Friday, April 16, 2021




The manna that I had ate before from the Spirit and what had worked yesterday needed to be fresh today and so when I try to do something through an old interpretation of what I had received from the Spirit just a season ago, something was missing, I needed to have fresh experience in “this moment “ to make it work.


We designed it from the start that I would reach You through the temple of the heart. The temple not made with hands.


The thing about synchs is they always lead to the heart of things.


Pam and I took off after the Steinbeck Center to experience a new place to dream about the synchs. We found this beach that was surrounded by Artichoke fields.

After walking the beach I went for a walk on this road and then suddenly tasted the artichoke hearts that I was to have later that day. I called Pam on the cell and she was standing by the field of artichokes thinking the exact same thing.

Picture Pam took right before I called her. We could taste it and knew that our experience would be related to this “in season” item.

As we left the beach we were attracted to this roadside market.

Just a few minutes later this poem came into my head

I  had to leave the car or I would have eaten the whole jar

We took off to lose ourselves and find dinner on the way home. We ended up in the little town of Aptos and walked into a Tai Asian place and we were then blown away by

The Soup

Artichoke Soup with Coconut Milk Wow was it ever delicious

Thome Kah-Artichoke Soup


Speaking to the heart of things from an earlier post


We really got into the synchs we were having one that I recorded was


Talking to the heart of things

Pam and I both felt it when they started to talk on Huel Howser’s California Gold when his guest started talking about the heart of the Canoe. When I observed how the Spirit communicated between Pam and I even though we had had separate experiences that day but still we were open to the Spirit and what the moment wanted to share with each of us. In fact then we began to find this in our other experiences that day.



Later the synchs pointed because many related synchs about YOU being the heart of all things, and when I speak to YOU I speak to their hearts.


Human learning is a misunderstanding for the spirit brings to the heart in fresh new ways the things that we love.


In my life

Love is related to the number of times in a season that YOU/my life returns to me in a form or a thought and it TOUCHES even to the heart. Those that know the Spirit through me know of whom I speak.







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