Thursday, April 08, 2021

Women's Work, Collective Unconcious

 Yesterday Pam and I experienced a synch with "Women's Work" and the collective unconcious and it synchronized with other posts of late as well. 

I do most of the work outside the house and most of the work inside the house as I am Pam's Caretaker. I enjoy taking care of her as she has MS and cannot see real well to clean. I take care of all her bills and mine and keep up with all her medications and appointments and shopping. Pam loves to cook and we have great dinners, and she likes to do the laundry, she has gotten much better after being in the hospital and is able to do more now. The outside work right now consists of building the greenhouse and moving 19 tons of rock to shoreup the mudslide area as well as fixing things around the property and in the house. I make Pam's coffee and breakfast and then I work outside. Pam has begun to try to take on more of what needs to be done as I have had so much on my plate and my body gives out early in the evening.

I enjoy taking care of her as we have shared so much over the years. The subject of women's work came up on an itchy boots video (17:15) and then later on a Garland Ranch Archeological video (5:50) but the synch has to do with what is in the dna (collective unconcious) about the cupules and the synch seemed to be the pointer from our reality.



Rock cupules are humanly made depressions on rock surfaces that resemble the shape of an inverse spherical cap or dome. They were made by direct percussion with hand-held hammer-stones, on vertical, sloping or horizontal rock surfaces.

In this video Alex ponders the meaning of the cupule symbol in the collective unconcious and what came to mind having to do with the dna and the collective unconcious was a verse in the bible 

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

related treasure synchs https://dnatree.blogspot.com/search?q=treasure

I also took note last night of the synch with one of my tweets relative to work and mindfullness


I also thought about how we believe we are making progress changing things but in the collective unconcious we are headed to a no man's land. Like with my posts about dna, landscape, and money there is not very much in the dna to help us about money compared with creaming of home, finding food, and wonder. This is why many of the new things in our reality are built on sand and not on a rock. I am pondering such things as this today, maybe you can connect with me with your synchs today.

Related synch: The Mudslide synch is related to growing technology that is not from the collective unconcious and the mudslide http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2021/03/mudslide-arcata-trip.html Building on a rock is related to listenting to SPIRIT

Circle of Friends/stones synch

I have been pondering the image of YOU and I in the Holy Place and the holy of holies as relatedt o Man and Woman and Knowing YOU and then the circle of friends is those we encircle ourselves with and use what we have learned from Loving to create circles within circles of friends so as no one person is left out. We don't have to  fit with everyone but there are those that are drawn to us which are our own and those drawn to others who we connect with completes the circle.


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