink Moon and Pink Flowers


Dream about pink moon signals female emotions. You need to confront the situation or the person despite the pain and discomfort you might feel in doing so.

Pink blossoms seen in dreams are traditionally associated with femininity, and with that comes delicate and delicate connotations. In any dream pink flower beauties are certain to delight. Pink flowers can suggest grace and happiness in life. ... To dream of pink lilies indicates sadness and pain but this can be overcome.

To see pink roses means: a lot of tenderness and romance is waiting for you. Happiness in love will be limitless. Seeing pink roses in a vase on your table means that your sympathy for someone may soon grow into mutual passion. Blooming, fragrant flowers in a dream also promise a coming joyful event.


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