Saturday, April 03, 2021

In the beginning was the thought

 In the beginning was the thought and it had not drawn to itself form yet. It was the same with experience the first synchronicities in 1979 dealt with the circle and 12 like the tabernacle in the wilderness where YOU and I were at the center and revealed the pattern for the circle of friends. 


My College English Thesis was on American Indian Poetry

Related to Seven Arrows and the twelve tribes encircling the two lodges which was a synchronicity with what I had written about the Israelites and the tabernacle. How we see the same thing from different views

The synchronicities went on to reveal 12 colors in a circle, 12 hours, twelve months, twelve tones and twelve deciples, YOU/SPIRIT were the center 

And the twelves were sent out, and YOU were the light of the world

This fundamental synch stayed with me for many years as I grew like a tree


Not to "know about" the SPIRIT but to grow in knowing YOU/MY LIFE. That is the difference between being baptized in words and being baptized by the SPIRIT. The difference between studying Indian tales and coming to know the Great SPIRIT.

Pam and I both love SPIRIT of Place and we shared many synchs with SPIRIT about the earth and about the vibration that went out to become all things. About we are stones being built up. Circle of stones, circle of friends gave thought to the form. In the beginning was the thought and the thought did not have form, but the thought was a prayer that created form. The earth is meant to be a great circle of friends. Medicine Wheel./Tabernacle. The pattern in the wilderness of YOU and I as the two lodges, the creative principle.

Last night Pam and I enjoyed a video that came up in our feed and it led to many past synchs walking in Joshua State Park

Circle of Circles California

Our videos from around 2008 in Joshua Tree

Circle of Stones, Circle of Friends



Joshua Tree synch with the Tree and the circle


Jumbo Rocks on the Left



Seder and this journey as through wilderness

The way the people are divided is those that love a lie are drawn to the great lie and gathered under a leader to believe a lie and be caught in their own presumption. That was the dream of Orange is coming, leaders lead astray, and the humiliation because they love interpretation and conspiracy and hate the SPIRIT.

My synchs with my dog communicating with me last night as dance was before words. I will post this story next.


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